The 9 Best Clocking-In Systems for Your Business

fingerprint time and attendance system

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With late attendance costing UK business up to £9 billion each year (according to a survey by train service Heathrow Express), it’s paramount that businesses find ways to mitigate this major money leak.

Clocking-in systems are a great way to tackle this challenge and, based on our in-depth research, the best clocking-in system is Bodet. It packs versatile devices and intuitive mobile options, which is why our experts also gave it the top spot in our best time and attendance solutions ranking.

What Are the Top 9 Clocking-in Systems?

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

1. Bodet Best all-rounder
2. Advanced Best for tailored solutions
3. Planday Best for shift planning
4. ISGUS UK Best for customer support
5. TimeTac Best for user-friendliness
6. Chronicle Best for cost-effectiveness
7. Clockrite  Best for innovation
8. Securitas Technology Best for medium-sized and large businesses
9. Auto Time Systems (ATS) Best for its wide range of clocking-in devices

To learn more about Bodet and the other companies that impressed us in our market analysis, head to our ranking below. However, if you’re short of time and want to compare the top time and attendance providers straight away, give our free quote comparison tool a try!

What is a clocking-in system?

A clocking-in system is the hardware responsible for recording the arrival and departure times of your employees, logging the hours they work. Installed somewhere at your business’ premises, clocking-in devices help prevent payroll fraud and enable more efficient record-keeping.

The data your clocking-in devices collect is fed into the data systems of your business, and can be used to inform accurate payroll and tax records. You can also use this information to assess and report on employee activity trends, verify absences and holidays, and reward the most punctual members of your team. While studies have shown that hours spent in the office don’t necessarily equate to greater output, clocking-in systems are a key element when tracking employee activity.

Importantly, the clocking-in systems themselves aren’t to be confused with the time and attendance software they work with. Together, they make up a complete workforce management solution — but for simplicity’s sake, this page is concerned with time and attendance hardware only.

To know more about our top clocking-in devices, just keep reading.

The 9 Best Clocking-In Systems

The best clocking-in systems are:

  1. Bodet Best all-rounder
  2. Advanced Best for tailored solutions
  3. Planday Best for shift planning
  4. ISGUS UK Best for customer support
  5. TimeTac Best for user-friendliness
  6. Chronicle Computing Best for cost-effectiveness
  7. ClockRite Best for innovation
  8. Securitas Technology Best for medium-sized and large businesses
  9. Auto Time Systems (ATS) Best for wide range of clocking-in devices

Using a clocking-in system can save you time and money in the long run. You’ll eliminate errors and discrepancies in your records, leading to an accurate payroll and fewer legal headaches. Moreover, you’ll be able to focus on more strategic HR initiatives, like employee development and retention.

Ready to take the next step? Take a look at our selection of clocking-in systems or use our free quote-finding tool to choose the one that best fits your needs.

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1) Bodet

Best all-rounder

Bodet Logo
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Bodet is one of the leading companies in time-related equipment in Europe, and has subsidiaries in several European countries and the UK. The first tower clock was installed by Monsieur Bodet in 1868, and it now produces everything from sports timekeeping boards to industrial bell systems – as well as excellent lines of clocking-in terminals (dubbed ‘Kelio') and biometric devices.


Intuitive mobile options add a new dimension to your HR management


Overseas-based support team not ideal for UK businesses

Bodet’s clocking-in machines boast sleek, highly customisable touch screens that are intuitive and easy to use. Its state-of-the-art Bodet Kelio X7 is even outsourced to competitors and the efficiency of this device led our researchers to give it the top spot in our best fingerprint clocking-in machines ranking.

For a hands-free device, you’ll want to pick one of Bodet’s top facial recognition attendance systems. That said, the provider also packs card or fob-based options, which tend to be cheaper options since they’re based in simpler technology.

In addition to recording information, when an employee clocks in with Bodet’s system, it will also display their personal data, such as holidays, sick days, and overtime. They will also be given the option to submit a request for time off. To know more about the provider, head over to our Bodet review.

Bodet Kelio X7
Bodet Kelio X7

Bodet clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

Pricing is tailored for each customer, so you’ll have to enquire with Bodet directly (not the Monsieur himself – Bodet’s customer support team, of course) to receive a quote.

Alternatively, you can take a moment to use our quick, free quote-finding tool. Provide us with a few details about your business, and you’ll be matched with trusted providers that will contact you with quotes tailored to your specific needs and industry. It takes just 30 seconds to complete, and is completely free for UK-based businesses.

2) Advanced

Best for tailored solutions

advanced logo
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Advanced is a UK-based company responsible for developing the very first computerised staff clocking system in the early 1980s. This innovation led to the company being featured for their ‘technology of the future’ on the TV program Tomorrow’s World, and they have continued to lead the way with biometric clocking systems.


Bespoke approach to time and attendance means a tailored solution for your business

Online reviews speak highly of customer support services


Not recommended for businesses with less than 100 employees

Advanced’s (formerly Mitrefinch) clocking-in machines are a part of this provider’s large range of workforce management solutions. Its clocking-in machines are all designed and manufactured in-house and are built using the company’s fraud prevention technology, which will help curb ‘buddy punching’ at your business. Plus, if you link them with Advanced’s integrated HR and payroll software, you can use their data to quickly and thoroughly inform your accounting team of any absences or overtime.

Advanced also has a reputation for developing bespoke clocking-in solutions to suit its clients, often tailoring its technology for larger companies with more than 100 employees. There are options for a one-time licence or a subscription. To get better acquainted with this provider’s time and attendance technology, explore our Advanced review.

advanced proximity time clock
Advanced Proximity Time Clock

Advanced clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

Advanced’s pricing is tailored to each customer, and will depend on the specific clocking-in device you choose.

3) Planday

Best for shift planning

planday logo
Pricing From £2.49/month per user
Quick overview

Simple and intuitive, Planday's cloud-powered clocking-in solution is the perfect fit for small businesses looking for a straightforward workforce management tool. Sure, more sophisticated reporting may be required for larger businesses, or those with more complex analytical requirements. But, for the price – Planday is one of the most affordable clocking-in systems on the market – you can't really go wrong.


Social network-like approach brings you data in real time


Might not be as suitable for businesses not working on a shift system

Planday makes our list because of its easy clocking-in process, which it accomplishes without offering a physical clocking-in machine. Rather than your employees needing to use a key fob, card, or enter their biometric data at a terminal at your premises, they can simply clock in remotely, from an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Planday works a bit like a social networking site, making shift data visible in real time. Employees can swap shifts or holidays, so management only need to approve the swap instead of organising it.

planday app
Planday App

Planday clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

Planday costs £2.49 per user, per month for its Starter plan, which includes features such as smart employee scheduling and individual/group communication.

Upgrading to the Plus plan (£3.49 per user, per month) adds holiday management, time tracking, and advanced reporting. It is worth nothing that this will require you to set up a minimum of 10 users.

Beyond this, the Pro plan is £5.49 per user, per month (with a minimum of 50 users) and allows you to deeply customise the system to your needs.

Finally, the Custom plan, available at a tailored rate, gives you advanced reports and access to rules and regulations for several countries, making it a good choice for international businesses.


Best for customer support

isgus uk scorecard
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

ISGUS UK was founded in 1888. In the more than 130 years that have elapsed since, it's gone from patenting mechanical clocks for watchmen to today’s hi-tech biometric equipment and staff management systems.


Accessible, easy to use clocking-in machines


Not the best option if your business has less than 25 employees

ISGUS UK offers modular systems of real-time staff clocking and access control management. Data can be harvested for project management, holiday scheduling, and payroll systems. The company also provides industry-specific clocking-in solutions, and excels in providing systems that allow flexible and remote working. The clocking-in machines themselves are sleek and tamper-proof.

Its customer support reviews are excellent – particularly in urgent cases, when there is a guaranteed two-hour call back time. It also uses GoToMeetings for remote video help, which is ideal for when your team is working on a fully remote or hybrid basis.

Moreover, the clocking-in terminals are simple to use, while its mobile functions work well across a range of smart devices, tablets, and computers. That said, the price and complexity of ISGUS UK’s clocking-in devices make this provider better-suited for companies with over 25 employees.


ISGUS UK clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

ISGUS UK’s pricing is tailored for each customer. For more information about how much you can expect to pay for your business’s next clocking-in device, check out our ultimate guide to time and attendance system pricing.

5) TimeTac

Best for user-friendliness

timetac scorecard
Pricing From £19/month per user
Quick overview

TimeTac (not to be confused with TimeTrex, a popular open source time and attendance solution) is an Austrian company that aims to provide user-friendly clocking-in systems. Does it succeed? We think so – that is, if you want to monitor projects, and manage your resources, holidays and supply payroll data.


Flexible approach, with hardware that's adaptable to the specific needs of your small business


Pricing structure is not straightforward

TimeTac tailors its clocking-in devices to comply with the specific need at your premises, and it will work alongside your office management team to adapt the system to the ongoing growth and development targets of your business.

TimeTac packs solutions that incorporate clocking-in machines, as well as others that allow your employees to clock-in via a computer or smartphone. When using its solutions, your staff can refer to user manuals with a searchable help function, which increase its ease of use.

TimeTac doesn’t produce its own hardware: its self-proclaimed ‘Green IT philosophy’ means it’s dedicated to ensuring its solution is compatible with your existing IT infrastructure.

Evo Basic Time Clock
TimeTac Evo Basic Time Clock

TimeTac UK clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

TimeTac’s pricing isn’t exactly straightforward because it charges separately for software and hardware, with each service offering different prices.

It charges a monthly base fee that starts at £16.50. In addition to this, you’ll need to pay for each of the software solutions you choose. The options include:

  • Leave management (from £2.50 per month per user)
  • Employee time tracking (from £4 per month per user)
  • Project time tracking (from £8 per month per user)

Finally, you’ll need to add on the hardware you need. The smartphone app is free, but the computer application costs £10 per month and its clocking-in terminals cost between €29.90 and €49.90 — around £26 and £44, depending on the exchange rate — per month. That said, you can try TimeTac free for 30 days.

You’re halfway through our list of the top 10 best clocking-in system providers in the UK. Time to start comparing quotes?

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6) Chronicle Computing

Best for cost-effectiveness

chronicle computing logo
Chronicle Computing
Pricing From £1.25/month per user
Quick overview

Chronicle Computing has been driving UK businesses for over 30 years. It offers a huge range of clocking devices to match the unique demands of your business – even supplying waterproof terminals for areas of food production and high splashback risk.


Lets you create simple, visually accessible reports in moments


Doesn't yet offer weekend support

Chronicle Computing is cloud-based, allowing you to tap into key information relating to your staff on the go. For convenience, it can be downloaded and set up in as little as five minutes. This means the time and attendance data of your employees can be sent straight to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Its intuitive clocking-in system helps you generate payroll reports and track attendance data in real time backed up by durable machines, offered in both biometric and fob-based versions.

Compared to the other publicly-priced provider we analysed (Planday), Chronicle Computing is highly affordable, too, with workforce management rates starting at just £1.25 per employee, per month. This price also includes its smartphone-based clocking-in app.

chronicle computing proximty
Chronicle Computing Proximty

Chronicle Computing clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

Chronicle Computing’s pricing packages start from £1.25 per employee, per month, with the following plans starting at this price:

  • Chronicle Online: shift planning, activity and cost centre analysis, and holiday/sickness absence booking
  • Smart Phone Clocking: remote clocking-in via your employee’s smartphone (works with iOS and Android)
  • Chronicle HR: mail merge and manage your employees’ records (PC or laptop-compatible)

Chronicle Computing also offers Super User Access (£16 per user, per month), which allows you to manage records on the move.

As for the clocking-in machines themselves, the provider offers:

  • PAYmate or IT11: £550
  • Proximty: £1,250
  • Biometrics: £1,550
  • Waterproof: £1,650

If you’re unsure if Chronicle Computing is the provider for you, take part in a 30-day free trial.

7) ClockRite

Best for innovation

clockrite scorecard
Pricing From £210
Quick overview

ClockRite offers a range of clocking-in terminals for small businesses, including fingerprint, RFID (radio-frequency identification) proximity, and facial recognition clocking-in devices, plus access control hardware.


Wide range of impressive technology supporting its clocking-in systems


Not the most cost-effective solution on the market

ClockRite’s clocking-in devices send data straight to your computer, where it can be used for reporting functions. You can export figures directly to Sage (or an Excel spreadsheet) for payroll creation.

Clockrite Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System
ClockRite Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System

ClockRite clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

Pricing will vary depending on which clocking-in systems and hardware you purchase. A PC-based clocking-in system ClockRite’s cheapest solution costs £210, while a proximity attendance clocking system starts at £324. An advanced 4G connected time and attendance clocking system will start at £678.

8) Securitas Technology

Best for medium-sized and large businesses

Securitas Technology
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Securitas Technology is a global security technology supplier. Following its acquisition of Stanley Security in 2022, it inherited this company's time and attendance solutions, consolidating them to serve medium-sized and large businesses.


Large range of innovative hardware options


Not suitable for small businesses

With Securitas Technology, you can manage temporary and contract staff hours, set up remote clocking-in for employees, and integrate card and biometric clocking-in machines into your time and attendance system. It also allows for shift scheduling and tracking of seasonal hours.

As standard, Securitas Technology offers its ST-25 clocking-in machine, which can be used both as a fingerprint or as proximity device, with others being offered during the quotation process.

securitas st-25
Securitas Technology ST-25

Securitas Technology clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

Securitas Technology divides its time and attendance packages into four tiers: Starter (up to 50 employees), Professional (50-100 employees), Advanced (also 50-100 employees), and Enterprise (undisclosed number of employees).

The package structure bundles together companies with as few as five employees and others with over 40, which is not ideal if your company is small or just starting out. It also gives more options to medium-sized and large businesses.

The provider doesn’t advertise the pricing of each tier, nor which features each product will give you access to. This means you’ll have to contact the provider directly to learn more about its prices and features.

9) Auto Time Systems (ATS)

Best for wide range of clocking-in devices

ats scorecard
Auto Time Systems (ATS)
Pricing Bespoke
Quick overview

Wigan-based clocking-in terminal provider ATS (Auto Time Systems) has plenty of strings to its bow. As well as clocking-in hardware, you can equip your business with an array of workforce management equipment, including access control, CCTV, turnstile and barrier solutions, and alarm systems.


Offers scalable, versatile clocking-in devices


No weekend or round-the-clock customer support

ATS offers an incredible range of clocking-in machines, from extremely basic card-punching devices (a nostalgic throwback), to slightly more advanced swipe-card and fob systems. At the higher-spec end of the scale, ATS provides a full range of sophisticated biometric clocking technology, including fingerprint and facial recognition devices.

ATS integrates with a range of other clocking-in device and time tracking giants, such as Bodet, SAP, Sage, and Suprema. This is helped by the fact that its machines are actually sourced from competitors (such as Bodet).

ATS has its own customer support team, which you can contact via telephone. You’ll be able to get hold of them during business hours from Monday to Friday, but remote login and site visits are also available.

seiko tp-20
Seiko TP-20, a card-punching device ATS offers

ATS clocking-in system: how much does it cost?

ATS software prices are only available via quote. The provider does advertise the prices of its basic hardware, which range from £194 to £915. However, the pricing for its advanced machines will only be disclosed when you request a quotation.

All pricing information is correct as of our last update.

What are the benefits of using a clocking-in system?

So, why use a clocking-in system? Here’s a rundown of the reasons to invest in one:

✔ Cut costs and save time

Clocking-in systems give you accurate information about when your staff begin and complete work. Accurate information means accurate wage bills. Getting rid of any perplexing payroll discrepancies will save you time chasing up loose ends – and also save you a lot of money!

✔ Manage lateness

Every employer has heard it. “It’s only five minutes, what’s the big deal?” Well, five minutes late for five days a week equals a big chunk of wasted wages over the course of year. With the data gathered by clocking-in devices, you’ll be empowered to detect tardiness before it begins to cost your business.

✔ Plan for the future

Clocking-in devices let you plan rotas and timesheets as far in advance as you feel necessary. It’s easy to work around employee absences and factor in sick days. You can cater to the individual schedules of each employee, keeping everyone happy.

✔ Streamline your workload

A clocking-in system will integrates with your HR records and payroll, cutting down on the time spent sifting through employee records. Now that clocking-in systems are compatible with smart devices, you can manage your business from anywhere.

Next steps

With our research-backed list of the top nine UK clocking-in systems, you’re better equipped to choose the one that best fits the needs of your business. That said, Bodet’s advanced technology and system versatility really impressed us in our testing, so if we have to recommend just one, this is definitely it.

However, if you’re still on the fence, use our free quote comparison tool. We’ll assess the unique requirements of your business, and match you with the clocking-in device suppliers best suited to your needs. They’ll then provide you with bespoke quotes.

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What is a biometric system?

A biometric clocking system is one that uses ‘human data’ in the clocking-in process. It uses fingerprints, handprints, and even facial recognition technology to verify that your employees really are who they say they are. This helps eliminate the risks of ‘buddy punching‘ and helps cut out any potential wasted wage spend.

How much does a clocking-in system cost?
Prices will depend on the kind of hardware you’re after. If you want a lot of people to access the clocking-in system data of your business, you may have to pay more. However, it’ll depend on the size of the solution you require, the amount of staff you have, and the unique needs of your business.
Is a clocking-in system right for my small business?
If your employees work from a fixed premises, your business can benefit from a clocking-in system. It will help you avoid any unnecessary expense while allowing you to discover and reward your most loyal, dedicated staff members.
Is it possible to customise the clocking in system to match my specific business requirements?
Yes, many clocking in systems offer customisation options, including flexible shift patterns, overtime rules, and leave and absence management features.
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