The Best Fingerprint Clocking-In Machines


Offer your employees a simpler, more effective way of clocking in, and make your life easier while you’re at it – browse our top six machines below

Our extensive and expert research found the Bodet Kelio X7 to be the best overall fingerprint clocking-in machine due to its design, interface, and intelligent software. 

Fingerprint clocking devices allow your staff to check in for work simply by placing their thumb or finger on the device’s reader, where their unique biometric signature identifies them instantly. The devices also pair with clever time and attendance solutions, allowing you to automate your payroll efforts and streamline your HR.

So read on, as we explore the top six fingerprint clocking devices for UK businesses so that you can find the best fit for your industry, budget, number of staff, or installation timeframe. However, each business is unique and has different needs, so for more personalised information, try our free comparison tool to get tailored quotes.

What are the Best 6 Fingerprint Clocking-In Machines?

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

  1. Bodet Kelio X7 – Best overall
  2. Allday Time Systems Fingerprint Time Clock – Best on a budget
  3. AccuTime Fingerprint – Best for reliability
  4. Advanced MF8/960 – Best hi-tech option
  5. Time Systems UK GeoTime 100 – Best for ease of use
  6. Safescan TimeMoto TM-828 – Best for aesthetic appeal

What is a fingerprint clocking-in machine?

A fingerprint clocking-in machine (also known as a fingerprint time clock) allows your employees to easily register their attendance at the workplace, ‘clocking’ in and out by placing their thumb or finger on the device’s sensor.

Information regarding the employee’s identity – along with a timestamp of when they clocked in, accurate to the nearest second – then goes to the time and attendance software on your phone, computer, or tablet.

The best clocking-in systems that operate through fingerprint ensure all this information is collected, stored, and transmitted efficiently and safely. And for their part, the time and attendance software are the ones the give you the best visibility over your employee’s working patterns.

From this software, you’ll be able to access employee records, shifts, hours worked, absences, and holiday pay, and ensure that all your staff are being paid fairly.

fingerprint time and attendance system

There’s no need to punch a timecard, and – unlike with machines that rely on key cards or fobs – there’s no risk of your staff losing the item they need to clock in. As for you, you’ll get to relieve yourself of the hassle of issuing (and keeping track of!) employee access cards.

Moreover, because all fingerprints are unique, there’s absolutely no chance of one staff member clocking in for their absent mates. Considering ‘buddy punching’ already costs UK businesses around £12 million every year, we reckon it couldn’t be a better time to invest in a biometric clocking-in device.

So which fingerprint clocking-in machine is at the top of our list?

What is the best fingerprint clocking-in machine?

We found the best fingerprint clocking-in machine to be the Bodet Kelio X7. With the sleekest design, the most intelligent software, and a brand name that’s been around since 1868, Bodet ticks all the boxes.

That’s not to say it didn’t have some stiff competition. Rounding out the rest of the UK’s top fingerprint clocking-in machines are models from Allday Time Systems, AccuTime, Advanced, Time Systems UK, and Safescan.

If you’ve read this far, and are satisfied that a fingerprint clocking-in machine is the way forward for your business, then let us help you take the next step. Which is what, exactly? 

Well, simply provide us with a few details about your business via our free 30-second webform. Just the basic stuff – how many people you employ, your industry, and when you’ll need your fingerprint clocking-in device installed by.  We’ll do the rest, putting you in touch with leading suppliers who’ll be able to offer you quotes tailored to your business.

Bodet Kelio X7

Best all-round fingerprint clocking-in machine

With an award-winning design and a clever touchscreen interface, the Bodet Kelio X7 has style. But that’s not to say it lacks substance – Bodet’s flagship fingerprint clocking-in machine is underpinned by some of the smartest software on the market. Kelio Analytics makes job costing evaluation, activity planning, and time management a breeze for you, while your staff can declare their hours in real time, or after a job is complete. And as for the terminal, it even has an in-built camera, to further reduce the risk of buddy punching. Sure, we’re pretty sure Bodet’s machines aren’t the cheapest money can buy. But can you put a price on your peace of mind?

Bodet Kelio X7 pricing

Because each of its fingerprint clocking-in machines comes as part of a bespoke package, Bodet’s pricing isn’t readily available online. However, you can use our free quote-finding service to receive the latest prices, or learn more from our ultimate guide to time and attendance system pricing.


  • Access clocking-in records easily, and in real time
  • Highly customisable device
  • Interface is logical and simple to get the hang of


  • Pricing not transparent

Allday Time Systems Fingerprint Time Clock

Best fingerprint clocking-in machine on a budget

For a no-nonsense, no-frills fingerprint clocking-in device at cut-price rates, look no further than Allday Time Systems. You can buy its terminal – also equipped with RFID (radio-frequency identification) capability, allowing proximity clocking-in – for just £195, although you’ll have to pay extra to order the key cards. It supports up to a whopping 300 employees, and also comes with time and attendance software included. That said, the software does have its limitations – employee lunch breaks aren’t automatically deducted, and it doesn’t support night shifts. But as a solid, straightforward fingerprint clocking-in device for less, it’s Allday… all day!

Allday Time Systems Fingerprint Time Clock pricing

Allday Time Systems’ fingerprint clocking-in machine is like the best holidays; all inclusive. As well as the terminal itself (which starts from £195, excl. VAT), you’ll get the software thrown in at no extra cost.

And because it’s RFID-equipped, you’re still able to offer your employees the option to clock in with a card or fob. However, you’ll need to pay extra to purchase the cards themselves; 25 cards or fobs (the minimum) will set you back an extra £57.50, while 50 cards or fobs will add £115 to your bill.

The unit, then, costs between £195 and £310, depending on the level of customisability you’re looking for. Quite frankly, it’s a bargain.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Intuitive absence monitoring and reporting
  • Built-in wifi makes for seamless data transfer


  • You’ll need to upgrade to Allday’s premium offering (‘Primetime’) to get the most out of its clocking-in devices

AccuTime Fingerprint – Basic

Best fingerprint clocking-in machine for reliability

Speaking of low prices, AccuTime’s aptly-named ‘Fingerprint – Basic’ is also ideal for businesses on a shoestring budget. With prices starting at a highly reasonable £299, AccuTime also boasts a sturdy (if not all that easy on the eye) design, and a keypad for optional pin entry. It’s also easy to set up (just plug in and go), and simple for your employees to use. The only issue with the AccuTime Fingerprint – Basic is that it’s, well… a little too basic. It doesn’t connect to wifi, so you’ll have to manually download staff clock-in time data via USB. And it kind of looks like your grandmother’s old television set. But hey, if it gets the job done…

AccuTime Fingerprint – Basic pricing

AccuTime’s basic fingerprint clocking-in machine starts at £299 for businesses with 15 employees or fewer, with prices reaching as high as £599 for SMEs with 100 employees or more.


  • Optional remote setup included
  • 30-day customer support
  • Simple to export timesheets into PDF, Excel, or email reports


  • It costs to add more employees to the system

You’re just over halfway through our list of the top 6 fingerprint clocking-in machines. Time to start comparing quotes?

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Advanced MF8/960

Best hi-tech fingerprint clocking-in machine

If you’ve been impressed by what you’ve seen so far, you’ll be wowed by Advanced’s (formerly Mitrefinch) MF8/960. Its multi-spectral imaging technology gathers fingerprint information from beneath the skin. Sounds a little alarming at first, sure – but what it does is allow this nifty terminal to dodge many of the common issues faced by conventional fingerprint clocking-in machines. The MF8/960 also allows you to check employee vacation balances directly from the machine, and view the day’s previous clock-ins for convenience. Add this to Advanced’s sublime time and attendance, job costing, access control, and payroll software, and you’ve got a complete solution for managing your people, payroll, and premises.

Advanced MF8/960 pricing

Like Bodet, Advanced keeps mum about the prices of its fingerprint clocking-in machines. Remember, though, that you can use our free quote-finding service to explore your options with a range of top time and attendance system suppliers. It takes 30 seconds, it’s completely free, and you’ll receive quotes tailored to your business’ location and requirements.


  • Cuts through any dirt, moisture, dust, or chemicals on the surface of the skin
  • Works seamlessly with Advanced’s access control system
  • UK-based customer support


  • Its rates aren’t as transparent as we’d like them to be

Time Systems UK GeoTime 100

Best fingerprint clocking-in machine for ease of use

If your top priority is making life easy for your staff – and simplifying your own back office responsibilities while you’re at it – then look no further than Time Systems UK’s GeoTime 100. With Sage Payroll integration, intuitive reporting features, and a set of live attendance dashboards, the GeoTime 100 gives you everything you need to boss your business from the seat of your favourite armchair. Oh, and the GeoTime 100 comes with a year’s worth of free customer support, and the warranty to match – adding reliability to its already impressive array of attributes.

Time Systems UK GeoTime 100 pricing

The GeoTime 100 is available for just £360 (excl. VAT). Not quite the cheapest fingerprint clocking-in device on this list, true – but as a user-friendly, reasonably priced, and highly effective workforce solution, it’s hard to beat.


  • Automatically deducts time for breaks, lunch, and lateness or early departure
  • Offers drag-and-drop functionality to simplify shift rostering
  • Unlimited shifts and clock-ins available daily


  • It isn't winning any beauty contests

Safescan TimeMoto TM-828

Best fingerprint clocking-in machine for aesthetic appeal

In terms of looks, Safescan’s TimeMoto TM-828 is the Apple Mac of fingerprint clocking-in machines. It’s about the size of a small tablet, and will look at home in any modern office. And it’s not just a pretty package, either: the TimeMoto series is powered by the cloud – meaning you’ll have access to all your data at any time, anywhere you need it – and it has an automatic backup function, too. As well as instant, legally compliant verification of your employees, the TM-828 also offers contactless RFID key fob clocking-in for simplicity. If you’re set on something a bit more advanced, though, you can opt for the TM-838, which offers facial recognition – and is just as easy on the eye.

Safescan TimeMoto TM-828 pricing

The TimeMoto TM-828 costs £509 (excl. VAT). Shipping is free.


  • Time and attendance software is included...
  • …and you’ll even get a free 30-day trial to get to grips with it!
  • Allows users to clock in with project codes as well as their fingerprints


  • It’s pricey
Read more: Safescan TM-838 and the rest of the best facial recognition clocking-in systems for your business

Next steps

Forget any idea that using a fingerprint clocking-in machine is ‘spying’. Sure, you may feel like you’re entering MI5 when you scan in for the first time, but that’s where the parallels end.

A fingerprint clocking-in machine will benefit your workplace – that’s a given. But, when it comes to choosing a device, you need to strike a balance between cost and value. This point will be different for every business, as every business is… well, different!

That’s why the only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal is to compare quotes.

How? Well, simply complete our short quote-finding questionnaire to get fingerprint clocking-in machine prices and advice from up to four suppliers, obligation-free. Hit one of the buttons below to get started.

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We’ll ask just a few brief questions, to help us get an idea of your requirements – things such as your industry, your employees, and when you need the system installed by. We’ll also ask for your postcode, so we can tailor the quotes to your area as well as your business needs.

It only takes a minute, and could save you a lot of money and research time.


What do I need to do to ensure my employee time tracking stays GDPR-compliant?

The GDPR was introduced in May 2018 to help safeguard the data protection rights of individuals. And, since you’re handling biometric data (the most sensitive kind) that belongs to your employees, it’s important to make sure you’re compliant. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure your employees are aware of the tracking, and what their data is being used for. Have a clearly written and readily available policy they can turn to.
  • Likewise, ensure they have access to any records you hold regarding their attendance
  • Keep monitoring to a minimum. Record only what you need to to be able to run your workplace effectively
  • Ensure your employees are aware of the legal basis for recording their entry and exit from work

Most importantly, though, respect your employees and their data, and their rights to both know about it and access it when they want to. We’d also recommend giving your lawyer a call to make sure you’re doing all you can to remain on the right side of GDPR compliance laws – it can’t hurt!

Are your employee’s fingerprints stored?

Nope – generally, records of the fingerprints themselves aren’t stored within the machine, or via the software that works with it. What actually gets stored is a unique code or signature that’s linked to the fingerprint. 

This is a big help when it comes to being GDPR-compliant, and should assuage the nerves of any staff who are worried about how their fingerprints are being handled.

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