Time and Attendance System Prices: The Ultimate Guide

time and attendance system price

The last article about time and attendance system prices that you’ll ever need to read

ProviderSoftware costs fromHardware costs fromIdeal forLearn more
ClockRite logo new smallIncluded in hardware£298Small businessesClockRite full pricing guide
planday logo small£2 per employee, per monthN/ASmall businessesPlanday full pricing guide
timetac logo small£3.50 per user, per month€590Small businessesTimeTac full pricing guide
stanley security logo small£36 per monthDependent on planMedium-sized businessesStanley Security full pricing guide
chronicle computing logo small£1 per user, per month£350Medium-sized businessesChronicle Computing full pricing guide
timeware logo small£517 to £895 per year£195Medium-sized businessesTimeware full pricing guide
isgus logo smallComing soonComing soonLarge businessesIsgus review
bodet logo smallComing soonComing soonLarge businessesBodet review
Coming soonComing soonLarge businessesAdvanced review

Picture this.

You’re sitting in your office again, it’s late, and your desk is overflowing with timesheets. You’re developing a slight headache as you concentrate on deciphering the bad handwriting, and entering the month’s figures into an Excel spreadsheet. Exasperated, you sigh, look to the heavens, and think: “There must be a better way!”

Well, as it turns out, there is. 

It’s called a time and attendance system, and it consists of hardware and software that’ll help streamline your workload, automate the drudgery of admin, boost workplace productivity, and reward your most dedicated employees. Combined, all these actions are incredibly efficient ways to improve your employee satisfaction.

Time and attendance systems are also largely affordable, even for businesses with tighter purse strings. The only thing about the costs is, they’re very tricky to get a hold of. 

That’s right – most suppliers keep their cards extremely close to their chest when it comes to divulging their pricing plans, or the costs of their clocking-in systems

We wanted to make this process easier. So, we trawled the internet, called a range of time and attendance system suppliers, and schmoozed our way past even the most reluctant of advisors. The result? The most comprehensive time and attendance system price guide on the web

Read on to explore it.

time and attendance system price

What are the costs of a time and attendance system?

Time and attendance systems are made up of both hardware and software components. As such, the software (the thing managing your employees’ attendance, absences, and leave requests) is often priced separately from the hardware (the actual machines your staff will use to log in).

Hardware costs

Hardware-wise, basic proximity time clocks for small businesses can be purchased for around £270, while biometric terminals cost in the range of £1,200 to £1,600 each. You can purchase a waterproof terminal for around £1,500, while a facial recognition terminal goes for between £350 and £1,300+.

What is a proximity time clock?

A proximity time clock is a device that allows your staff to check in for work when they arrive. The ‘basic’ part means that to clock in, employees must use a fob, key card, or badge (rather than their own biometric data, as with more advanced terminals).

The ‘proximity’ part means that the employee has to be close to the machine to clock in. Basic proximity terminals generally work via a RFID (radio-frequency identification) signal between the card or fob, and the machine. These terminals are quick, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Software costs

Time and attendance software is usually priced at around £1 – £4 per employee, per month. Sometimes, the software also acts as the hardware, working with a tablet and your employees’ smartphones to act as a complete solution for hour tracking and staff management. 

How much will your business pay?

Why does the pricing vary so much, then? Well, time and attendance system costs depend on the number of employees you have, the amount of clocking-in terminals you require, and the level of features you need from the software. Costs can also differ wildly depending on the type of clocking-in terminal you select – an iris scanner, for instance, costs more than a basic proximity device. 

A business that employs eight staff at a small office (and needs only basic time tracking capabilities) could pay as little as £200 per year. Meanwhile, large businesses with over 200 employees will be looking at shelling out an annual cost of more than £3,000.

But how much can your business expect to pay? Let’s break down the costs through the lens of business size.

Small businesses (1 – 100 employees)

For small businesses, basic proximity clocking in devices should do the trick. These no-nonsense terminals let your employees check in with a key card or fob. They’re intuitive and easy to use, and are also the cheapest terminals you can buy. 
clockrite basic proximity terminal
Timetac offer an excellent proximity device for small businesses for just €199 (£179), while Clockrite’s basic terminal (pictured) – intended for businesses with fewer than 15 employees – is available at the bargain price of £245 (excl. VAT) per device.

And, for businesses with under 50 employees, Stanley Security offers a full software package that includes a basic proximity reader, along with 50 key fobs included. It’s available from £36 per month, on a five-year contract.

On the software side of things, Planday offers an excellent alternative to a traditional clocking-in device. With this option, you either provide an iPad for your staff to clock in on, or allow them to clock in automatically from their smartphones when they get near your site. It’s both flexible and affordable – you can snap up this option for a monthly cost of just £2 per employee.

Medium-sized businesses (100 – 300 employees)

If you have more than 100 permanent members of staff, you might want to consider stepping things up to a biometric clocking-in device, like a thumbprint scanner. The more your workforce expands, the harder it is to keep track of staff sign-ins – meaning you’re at greater risk of losing money through a buddy punching scam

Installing a biometric system means there’s no way your staff can fake their attendance – it’s based on their own unique biological attributes! So, where should you start?

chronicle computing waterproof terminalChronicle Computing offers a thumbprint clocking-in device for a very reasonable £1,550. There’s also an entirely waterproof unit (pictured) for systems situated in high-splash areas, such as kitchens or outdoor spaces.

Elsewhere, Timeware’s facial recognition clocking-in terminal – the Suprema FaceStation 2, which has the ability to detect users without masks, and recognise the faces of those with them on – is available for £1,563 (excl. VAT).

Better still, you can purchase its flagship integrated time and attendance hardware and software package (Timeware Professional 2019) for just £1,019 (excl. VAT), for up to 50 members of staff. 

Did You Know?

Biometric time and attendance systems eliminate buddy punching for good. And trust us, that’s important – UK SMEs currently lose a total of £12 billion annually through such scams. Don’t fall prey to the fraudsters!

Large businesses (500+ employees)

As your company grows, you’ll want a time and attendance system capable of keeping up with the often frenzied pace of modern business. You’ll need to look to the future – and what better way to do this than with technology that feels straight out of a sci-fi movie?

Facial recognition and iris scanning terminals are some of the latest, greatest examples of how to stay on top of the comings and goings at your business. And, if you’re employing hundreds of people, it’s the only way to keep your premises secure, while knowing exactly who’s inside it. So who are the best providers?

Well, Bodet boasts 30 years of experience in providing cloud-based time and attendance systems for large businesses, while Isgus offers some of the most secure and scalable software on the market. Advanced also weighs in as a respected provider, with a host of workforce management solutions spanning HR, payroll, and access control (pictured).
mitrefinch complete time and attendance system
The only caveat with time and attendance systems for large businesses is that they often keep a notoriously tight lid on their prices. We’re working on these, so watch this space, and we’ll regularly update this article as prices come in. But in the meantime, you’ll have to enquire with a supplier directly to get the best idea of how much you’ll be paying.

If that seems like a hassle right now, there is an easier way. Simply take a minute to complete our free webform, and you’ll receive time and attendance system quotes tailored to the specific needs of your business – directly from the suppliers themselves.

So, now you’ve got a rough idea of what you can expect to pay, let’s narrow things down and find the right supplier for your business. 

Did You Know?

Quarter Two (April to June) 2019 saw the UK’s overall labour productivity fall by 0.6% compared to the same quarter the year before. It’s the fourth consecutive quarter to see productivity show negative quarter-on-year growth rates.

Workplace productivity is declining. Can your business afford to be part of a worrying trend?

Top 9 time and attendance system supplier prices

Read this far, and not sure which supplier to begin with? We can help. We’ve put together a list of the top nine time and attendance system suppliers catering to UK businesses. Our goal? To put together the most comprehensive guide to time and attendance system prices in the country.

So sit back, and enjoy in-depth cost reviews and price lists for some of the biggest time and attendance system suppliers in the UK. If there’s a supplier you’re particularly interested in, simply click into the list below to get started. Alternatively, return to the top of our price comparison table, or skip straight to our FAQs below.

The top time and attendance system supplier prices for UK businesses:

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Software included

Hardware from £298

Though its website looks a little basic, ClockRite’s time and attendance systems are anything but. The company offers six different clocking-in systems to let your staff sign in, whether it’s with a fob, or with their own facial features.

ClockRite’s fingerprint scanner starts at £298 (excl. VAT). A facial recognition system for a small business will cost the same, although enterprises with up to 800 employees could pay up to £1,135 (excl. VAT). It’s ClockRite’s proximity device that offers the best value, though, starting at £245 (excl. VAT). And, when you factor in the free software that comes included with your chosen device, ClockRite emerges as a highly affordable solution for your small business.

ClockRite hardware

Product name

Price (per device, excl. VAT)

Proximity Attendance Clocking System (C100)clockrite basic proximity terminal

1 – 15 employees: £245
16 – 30 employees: £315
31 – 50 employees: £375
51 – 75 employees: £500
76 – 100 employees: £620
101 – 150 employees: £775
151 – 200 employees: £945

Fingerprint Biometric Clocking System (C200)

clockrite fingerprint clocking in terminal

1 – 25 employees: £298
26 – 50 employees: £360
51 – 75 employees: £435
76 – 100 employees: £510
101 – 200 employees: £690
201 – 500 employees: £890
501 – 1000 employees: £1,050

Facial Recognition Biometric Clocking System (C400)

clockrite facial recognition clocking in terminal

1 – 12 employees: £298
13 – 25 employees: £385
36 – 50 employees: £465
51 – 75 employees: £520
76 – 100 employees: £580
101 – 200 employees: £730
201 – 500 employees: £925
501 – 800 employees: £1,135
We love: The simplicity and range of its pricing. Excellent.

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Software from £2 per month, per employee

No hardware necessary

Unlike the other suppliers here, Planday doesn’t offer a clocking-in terminal, or require any biometric data to punch your staff in. What you will need, though, is an iPad. For just £2 to £4 per month, you’ll get access to Planday’s slick software. It turns your tablet into a ready-made ‘punch clock’ (albeit for an extra £1 per month), and turns you into someone with a lot more time on your hands.

planday time and attendance system

App-ealing: Planday’s software is easy to use, nice to look at, and comes with a tidy mobile app

Planday software



Starter£2 per month, per employee
Plus£4 per month, per employee
Punch clock functionality: £1 per month, per employee
We love: The straightforward low pricing and visually attractive interface.


Software from £3.50 per user, per month

Hardware from €590

TimeTac’s range of software solutions for employee time tracking isn’t just flexible – it’s highly affordable, too. TimeTac’s pricing structure means you’ll only ever pay for the modules your business needs the most. Its basic employee time tracking software package starts from £3.50 per user, per month. One feature lets you easily manage staff holidays and absences for just £2.00 per user, per month, while another helps you plan shifts for the same cost. Project time tracking can also be added for a monthly fee of £8 per user, per month, and will help you stay on top of the big picture stuff driving growth for your business. On the hardware side, a basic proximity clocking-in device will cost you €590.

timetac time and attendance system

TimeTac: it’s the full package

TimeTac software

Product name



Employee Time TrackingRecord working times and breaks with ease£3.50 per user, per month
Project Time TrackingTrack and plan tasks and projects£8 per user, per month
Leave ManagementBetter account for employee absences and holidays£2.00 per user, per month
Shift PlanningCoordinate shifts and manage employee allocation£1.50 per user, per month
TimeTac MultiuserRecord multiple employee working hours, from a single computer or tablet€10 per month

TimeTac hardware




Evo Basic Time ClockBasic device for employee time tracking, with RFID or fingerprint functionality€590 per RFID/NFC device, €890 per NFC/fingerprint device
Evo Advanced Time ClockVersatile reader with a customisable button layout, and various identification options€1,090 per RFID/NFC device, €1,390 per NFC/fingerprint device
We love: Only having to pay for the features we need; the unobtrusive clocking-in terminals.

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Stanley Security

Software from £36 per month

Hardware included in plan

Stanley Security, also known for its leading business security systems, provides several flexible options for managing time and attendance. Its ‘Starter’ plan is perfect for small businesses, and goes for just £36 per month. The package comes with a basic terminal and 50 proximity cards, too – though you’ll be limited to a maximum of 50 users, and be tied into a sixty month contract (that’s five years). 

Larger businesses should plump for either Stanley Security’s ‘Advanced’ plan (£40.50 per month, for businesses with between 50 and 100 employees), or ‘Professional’. With a touchscreen key fob clock-in and more advanced reporting and GDPR compliance features, this latter plan is worth the money at just £110.21 per month.

stanley security clocking in device

Stanley Security offer a range of clocking in devices, including this basic proximity terminal

Stanley Security software



StarterFrom £35.69 per month (up to 50 employees)
ProfessionalFrom £110.21 per month (50 to 100 employees)
AdvancedFrom £40.50 per month (50 to 100 employees)
EnterpriseOn request (100+ employees)

Stanley Security hardware

Product name


Basic proximity terminalStandard terminal supporting proximity card clock-in
KeyPAC readerProximity terminal supporting card and heavy-duty fob clock-in
Fingerprint readerFingerprint clocking-in terminal with touchscreen functionality
EyeLock EyeSwipe-Nano ReaderState of the art iris scanning biometric terminal
We love: That Nano Reader. Wow!
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Chronicle Computing

Software from £1 per month, per employee

Hardware from £350 per device

Chronicle offers a range of straightforward software solutions available for just £1 per month, per employee. And it’s not just affordable, but hassle-free, too – the software is self-service, meaning your staff simply tap to clock in from a tablet, phone, or computer. 

Chronicle’s hardware isn’t going to break the bank, either. You can bag its basic proximity clocking device for £350, while the more advanced model will set you back only £1,250. A biometric clocking device goes for £1,550, as does a waterproof terminal.

chronicle computing time and attendance software

Red and green should never be seen… except when you’ve got Chronicle’s software on your screen

Chronicle Computing software

Product name



Chronicle OnlineA workforce management tool that includes shift planning and absence bookingFrom £1 per month, per employee
Smart Phone ClockingAllows users to clock in using a smartphone (Android or iOS)From £1 per month, per employee
Web Clocking + Self ServicingAllows users to clock in from a PC or laptopFrom £1 per month, per employee
Super User AccessCloud-based clocking-in system accessible from a computer or tabletFrom £10 per user, per month

Chronicle Computing hardware

Product name


Price (per month)

PAYmateLow-cost proximity clocking device for fob/card sign-ins£350 per device, £2.25 – 3.25 for each fob/card
ProximtyFully featured proximity clocking terminal£1,250 per device, £2.25 – £3.25 for each fob/card
BiometricsFully featured biometric clocking terminal for fingerprint sign-ins£1,550 per device
WaterproofWaterproof proximity clocking terminal£1,550 per device, £2.25 – £3.25 for each fob/card
We love: Flexible, transparent software options and affordable hardware – what’s not to like?

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Software from £517 to £895 per year (dependent on module)

Hardware from £588 (excl. VAT) per device

Though they’re a tad on the expensive side, Timeware’s innovative clocking-in systems make it a scalable solution for growing businesses. The Timeware Suprema FaceStation F2 starts at £1,563 (excl. VAT), with an additional terminal connection licence of £588 (excl. VAT). It’s steep, but we reckon Timeware’s tableau of employee self-service features pays for itself. Its time and attendance systems are COVID-friendly, too – Timeware’s facial recognition system picks up staff who aren’t wearing masks, and (as if by magic!) can still recognise your staff even under one. What’s more, you can add a thermal camera into the bargain for £786 (excl. VAT). With this, your system will be able to detect any cases of elevated skin temperature in your staff before they enter the building – potentially even saving lives. 

timeware time and attendance system

Ware it with pride: From hardware to software, Timeware has you covered

Timeware software

Product name

Price (per year, excl. VAT)

Timeware Professional 2019Up to 50 employees: £1,019
50 to 150 employees: £1,427
151 to 250 employees: £2,192
251 to 500 employees: £2,926
500+ employees: £3,661

Suprema BioEntry W2Fingerprint clocking-in terminal£624 (excl. VAT)Suprema BioEntry P2Fingerprint clocking-in for office environments£507 (excl. VAT)

Timeware hardware

Product name



Suprema FaceStation 2Facial recognition clocking-in terminal£1,563 (excl. VAT) per device
Suprema BioLite N2Fingerprint clocking-in terminal£648 (excl. VAT) per device
We love: Straightforward, scalable software and stellar customer service. Smashing!

ISGUS (Zeus)

Prices coming soon

German time and attendance provider ISGUS makes its best attempt to channel Greek mythology with its cloud-based, lightning-fast software ‘Zeus’. As well as 24/7 access and integration with your existing payroll and HR software, Zeus also works with ISGUS’ range of clocking in hardware. Its devices are easy to use, and look good on the walls of your office. For now, you’ll have to enquire to get full pricing information from ISGUS.

isgus clocking in terminal

Office chique: ISGUS’ variety of clocking-in systems will streamline your workload, while adding a touch of class to your premises

ISGUS hardware

Product name



IT 7200Supports key card clocking in, with fingerprint recognition possibleAvailable upon request
IT 8200Supports key card clocking in, with a keypad for pin entryAvailable upon request
IT 8260Touchscreen terminal with large keys for easy handlingAvailable upon request
We love: The look of the hardware and feel of the software. And the name.

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Prices coming soon

Bodet provides workforce management solutions to more than 35,000 customers in 70 countries around the globe. Kelio, its flagship time and attendance software, is totally modular – meaning you’ll only pay for the parts of it that you need. And, as far as hardware’s concerned, there’s not much Bodet’s systems can’t do. Except, that is, provide us with concrete information about fees. Watch this space – we’ll keep trying, and there’ll be prices here soon.

bodet time and attendance software

Bodet hardware and software

Product type


Biometric clocking-in systemsFingerprint and hand scanning clocking-in devices
Interactive clocking-in systemProximity clocking-in device that snaps pictures of your staff as they check in
Smartphone clocking-in systemEnables employees to clock in using their own, web-enabled smartphones
Touchscreen clocking-in systemTouchscreen clocking in device offering several employee self-service features, such as absence management
Virtual clocking-in systemAllows staff to sign in through software on their own computers
We love: The huge range of clocking-in systems, and how well the hardware and software work together.


Prices coming soon

Completely cloud-based and with a slick, straightforward interface, Advanced (formerly Mitrefinch) offers a time and attendance system tailormade for tackling the strict demands modern businesses face. Backed up by RFID (radio-frequency identification) and biometric clocking devices, Advanced’s software will save you time and hassle, while driving greater productivity and better decision making. The only catch? It keeps tight-lipped about all pricing relating to its products. We’re working on it, though, so check back soon for updates.

We love: How it integrates with HR and payroll software for a complete workforce management solution.

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Simplify your schedule: Advanced’s software boasts an alluringly straightforward interface

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Of course, if you’d rather just keep reading for now, scroll on – we’ll be unpacking the answers to some of our readers’ most commonly asked questions. 

Save by Comparing Time & Attendance Systems Quotes from Leading Suppliers
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What is a time and attendance system?

A time and attendance system allows you to monitor exactly when your employees arrive for work. They’ll ‘clock in’ (and out) for work using a device at your premises, identifying themselves via a unique card or biometric measure.

Modern time and attendance systems are usually made up of both hardware and software. The hardware monitors when your staff arrive, leave, and take a smoke break, allowing them to ‘clock in’ with a key card or fob, a fingerprint, or even the blink of an eye. 

The software bit is what makes your life easier. Because you’ve got records of all your staff’s attendance, the hours calculations are done for you. Time and attendance software also lets you manage leave policies, holiday time, and absences, while boosting staff engagement and punctuality.

You can then use the information collected by your time and attendance hardware to assist with payroll and HR, and manage staff absences and leave requests with ease. Modern time and attendance systems also offer a range of self-service options for employees, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. 

What are the benefits of a time and attendance system?

To answer this one, we turned to the world of academia. We sat down with Dr Alison Watson, Undergraduate Business Programme Team Leader at Arden University, to learn more about what a time and attendance system can bring to your business.

“There are many benefits for acquiring these systems, both for the organisation and its employees. Firstly, for the employer, the systems can keep track of employees’ work patterns and their time and attendance. Any issues of lateness can be monitored and addressed through appropriate HR policy.

“The systems can also be used to save time and costs – when calculating payroll, for instance. Pressing a simple button to generate reports can save on labour intensive completion of time sheets and forms. The systems can also enable employers to plan more effectively as leave and absenteeism is recorded, thus allowing managers to keep abreast of gaps within the workforce and the availability of others to fill them. 

“Biometric is particularly effective, as it eliminates fraudulent clocking in through buddying. For the employee, the system ensures their shift is recorded and that payments are accurate. They can communicate with their employer when planning their holidays.

“From experience, I have always found clocking systems to be beneficial, particularly in relation to increased productivity and the timeliness of employees. Initial implementation of the systems can sometimes be met with negativity, and usage has been fraught due to perceptions of suspicion from employees. 

“Over time, all employees have adapted well to the notion of time and attendance systems, and appreciate their objective and the benefits of a mutually collaborative HR process.”

And remember, time and attendance systems aren’t all about monitoring your employees – and they’re not some Orwellian manifestation of commercial might. Rather, use of a time and attendance system should be seen as a handy tool for rewarding your most consistent and hard-working employees.

That’s right – while your best workers may previously have gone unnoticed, you and your managers will now have stats proving their dedication to the job. Leveraging data from your time and attendance system not only serves to assist with payroll and staff management, but to reward your most punctual staff, while incentivising the slackers to change their ways.

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Is there free time and attendance software available?

Yes, a few time and attendance software providers do offer their solutions for free. Is there a catch, though? Absolutely – in fact, there are several.

Firstly, any free time and attendance software you can obtain will necessarily be extremely basic. Usually, suppliers will offer free time and attendance software on a ‘freemium’ model – you can just about get by with the standard features, but you’ll have to open your wallet to benefit from the more advanced functionality.

Free time and attendance software may also not facilitate integration with the systems you need it to work with, such as payroll and HR. Without this interconnectivity, the free time and attendance software alone will be close to useless – so you might as well shell out for a low-cost time and attendance solution instead!

Oh, and before you go throwing in your lot with a free time and attendance solution, bear in mind that though the software may be free, the hardware it integrates with will almost certainly incur a cost.

Will a time and attendance system integrate with my current business software?

The short answer is yes, it should – but make sure before you invest in a system, because this is important. Time and attendance systems work best when working with HR and payroll software. The more information that’s being collected and shared, the easier it is for you and your team to do your jobs. 

Providers such as Advanced offer HR, payroll, and access control as a single, complete package, while other options integrate with your existing software. 

Do I require a cloud-based or an on-premise solution?

Most time and attendance system suppliers offer the service as either a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Before you begin looking at particular providers in depth, you need to know which kind of deployment is best-suited to your business. 

On-premise means that the software is housed by you, on your own servers. It means you’ll have full control over your own data security – you’ll update and maintain it yourself, and can customise it as you see fit. 

Cloud-based software is hosted by your provider, meaning they’ll take care of all the maintenance – and it’s pretty much the norm these days. A cloud-based system is less hands-on, meaning it’s ideal for busy payroll and HR teams. And, because all your data is stored ‘in the cloud’, you can access it from anywhere, at any time, across all your mobile devices. 

If neither of these two sounds like the best fit for you, don’t worry. There are also options for hybrid time and attendance solutions that combine the best of both worlds. 

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Rob Binns
Rob writes mainly about the payments industry, but also brings to the table industry-specific knowledge of CRM software, business loans, fulfilment, and invoice finance. When not exasperating his editor with bad puns, he can be found relaxing in a sunny (socially-distanced) corner, with a beer and a battered copy of Dostoevsky.
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