The 7 Best Timesheet Software Solutions

Avaza timesheet software interface on mobile and desktop

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The best timesheet systems are provided by Avaza, BeeBole, and QuickBooks Time. Each solution offers everything your business should look for: affordable price plans, intuitive features, and easy-to-use software.

The rise of remote working has made it more difficult for businesses to stay on top of rotas, absences, and invoices, but that’s where this article can help. Using in-depth research, we’ve pulled together the 7 best timesheet software solutions in the UK for you to compare.

Short on time? Don’t fret. Simply use our free comparison tool to tell us about your specific timesheet needs. Once you’re done, we’ll match you with leading timesheet software providers who’ll be in touch with free, no-obligation quotes.

What are the Best 7 Timesheet Software Solutions?

These are the providers we recommend based on our research. Use our comparison tool to find the best service for your business.

  1. Avaza – Best for simplicity
  2. BeeBole – Best for Google and payroll software integration
  3. QuickBooks Time – Best for accountants
  4. Hubstaff – Best for architects
  5. Scoro – Best for agencies
  6. Clockify – Best free timesheet software
  7. TimeKeeper – Best for construction

Avaza: Best simple timesheet software solution

Most suitable for small businesses

Avaza logo
Pricing £0 - £30 per month
Quick overview

With a smooth, straightforward user experience (UX) fully powered by drag-and-drop functionality, Avaza is timesheet software at its most superbly simple. You can use its in-built timer from your phone or computer for easier hours tracking, as well as bulk import old timesheets, so everything’s in one place.

Avaza’s analytics features are also excellent. We particularly love its staff utilisation report, which allows you to drill down into the projects your business is spending the most time on, and better allocate resources to the most pressing work.

If you’ll be the only one at your business generating timesheets and recording expenses, Avaza’s free plan should do nicely, which is something BeeBole and QuickBooks Time don't offer.

You’ll also get basic QuickBooks and Xero integration (for all you accountants out there), plus top-notch email and chat support. However, Avaza’s free plan limits you to just 100MB of storage, as well as imposing restrictions on the amount of customers, projects, and invoices you can handle per month.

For unlimited contacts, customers, and collaborators, it’s definitely worth upgrading to Avaza’s ‘Startup’ plan (£7.50 per month), while its ‘Basic’ version (£15 per month) nets you 20GB of data storage – not to mention 100 invoices per month, too.

For slightly larger teams, Avaza’s ‘Business’ package (£30 per month) scores you advanced integrations with accounting and payroll software, as well as premium customer support and unlimited…well, everything!

Adding more users will cost you anywhere from $2 (£1.50) to £7 (£5.20), depending on what you’ll need their permissions to be.


Simple, flat-rate monthly pricing

Comes with an almost non-existent learning curve

The software is easy to use and affordable


Pricing plans get steep, quickly, ranging from £0 to £30 per month

Avaza’s cheaper plans place stringent limits on data storage, as well as the amount of invoices you can send per month

Free £0 per month
Startup $9.95 (£7.50) per month
Basic $19.95 (£15) per month
Business $39.95 (£30) per month

BeeBole: Best for Google and payroll software integration

Most suitable for businesses that rely on Google or Microsoft Office

Beebole logo
Pricing £6.99 per user, per month
Quick overview

Time tracking doesn’t exist in isolation from the rest of your business’ processes. In fact, timesheet software works best when it works with its payroll, HR, and EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) counterparts – and BeeBole knows it.

With BeeBole’s API (Application Programming Interface) setup, your time tracking tool will work in tandem with your existing G Suite and Microsoft Office programs – not to mention a range of other tools your business uses every day. Throw in a fully customisable dashboard, stellar business intelligence capabilities, and an affordable price point, and it’s easy to see why BeeBole is generating such a buzz!

There’s no complicated range of pricing tiers to navigate here – you’ll pay just £6.99 per user, per month. This unlocks all of BeeBole’s features, including its range of integrations with other business productivity software. You'll also get 30 days free, which is more than double Avaza's free plan period.


Generous 30-day free trial available

No setup or cancellation fees

One-to-one customer support comes included


It’s not the most scalable of timesheet software solutions, so you'll likely need to switch softwares if your business grows quickly

Plan £6.99 per month

QuickBooks Time: Best timesheet software for accountants

Most suitable for accounting firms

quickbooks time logo
QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)
Pricing £6 - £8 per user, per month
Quick overview

Having a head for numbers doesn’t always equate to a passion for planning – so let QuickBooks Time take care the timesheets, so you can get back to balancing the books. Formerly known as TSheets, QuickBooks Time is tailor-made for professional number crunchers.

Integrations with Sage, Gusto, and (of course) QuickBooks – plus a range of other accounting tools – make QuickBooks Time an industry must-have. With time tracking, billing, and job costing functionality all underpinned by real-time reporting, this software adds plenty of value – without adding to your to-do pile!

There’s no free plan here, either, although you can try QuickBooks Time free for 30 days, which is longer than Avaza's free period.

Plus, the monthly per user fee – which starts from just £6 – is plenty affordable and less than BeeBole's plan. However, that comes with an additional base fee, which begins at £16 for those on the’ ‘Premium’ plan.

The ‘Premium’ plan (£6 per user, per month, plus a £16 per month base fee) buys you a GPS-equipped mobile app – for tracking time in the field – plus all the real-time reporting, invoicing, and payroll support you’d expect from a top timesheet software provider.

However – and this absolutely sets QuickBooks Time apart – the ‘Premium’ package also includes a time clock ‘kiosk’. Essentially, this is a setup that acts as a kind of basic time and attendance system, using facial recognition technology to identify your staff, and automatically check them in for work. Oh, and did we mention that live, unlimited customer support is included?

The ‘Elite’ plan (£8 per user, per month, plus a £30 per month base fee) adds timesheet signatures and geofencing. You’ll also score more advanced reporting – such as being able to compare project estimates with actual figures – and an enhanced activity feed.


Boasts impressive customer reviews online

Unlimited, in-house customer support is included with all plans

Great value for money, especially compared to Scoro and Hubstaff


The ‘base fee’ does add to the overall monthly bill

PlanPrice (billed annually)
Premium £6 per user, per month + £16 per month base fee
Elite £8 per user, per month + £30 per month base fee

Hubstaff: Best for architects

Most suitable for specialised industries

hubstaff logo
Pricing £0 - £15 per user, per month
Quick overview

We most love Hubstaff’s industry-specific timesheet system options for nonprofits, healthcare, construction, and ecommerce. With geofencing technology, you can track employee hours based on when they arrive or leave a job site, while daily automated timesheet reports keep you in the loop. You’ll also benefit from automatic invoice generation, and slick payroll integration.

Free plan? Check. Do we recommend it? Nope. Hubstaff’s free plan offers very basic time tracking capabilities, but none come close to what you’ll need at your architecture firm, or in any other specialised industry. Overall, its free plan doesn't compare to Avaza's.

That’s why we’d recommend skipping both the free plan and the ‘Time Starter’ package, and plumping at least for Hubstaff’s ‘Time Pro’ plan ($8.33 per user, per month). It allows you to automatically pay staff for time worked, and enables unlimited integrations.

Hubstaff’s ‘Time Pro’ plan also scores you a host of key timesheet software features – namely, GPS tracking, invoices, payroll, 24-hour support, expenses, and project budget planning. It even supports vehicle tracking!

Available as bespoke pricing, ‘Enterprise’ is Hubstaff’s highest offering. If you’re in the market for VIP support and ‘concierge’ account setup – not to mention the tech stuff, like higher limits on public API – then it’s worth the extra outlay. If you need a more simple timesheet solution, stick with ‘Premium’ – or head back up to Avaza. Prices are billed in US dollars.


Hubstaff’s ‘Premium’ plan is still super affordable, and impressively feature-rich

24-hour support included to help resolve issues quickly

Unlimited integrations to help you personalise your software


The free plan’s not worth your time (unless you’re on a shoestring, that is!)

Basic plan isn't as impressive as Avaza's equivalent

PlanPrice (billed annually
Time Free $0 per month
Time Starter $5.83 per user, per month
Time Pro $8.33 per user, per month
Enterprise Bespoke

Scoro: Best agency timesheet software

Most suitable for creatives

Scoro logo
Pricing £19 - £47 per user, per month
Quick overview

Creative teams need a creative platform. And – when it comes to time, profitability, and cost tracking, at least – there aren’t many that are as fun to use as Scoro. Its colourful, visually stimulating ‘Kanban-style’ interface is reminiscent of the highly-praised project management tool. And that’s fitting – Scoro is as much a project management tool as it is a timesheet system, with project planning and task tracking features included as standard.

With shared calendars, timesheets, and to do lists  driving productivity, Scoro helps you add a touch of the organised ‘left’ brain to your ‘right-brained’ creative team!

The only catch? Vis a vis most of the other best timesheet software providers we’ve listed here, Scoro is expensive, unlike the relatively cheap BeeBole, Avaza, and QuickBooks Time.

There’s no free plan, either, so you can expect to budget at least £19 per user, per month for Scoro’s ‘Essential’ package. It includes a grid-like view for managing your timesheets, as well as resource planning and project management capabilities – basically, everything most small creative agencies will require from a timesheet solution.

The ‘Standard’ plan (£28 per user, per month for the ‘Standard’ version; £47 per user, per month for ‘Pro’) adds quote planning, as well as project timelines and templates – though not too much more in the way of actual timesheet software functionality. We’d pass a similar assessment on the ‘Pro’ plan, which as you can imagine is tailored to the sales, rather than time tracking side of things.

We’d only recommend the ‘Ultimate’ plan (which has bespoke pricing) for large creative agencies looking for a more comprehensive time tracking solution.


Scoro's intuitive, Kanban-style interface is pleasant to use, and makes project and time tracking a breeze

Highly-rated online

Also caters to government agencies and nonprofits, plus the legal and financial services industries


More expensive than Avaza, Beebole and Hubstaff

No free plan, unlike Hubstaff and Avaza

PlanPrice (billed annually)
Essential £19 per user, per month
Standard £28 per user, per month
Pro £47 per user, per month
Ultimate On request

You’re almost halfway through our list of the top 7 timesheet software solutions. Time to start comparing quotes?

Simply hit one of the buttons below to start our quick questionnaire. It takes just 30 seconds to do, and by telling us more about your business’ specific requirements, we can help ensure that you receive the best, most personalized rates on the best timesheet software in the UK.

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Clockify: Best free timesheet software solution

Most suitable for businesses on a tight budget

Pricing (USD) $3.99 - $11.99 per month
Quick overview

Clever, cloud-based, and completely complimentary, Clockify quite rightly earns its place as one of the best timesheet softwares in the UK. Sure, the look and feel of the interface doesn’t exactly break new ground, but you can still rely on the software’s time tracking and payroll calculation capabilities. Clockify’s customer support is strong, too – a wealth of positive reviews online attest to that – while email and chat assistance are included free of charge.

Clockify’s alluring tagline promises “unlimited users, free forever”. We’d add that it’s not just unlimited users the free plan bags you, but unlimited tracking, projects, and reports, too, which is more generous than QuickBooks Time which adds a costly base fee to its subscription plans.

Those who want a little something more, though, should at least shell out for Clockify’s ‘Standard’ plan ($5.49 per month). As well as adding security permissions – such as the ability to lock timesheets to prevent further edits, and make records viewable to admins only – this package enables you to create reports that are branded with your company’s own logo and colours.

‘Pro’ ($7.99 per month) buys you an extra handful of features, including project templates, and the ability to fill in timesheets for others. However, we don’t feel it does enough to warrant triple the cost of the perfectly adept ‘Standard’ plan.

Clockify’s ‘Enterprise’ package ($11.99 per user, per month), meanwhile, does plenty. Aside from phone support, you’ll get the ability to import timesheets via a file, as well as scheduled reports and increased user permissions.


Attractive, flat-rate pricing plans

Email and chat support come with all plans – even the free one!

You’ll get two months free when you select annual billing


Invoicing is only available with Clockify’s ‘Enterprise’ package

PlanPrice (billed annually)
Basic $3.99 USD per month
Standard $5.49 USD per month
Pro $7.99 USD per month
Enterprise $11.99 USD per month

TimeKeeper: Best construction timesheet software

Most suitable for tracking hours on construction projects

Pricing £3 per user, per month
Quick overview

Bricklayers coming, scaffolders going… construction sites are always a hive of activity. It’s great – but if you’re not careful, all that hustle and bustle can make it difficult to ensure accurate payroll data come the end of the month. But that’s what TimeKeeper is for – keeping track of everyone clocking in and out of your site, managing employee time off, and automating lateness and absence management. This, of course, can all be done in real time, from a web portal available 24/7.

TimeKeeper costs just £3 (excl. VAT) per employee, per month. There’s no base fee, either, or any hidden charges lurking below the surface – making it ideal for small businesses with more moderate budgets, which contrasts to QuickBooks Time and its extra fees, or BeeBole which offers a flat rate plan of £6.99 per month.

You’ll also get a 14-day trial to explore TimeKeeper’s best features, free. And, since you won’t have to supply any credit card details when you sign up, there’s no chance of ‘automatically’ rolling into a paid deal – meaning no nasty surprises.

There’s plenty to love for larger teams, too. If you have over 50 staff, you’ll get a 10% discount on the fee for your 51st employee and beyond – meaning you’ll pay just £2.70 per worker, per month. TimeKeeper… a keeper, indeed!


Compatible with Mac OS

Offers integrations with accounting software providers such as MoneySoft, BrightPay, and Sage

Highly affordable, with volume discounts available for bigger companies


Interface could be easier to use, which could be problematic for non-tech savvy users

PlanPrice (billed annually)
TimeKeeper £3 per user, per month

The best timesheet systems are provided by Avaza, Beebhole, and QuickBooks Time, offering affordable price plans, impressive features, and easy-to-use software.

If you want to scale your business, we recommend Avaza over BeeBole because it offers four price plans compared to BeeBole’s one. QuickBooks Time is impressive, but you’ll need to consider the extra base fees, which you won’t get on BeeBole or Avaza.

Don’t forget, the easiest way to find the best timesheet software for your specific needs is by using our free comparison tool. Simply tell us about your specific timesheet needs, then we’ll match you with leading timesheet software providers who’ll be in touch with free, no-obligation quotes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is timesheet software?
Timesheet software simplifies the process of collecting and approving timesheets, typically offering time tracking features, attendance tracking, and timesheet collection. As a whole, timesheet software helps managers record staff attendance, log shift hours, collect automatic timesheets for approval, and export timesheets to payroll software.
What are the benefits of timesheet software?
Despite the name, timesheet software’s benefits go way beyond time tracking. Most timesheet software providers offer myriad ancillary benefits, including:
  • Job budgeting, scheduling, and costing
  • Invoices and billing functionality
  • Geofencing and basic employee clocking in
  • Project management
  • Limited business intelligence and real-time reporting capabilities

While timesheet software is an excellent investment, its price point and more limited range of features make it naturally more suited to smaller businesses.

For a more complete workforce management solution that’ll scale as your operations do, you’ll want to look at what benefits a time and attendance system can have for your business.

Is timesheet software the same as time and attendance software?
While the two types of software share strands of common DNA, they’re two distinctly different propositions.

Time and attendance software (such as Bodet’s Kelio, or Safescan’s TimeMoto) is specifically designed to work with a clocking-in device. This is a physical terminal located at your business’s premises, which your employees can use to check in for work.

Together, this software and hardware package constitutes a more holistic workforce management solution, which feeds into a business’s payroll, tax, and HR processes in a more comprehensive way than timesheet software does.

Essentially, timesheet software is a slightly more basic version of time and attendance software. While some providers do offer limited biometric clocking-in functionality – TimeKeeper and TSheets, for example, both offer a facial recognition tool – this isn’t timesheet software’s central focus.

Timesheet software, in that sense, is closer to a project management tool. It’ll help you track time spent on particular tasks, or with certain clients, and how these are feeding into the wider goals of your overarching projects.

But alas. As a fully-fledged system for clocking staff in or out of a physical premises – which is about to become a whole lot more prevalent now businesses are returning to the office – timesheet software simply isn’t a patch on its attendance-focussed counterpart.

How much does timesheet software cost?
Timesheet software prices differ from provider to provider. Costs start from as little as £5 per user, per month (that’s TimeKeeper’s basic package), and can rise to as much as £37 per user, per month for Scoro’s upper pricing tier.

Because most of the best timesheet software solutions are cloud-based (also known as SaaS, for Software-as-a-Service), you’ll rarely ‘buy’ the software outright. Instead, you’ll lease it from your chosen provider, and pay a monthly subscription fee to access the system from your web browser.

Some timesheet software providers charge this as a flat rate, while others (and this is more common) levy a monthly per user cost.

For more information about what you can expect a time tracking system to cost you, check out our bumper guide to time and attendance pricing.

Can I use a project management software to track time?
Yes. Most project management software, such as, enable you to track the hours spent on individual tasks and the project as a whole. With this viability, you can better assess the accuracy of deliverables and the effectiveness of your employees.
What is an electronic timesheet?
Electronic timesheets are online versions of paper timesheets, helping you track time spent on tasks, projects, or clients, and to track the time a particular employee has worked during a certain period. Electronic timesheets simplify job scheduling and time tracking, helping your business save time and boost efficiency.
What is the best timesheet app for small business in the UK?
The best timesheet app for small businesses is Avaza. It offers a free plan and paid plans from just £7.50 per month, and the software is easy to use which means your small business can hit the ground running. It also comes with Quickbooks and Xero integration to help streamline your accountancy and time tracking efforts, allowing you to focus on other areas of growing your small business.
Why is time management so important?
Better time management will help employees meet deadlines, improve efficiency, boost productivity, and deliver better quality work. With this improved overall performance, employees should feel less stressed at work, leading to greater satisfaction.
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