Stanley Time and Attendance System Review

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Would Stanley’s time and attendance system make the cut for your business? Read on to find out…

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  • Wide range of hardware options
  • Scalable software plans
  • Feature-heavy time and attendance system


  • Relatively long contract lengths
  • Some online reviews complain about the customer service

Stanley’s time and attendance software is used by companies of all sizes across the UK, and for good reason. During our research, we were impressed by Stanley’s feature-heavy and scalable systems, which are designed to grow with your business. In fact, our experts deemed it one of the best clocking-in systems currently in the market.

Is Stanley the right choice for your business, though? This review has all the answers you need. We’ve examined Stanley’s features, benefits, pricing, and most recent customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

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What are Stanley’s features and benefits?

Stanley’s time and attendance system comes with an array of benefits, making it one of our top clocking-in systems in the UK. We’ve selected our favourites and reviewed them below…

Save time on HR tasks

With Stanley’s time and attendance software, you can automate the calculation of staff hours, including attendance, overtime, and holidays. Automating these workflows should allow your HR team to focus on other areas of your business, helping you save time and boost productivity.

Scalable system

Stanley offers four packages suitable for different sized teams, making it really easy to scale your system to grow with your business. We’ll discuss Stanley’s pricing in more detail below, but you can choose from Starter (for one to 50 employees), Professional (for 50 to 100 employees), Advanced (also for 50 to 100 employees), and Enterprise (bespoke plan for more than 100 employees).

Simplified reporting

We were impressed by Stanley’s reporting features, particularly when it comes to ease of use. Stanley’s system enables you to export all your reports into CSV and Excel export formats, making it easy to view, analyse, and share your company’s time and attendance figures.

Remote clocking-in

Ideal for remote workers, this feature enables your staff to clock in and out from any location in the world that has an internet connection. This is because Stanley uses the cloud for its software, allowing your team to access the system from anywhere, which should help keep your business more robust in the future.

How much does Stanley cost?

As we mentioned earlier, Stanley’s time and attendance system is divided into four pricing categories, which are weighted according to the size of your business.

PlanNumber of employeesStarting cost
Starter1 – 50£36/month
Professional50 – 100£40.50/month
Advanced50 – 100£100/month

It’s worth mentioning that Stanley also offers business security hardware, which is included in all of its software plans. The list of hardware is as follows:

Basic proximity terminalStandard terminal supporting proximity card clock-in
KeyPAC readerProximity terminal supporting card and heavy-duty fob clock-in
Fingerprint readerFingerprint clocking-in terminal with touchscreen functionality
EyeLock EyeSwipe-Nano ReaderState of the art iris scanning biometric terminal

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Is Stanley right for my business?

In this section, we’ll describe some common scenarios related to Stanley’s time and attendance system. This is all to help you create a picture in your mind about whether it’s the right option for your business.

“I run a small business with just a few employees”

Stanley’s time and attendance  system is suitable for companies of all sizes, including startups and small businesses. Its entry-level software plan is designed to help businesses with up to 50 employees.

“Comprehensive customer service is very important to me”

Customer support is where Stanley could improve. There are many online customer reviews mentioning Stanley’s slow response times when it comes to answering customer queries. However, Stanley’s system is seamless and easy to use, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to rely on the customer service team very often.

“My business plans to hire lots of employees over the next few years”

One of our favourite aspects of Stanley’s time and attendance system is its scalability. You can easily add more users to your system on each plan, and it’s really simple to upgrade your system as your business grows into the next bracket. For example, it’s easy to upgrade from the Starter plan to the Professional plan when your business reaches over 50 employees.

What do Stanley’s customer reviews say?

Part of our review process involves searching online for the latest customer reviews. Reading a variety of real-world users’ opinions can help you picture what it’s really like to use Stanley’s time and attendance software.

“The time and attendance system provided by Stanley Security has been exemplary with quick, hassle-free installation.”

  • Construction company owner, Stanley customer

“Everything was handled very professionally. No hard sell, just good advice when choosing the system.”

  • L Barron, Stanley customer

“Great experience from start to finish. Installed on time and communication with Stanley leading up to this was very easy.”

  • W Monks, Stanley customer

Expert verdict

The Stanley time and attendance system is rather good. It offers lots of useful features, such as 24/7 rota scheduling, automated HR tasks, and remote clocking-in, which is ideal for modern businesses. Stanley’s customer service could be improved, but it’s unlikely you’ll find much to complain about while using the system itself.

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What other time and attendance systems could I consider?

If you’re unsure whether Stanley’s time and attendance system is right for your business, then don’t worry. Below, we’ve got three alternatives that might better suit your needs.

SupplierStar ratingReview


4.5/5Read Review

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