Money is an important factor in any business, so taking steps to ensure you get your hands on what you're owed can be a necessary step for those looking to optimise their bottom lines. Whether you're using invoice factoring to get an advance on your incoming payments from customers, or a collection agency to call in your debts, there is a wealth of ways to make sure your business is as financially strong as you need it to be.

Invoice Factoring

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The Top 9 Invoice Financing Companies in the UK 2024

Invoice finance offers fast, flexible funding. But with 140+ providers in the UK alone, how do you choose between them? Read our top 10 reviews to find out.

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Construction Finance: The Top 6 Providers in the UK

Everything you need to know about construction finance; benefits, rates, and the best companies for the job. Read reviews and compare quotes with us!

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The Best Invoice Factoring Services for Recruitment Agencies

Sell your invoices and bridge the cash flow gap. Read reviews, and compare quotes from the top 4 invoice factoring services for your recruitment agency!

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The Best Invoice Financing Services for Small Businesses

We review the top invoice financing companies for small businesses including: Ashley Business Finance, Aldermore, Bibby Financial Services.

Collection Agencies

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The 7 Best Debt Collection Services in the UK in 2024

Using a debt collection service can be an easy way to shift the burden of dealing with your business’ finances. Whether this is due to a lack of time, experience or resources – using a debt collection service can be easy and efficient and perhaps get you better results than using your existing methods. We take a look at six of the best debt collection services in the UK below. For a more detailed search, fill out this form and Expert Market UK will search online for the best collection agencies for your business needs. 6 of the Best 1.Wescot

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Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited Review

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited have a great track record for bad debt recovery. Read our full review to find out if they can help you.

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How to Avoid UK Debt Collection Agency Scams

This article will outline what to look out for when looking for a legitimate collection agency in the UK, and how to avoid getting scammed. Avoiding UK Debt Collection Agency Scams All debt collection agencies in the UK need to meet certain minimal professional standards, including those associated with formal registration. Even so, some organisations operate on an unethical or unprofessional basis and scams are not unknown.

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Best Landlord Debt Collection Agencies – UK Reviews

Whether you have a single rental property or a large portfolio, you are likely to come up against the problem of late payments at some point. Tenants might lose their job, or simply abscond with no prior notice and without paying their rent. Whatever the reason for non-payment, proactively thinking about how you could collect those debts will save you time and worry if the worst does happen. With this in mind, below is a list of debt collection agencies who offer a solution specifically for landlords: Connect Debt Recovery <strong.Overview