Retailers of all sizes need to take payments and with solutions such as EPOS systems and credit card processing, you can do that easily and efficiently. These tools can help you increase customer satisfaction, access analytics, make more accurate decisions and manage stock, inventory and employees. Check out our range of guides, reviews, and videos to help you find out more.

Waiter providing excellent customer service in a restaurant

7 Best Restaurant EPOS Systems: Our 2023 Ranking

Find out about the pricing and features of the 7 best restaurant EPOS systems in the UK in our guide and discover the right one for you.


How Much Does an EPOS System Cost?

Our simple guide breaks down the costs involved in buying an EPOS system so you can be confident in choosing the right one for your business.

Retail EPOS Systems: Our Top Picks

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Best EPOS System for Takeaway

Efficient EPOS systems for takeaway services are a must-have for a smooth customer experience. Find the best system for your business today.


Woman holding a card reader

9 Best Card Machines for Small Businesses Compared

Looking for the best card machines for UK small businesses? We review prices, features, and more for the UK’s top card machine providers.

Woman paying using a card reader

UK Merchant Accounts Comparison: Our 2023 Guide

In this merchant account comparison, we dive into the best payment taking systems, analysing their features, reader costs, and transaction fees.

how to take credit card payments in 4 simple steps

How to Take Credit Card Payments in 2023 – 4 Simple Steps

Looking to start accepting cards at your business? Want to take payments online or over the phone? Read our quick guide and find out!

PDQ machine closeup

Compare PDQ Machine Costs: Our 2023 Guide

The cost of PDQ machines vary between £19 and £179 + VAT. In our guide, we cover the different types and prices of PDQ machines so you can plan your budget.