It goes without saying that businesses need customers – and running an effective marketing strategy is key to attracting and keeping those customers. Digital marketing can help you reach potential customers and clients online, targeting search engine and social media users that meet your ideal demographic. Meanwhile, market research services can help you review how well your business is serving your target market, working out how things can be improved, and what might bring you success in the future.

Digital Marketing

brands with the best digital marketing strategies

7 Brands With The Best Digital Marketing Strategies

Has your business nailed its digital marketing strategy? Read our article to pick up tips from the world's best brands.

cropped shot of the hands; eight people in a circle, all holding smartphones

The 5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Your Business

What are the best social media monitoring tools in 2024? Our social media monitoring guide compares features, pricing and limitations.

Market Research

Best Market Research Companies in the UK

UK Market Research Companies Market research in the UK was once based on making telephone calls to consumers or by simply talking to people in the street. It has seen huge advancements in recent years thanks to online surveys and customer focus groups. Some of the best market research companies in the UK today are: Ipsos MORI Founded in 2005, Ipsos MORI specialises in researching a variety of sectors such as advertising, loyalty, marketing, MediaCT, social issues, politics and reputation.

Mobile Phone Questionnaire Examples

If you are thinking about conducting a mobile phone questionnaire for your business, make sure to read these tips so that you have a better informed plan.

Focus group taking place

Focus Group Advantages and Disadvantages

Many businesses are unaware of the kinds of benefits using focus groups can have. A key market research tool, focus groups are often used in order to gain a better insight into different behaviours and opinions of consumers regarding products, brands and services. We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of focus groups below. Focus groups are usually carried out by specialist market research agencies which can be found using Expert Market. Simply fill out the form above and Expert Market UK will match you with suitable agencies based on your requirements.