Steel Garage Building Prices and Costs

How much does a steel garage building cost? There’s quite a range on offer, depending on size and exact specifications. However, a standard Lotus Double Door Garage costs £2,079.00 (incl VAT).

In this guide we’ve provided some prices for steel garages suitable for storing cars, bikes, machinery and any other assets you might wish to secure in a private lock-up unit. It’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission for a garage, except if you’re after a particularly large steel building.

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shedstore logo
Pricing £1,699.00–£5,049.00
Quick overview

Shedstore is a specialist garden building retailer, selling to businesses, local authorities and the general public. Garages listed here are hot-dipped galvanised steel (except the motorbike unit). Delivery is free but takes much longer than other suppliers (around 12-18 weeks) and typically only available on weekdays. They are no longer offering installation for larger metal buildings. For convenience, though, they state an estimated assembly time for each product listed online. All prices include VAT. Buildings come with a 10+ year guarantee, depending on the model.

Building typeDimensionsPricing (incl VAT)Installation
Asgard Secure Motorbike Garage Plus Double doors 2m height x 1.52m width x 3.33m length £1,699.00 £352.99
Lotus Double Door Garage - Anthracite Grey Double doors and PA access door 2.25m height x 2.9m width x 7m length £2,079.00 Not available
Sapphire Olympian Anthracite Metal Garage Up and over single door 2.59m height x 3.62m width x 11.35m length £5,049.00 Not available
A green Motorbike Garage with doors open and motorbike inside

Shedstore’s Asgard Secure Motorbike Garage Plus is built from heavy-duty galvanised steel and comes with a 10-year guarantee. It costs £1,699.00 including VAT.

Grampian steel buildings logo
Grampian Steel Buildings
Pricing £6,902.55–£7,820.79
Quick overview

A major supplier of prefabricated steel buildings including steel framed garages, shed kits, farm sheds and so on. This Capital Steel distributer will show clients their steel framed building before manufacture in order to finalise details. Steel building kits are delivered to any UK address within four weeks of the order date. Steel buildings are CE and ISO accredited.

Each kit comes with an assembly guide and necessary fittings (plus phone and email support). You can either self-erect or Grampian Steel Buildings will arrange a team to assemble it for you (the exact cost depends on your post code). There are some extra costs to be aware of including Calculations for Standard Structural Design (£300 + VAT) and a refundable Site Survey, within a 35-mile radius, from £40 – £120 + VAT. Any rises in material price will be passed onto you as well. All prices exclude VAT.

Building typeDimensionsPricing (excl VAT)Erection fee (excl VAT) Depending on post code
GSB21 Double bay, roller door, single skin 2.4m height x 6m width x 7m length £6,902.55 From £1503
GSB1 Double bay, roller door and PA door, single skin 2.7m height x 5m width x 8m length £7,820.79 From £1710
Green steel garage with roller door and side access door

Grampian Steel Buildings’ GSB1 (2.7m height x 5m width x 8m length) single skin with roller door and PA door: £7,820.79 excl VAT.

Minibus garage 3.5m x 8m x 14m: £27,067.00 (plus VAT)

Midbrook steel buildings logo
Midbrook Steel Buildings
Pricing £18,740.92–£27,067.00
Quick overview

Safecontractor and Constructionline approved supplier of custom steel buildings, Midbrook will design and construct the structure you need. They can handle projects of varying sizes and details. Midbrook will build a range of structures including steel garages and steel frame buildings with timber cladding. Products include nationwide delivery and offload facility. Express delivery is around two to four weeks from the day you place your order.

Building typeDimensionsPrice (excl VAT)
Mono pitch steel store shed rollershutter and 2x PA doors 3.2m height x 6.5m width x 13m length £18,740.92
Minibus garage building motorised rollershutter and 2x PA doors 3.5m height x 8m width x 14m length £27,067.00
midbrook minibus garage steel building

Minibus garage building 3.5m height x 8m width x 14m length with motorised rollershutter and 2x PA doors: £27,067.00 (plus VAT).

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Now you’ve got a bit of research under your belt, you’re ready to explore options that are best for your particular space. No matter the reason you need a steel garage, there’s an expert waiting to talk you through how to get started.

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