Agricultural Steel Building Prices and Costs

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How much does a steel building cost? A small storage building for agriculture costs £10,455.99 (incl VAT) from Steel Buildings, for a quick example.

Agricultural steel buildings are used for a multitude of different purposes – from housing livestock to storing crops – and as such, costs vary according to specifications. In this guide we’ll run through some reliable suppliers and their costs for specific steel structures. Simply click on the “See More +” label next to “Pricing” to see examples of buildings and their costs.

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Small storage building: £10,455.99

steel buildings logo
Steel Buildings
Pricing £10,500–£83,000+
Quick overview

Steel Buildings specialises in prefabricated cold rolled steel buildings kits and bespoke steel buildings for agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes. They'll design everything to industrial standards so you don't need to worry about compliance issues. They'll consult with you about exactly what you need and take care of design, build and installation. Their bespoke buildings are cut with lasers for accuracy. All of their main frame and secondary steel connections are secured properly and bolted together. Kits can be created and ready for dispatch within four working weeks. Larger buildings may take 12 weeks until delivery. However, installation will take varying amounts of time depending on your particular construction.

Steel building type
Small storage building 6 mtrs wide x 6 mtrs long x 2.5 mtrs to eaves. 12 Degree pitched roof £10,455.99 (incl VAT)
Steel building farm storage 8 mtrs wide x 14 mtrs long x 4.65 mtrs to eaves. 12 Degree pitched roof £26,720.76 (incl VAT)
Insulated steel building 20 mtrs wide x 28 mtrs long x 6 mtrs to eaves. 12 Degree pitched roof £63,780.15 (incl VAT)
Agricultural steel building 20m wide x 28m long x 3.5m to eaves. 12 degree pitch £83,012.40 (incl VAT)
Large green agricultural steel building on bare ground

£83,012.40: Steel Buildings agricultural structure 20m wide x 28m long x 3.5m to eaves. 12 degree pitch.

General purpose farm shed:  £16,575

Premier Steel Buildings logo
Premier Steel Buildings
Pricing £16,575–£27,950
Quick overview

Premier Steel Buildings is a certified supplier of flat packed kits from Capital Steel Buildings. They are therefore accredited with the necessary CE mark and on design standards. Agricultural building kits include architectural drawings, build manual and load list. They don't carry out erection but can suggest some relevant tradespeople to take it on if you're not up for the challenge. They'll provide engineering certification at extra cost to satisfy local planning requirements. A range of building types are available including skylights, composite insulated cladding plus multiple colour options: greens, blues, greys, browns, white and black.

Steel building type
General purpose farm shed 3.2m height x 6m width x 8m length £16,575.00 (incl VAT)
Medium farm shed 3.4m height x 7m width x 9m length £19,875.00 (incl VAT)
Industrial shed 3.3m height x 8m width x 14m length £27,950 (incl VAT)

Livestock shed:  £16,575+

Graham Heath Construction
Pricing £25,500–£57,500+
Quick overview

Graham Heath Construction builds all kinds of farm buildings including grain stores, machinery storage, livestock sheds, straw barns and general purpose structures. They have some flexible options if you're interested in cost saving, such as supply only or supply and delivery only packages. Here's some good news: GH Construction claims "no job is ever too big or small for our team" so feel free to put them to the test on that one! They're capable of creating steel buildings for industrial and equestrian purposes as well as agricultural.

Steel building type
100 x 40 x 15ft Livestock Shed + 4ft 6″ Cantilever £25,500 (plus VAT, doors, delivery and construction)
100 x 50 x 21ft Straw Shed £28,000 (plus VAT, delivery and construction)
80 x 60 x 20ft 1,000T Grain Store £57,500 (plus VAT, doors, delivery and construction)
GH construction straw shed with open sides in dry field

£28,000: GH Construction straw shed with roof and end cladding. Rainwater goods and timber purlins included (similar design and build pictured).

Blueriver steel building logo
Blueriver Steel Buildings
Pricing On request
Quick overview

Blueriver makes buildings with high-tensile cold rolled steel in portal frames (constructed in bays). This method ensures structures are strong and simple to erect as well as cost-effective. Their range of agricultural building expertise extends across open farm sheds, dairy units, machinery storage, farm workshops, American barns and hay barns. Blueriver will build you a new structure or upgrade an old one as needed. If financing is a worry, they'll even put you in touch with their preferred financial advisor to discuss your funding options. How handy is that?

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