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What are Steel Buildings?

Steel has played a huge role in construction for a long time and a great choice for several reasons. Using rolled steel over other materials makes the building much more resistant to corrosion and weather-related deterioration. Steel is also pretty low maintenance and you won’t need to spend a bomb on its upkeep. Steel can be erected quickly and is resistant to fire hazards.

In days when budgets are tight and risks need to be managed downwards, steel buildings might offer many businesses the opportunity to significantly expand their premises on a very cost-effective basis.

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Agricultural Steel Building Prices and Costs

Agricultural buildings can be used for a multitude of different purposes – from housing livestock to storing crops – and as such, will need to be supplied with different requirements and specifications in mind. For example, a basic 6m x 12m open barn would cost about £5,036 (+ VAT), but add-ons such as roller doors; vented roofs; skylights; or partition walls will push the price up. In addition, buyers would also have to consider the electrical and plumbing features needed, which will also increase costs.

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What is the cost of steel buildings?

It’s difficult to give an indication of the costs of a typical steel building, as so much will depend upon its size, nature, location and internal fittings and fitments.On average, industrial steel buildings cost around £9,000. A steel workshop building costs around £2,000 for a self-installation.

Will I need planning permission?

Steel buildings are intended to be permanent structures, so it's very likely that you will need to seek planning permission from your local authority.
Are steel buildings only for agricultural and industrial use?

Whilst steel buildings are popular for agricultural and industrial use, they are suitable for other uses such as stables, garages, and retail outlets.