UTAX Photocopiers: Reviews and Pricing

UTAX is an industry-leading name, but do its photocopiers match up to the hype?

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  • High-end printing models
  • Document consultation service


  • Relatively expensive printers
  • Website is outdated

In a nutshell: UTAX is one the the more high-end suppliers, offering top quality machines at premium prices.

UTAX Review

With almost 60 years of experience and clients in over 50 countries, UTAX has gone on to become one of the largest and most trusted names in the printing world.

As well as supplying world class printers and photocopiers, UTAX also offers a consultancy service, which helps businesses save money and improve their printing efficiency. As a business owner, what’s not to love?

UTAX copiers start at the higher end of the print quality spectrum, meaning they aren’t the biggest sellers on the market – after all, most businesses are looking to save money wherever possible. However, like all things in life, greater quality tends to come at a greater cost.

UTAX is also one of the few suppliers that can handle even the most industrial of operations in the printing sector. For businesses that require quantity and quality when it comes to their printing, UTAX devices are a superb choice.

What are UTAX’s features and benefits?

Document consultation

This is one of UTAX’s biggest selling points. This process highlights areas in which your company could save money on printing services, offering an overview of your entire system and then investigating the small-scale issues you might not be aware of. This can make your entire printing process more efficient and cost effective.

✓ High quality machines

UTAX printers are some of the best in the world. These machines come at a relatively high cost, but you’re guaranteed a top quality printing experience thanks to their fast printing speeds, reliable hardware, and high print quality.

If you’d like to know more about UTAX’s models, read on as we highlight the company’s best multifunction photocopiers and printers:

UTAX 3505Ci

UTAX 3505Ci
Quick overview

The UTAX 3505Ci is one of the most popular printers in Europe. With its large colour touch screen panel and high-speed functionality, this printer looks, feels, and sounds like a top quality machine.

Capable of A3 and A4 printing, the UTAX 3505Ci can handle just about any job that you might need from a multifunction printer.

However, as you might expect from a UTAX printer, this model does not come cheap. It’ll cost approximately £3,500, but given its reliability and overall quality, it’s definitely a low-risk investment. Put simply, the 3505Ci is one of the most highly regarded and reliable models on the market.

UTAX 400ci

UTAX 400ci
Quick overview

The UTAX 400ci comes with newly developed toner and the latest colour technology, printing with 1,200 dpi (dots per inch). This gives your work the exceptional printing clarity you need in order to woo your clients. In terms of usability, it boasts a large touch display screen with a HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) interface, which are both really simple to use.

The 400ci is no slouch either – it boasts printing speeds of 40 pages per minute. All in all, this UTAX model is a solid all-rounder.


Quick overview

The P-C4072DN is a lean, green printing machine. In other words, it’s fast, reliable, and uses little energy.  On top of that, it can handle large amounts of paper, and produces excellent quality prints – all with an intuitive touchscreen interface.

You can also connect this printer to your smartphone, tablet, software, and office networks, so your business can print from pretty much anywhere, around the clock.

How much do UTAX printers cost?

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UTAX 3505Ci

UTAX 400Ci








Key features
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • High-volume printing
Key features
  • Prints 40 ppm (pages per minute)
  • 1200 dpi
Key features
  • Eco-friendly
  • Connects with your mobile

These prices are relatively high compared to the rest of the market, but UTAX offers top quality machines, ideal for large businesses with a heavy printing output.

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Interested to know more about pricing? Find out how much renting a photocopier costs for your business.

Is UTAX right for my business?

I am a small business

Not ideally. UTAX printers are relatively expensive, and so they’re more suitable for large businesses with big budgets. You’re better off purchasing or leasing models from another supplier, such as Canon or Brother.

I want to print in both colour and black and white

Yes, UTAX is perfect for multifunction printing. Most of its machines come with the ability to print in both black and white and colour, and come with the latest toner technology to give your prints the high quality appearance required for any business to impress clients and customers

I need prints that can handle high volumes

UTAX is for you. You are able to purchase printers that can handle very high volumes of paper, but, of course, these machines will cost substantially more than the lower volume models.

I need help in being more cost effective

UTAX offers a document consultancy service which helps businesses save money. This service highlights areas in which your business can improve efficiency in it printing, and therefore save costs.

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Expert Verdict

As we’ve said, UTAX is one of the most respected names in the printing industry. The price ranges are quite high, but like all things in the world of tech, the more you pay, the better the quality.

With our help, you can compare the best deals on UTAX and other photocopiers – just let us know what your office needs by filling in this quick form.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive tailored quotes from top photocopier suppliers that can meet your needs and help your business to flourish

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