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Choosing the right photocopier for your business can be a very difficult decision to make. Not only does it depend on the funds you have available, but also the size of your business, the expected level of use and what sort of additional features you’ll require.

To make this a little easier for you, this article will provide an overview of some of the largest photocopier brands and pick out some choice models for different business sizes, with a focus on small, medium and large businesses.

Using this article as a reference point when researching your next office photocopier, will not only help open your ideas to the variety of choice available, but provide you with the knowledge you need to get the best deal possible.

Leading Business Photocopiers

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Best photocopier for small businesses

Xerox WorkCentre 3655

Best photocopier for small businesses

Canon imageRUNNER 1730i

Best photocopier for small businesses

Sharp MX-M260

Best photocopier for small businesses

Ricoh MP 2000

Best photocopier for mid-size businesses

Xerox WorkCentre 4250

Best photocopier for mid-size businesses

Canon iR3245N

Best photocopier for mid-size businesses

Sharp MX-M453N

Best photocopier for mid-size businesses

Ricoh SP 5200S

Best photocopier for large businesses

Xerox D95

Best photocopier for large businesses

Canon iR ADVANCE 8205 PRO

Best photocopier for large businesses

Sharp MX-M1054

Best photocopier for large businesses

Ricoh PRO C5100S

1. Xerox

Formed in 1956 as a joint venture between the Xerox Corporation of U.S and Rank Organisation of the UK, Xerox equipment has a well-deserved global reputation. These are well-designed and engineered copiers that boast a host of features and connectivity options.

Xerox benefits:

  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Heavier paper handling
  • Large paper capacity
  • Tools – allowing you to restrict access and track usage
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Customise workflows
  • Features for safe data transfers and image overwrite

Xerox photocopiers for UK businesses

Best Xerox photocopiers for small businesses

The Xerox WorkCentre 3655 is an ideal choice for small businesses in need of a cheap-to-run and efficient machine. Offering a very respectable print speed of 47ppm (pages per minute), the WorkCentre 3655 can handle print volumes of up to 5,000 pages a month.

A machine designed to maximise productivity whilst keeping costs down, the WorkCentre 3655 is quick to set up and ready to run as soon as it is out of the box.

Best Xerox photocopiers for mid-size businesses

For medium-sized businesses, or small businesses anticipating growth, then the Xerox WorkCentre 4250 is a great option for an office photocopier. Available only as a monochrome machine, the WorkCentre 4250 provides large-scale capabilities in a small, value-for-money package.

With a large paper capacity of 3,000 sheets, this machine is geared up for more demanding print jobs and with a print speed of over 40ppm, the WorkCentre 4250 will make short work of any jobs assigned to it.

Best Xerox photocopiers for large businesses

For large businesses, we recommend the Xerox D95 multifunction printer. Able to print at up to 125 ppm, the D95 can handle monthly print volumes of up to 700,000 pages, which is ideal for bigger teams.

The D95 has also been engineered to provide a top quality printing and copying experience – crisp finishes, long-life toner, ergonomic design – whilst reducing costs. With the right leasing agreement, the D95 can be a powerful and cost-effective choice for any large business.

2. Canon

Canon photocopiers are industry leading in terms of quality and durability and both Canon and Rank Xerox readily supply parts for easy maintenance and repair. They are known for their versatile imageRUNNER range.

Canon benefits:

  • Quality & specialist design
  • High quality printing
  • Excellent print handling for high volumes and speeds
  • Advanced toner technology
  • Energy saving design
  • Quality colour output
  • User friendly design and controls
  • Environmentally friendly

Canon photocopiers for UK businesses

Best Canon photocopiers for small businesses

Canon’s imageRUNNER 1730i is a great starter photocopier for small businesses as it is a highly productive machine, capable of handling sizeable print runs in busy offices.

It’s compact design means that it isn’t a chore to squeeze it into the office, whilst Canon’s uniFLOW technology ensures your costs stay compact too. Add to this a print speed of 30ppm and a capacity to hold 2300 sheets of A4 paper, and you have a solid machine for any small office.

Best Canon photocopiers for mid-size businesses

The Canon iR3245N boasts a budget-friendly mix of high productivity and low-running costs, ideal for any medium-sized business. With multi-functionality built in, the iR3245N will bring versatility to any office.

Wireless connectivity means jobs can be printed from anywhere in the office and a quick print speed means you won’t be left waiting for those all important reports.

Best Canon photocopiers for large businesses

The total flexibility offered by the Canon iR ADVANCE 8205 PRO means that any large office will find copying and printing an absolute breeze. A multifunction monochrome machine, the 8205 PRO maximises productivity with its rapid print speed of 105 ppm.

With inbuilt connectivity, you’ll find anyone can print from anywhere. And with a capacity for 7,700 A4 sheets, you’l l find the 8205 PRO is a productive and practical machine that meets the needs of any large office.

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3. Sharp

Sharp is a Japanese electronics corporation that has evolved into a leading photocopier company over the years. They offer customers and businesses a selection of photocopiers, from space-saving copiers to multipurpose black and white and colour multifunction devices.

Benefits of Sharp copiers:

  • Easy to set up and use; intuitive controls
  • Energy and cost saving design
  • Excellent connectivity & integration

Sharp photocopiers for UK businesses

Best Sharp photocopiers for small businesses

Compact enough to fit into an office of nearly any size, the Sharp MX-M260 offers maximum performance on a SME budget. A capacity of 2100 A4 sheets and print speed of 26 ppm means that any multifunction ability can be completed quickly and easily.

A range of finishing options ensures all jobs completed and sorted efficiently, with stapling and stacking options also available. Network connectively adds a degree of versatility and optional duplex additions mean the potential for greater efficiency is available if needed.

Best Sharp photocopiers for mid-size businesses

Designed to a more advanced spec for larger and more demanding offices, the Sharp MX-M453N is ideal for medium-sized and growing businesses. Powerful print capabilities, including a speed of 45 ppm, mean that this multifunction printer will quickly become the heart of your office.

An interactive touchscreen and intuitive controls makes operation easy, whilst network connectivity provides printing versatility to the entire team. The MX-M435N also has industry-leading security features os that your important documents remain safe.

Best Sharp photocopiers for large businesses

The Sharp MX-M1054 offers maximum production for the largest of offices. Boasting a top print speed of an impressive 105 ppm, the MX-M1054 is capable of holding over 13,000 sheets of A4 at any one time, and so is geared towards the most demanding of print jobs.

Offering a huge range of finishing options, including stapling, folding and trimming, the MX-M1054 is also capable of duplex printing. The ergonomic design makes maintenance and servicing easy, maximising your uptime whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

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4. Ricoh

Ricoh began making photocopiers in 1955 with their Ricopy 101 model. They have since grown into an international brand recognised and respected around the world. Their Bizhub range is their latest and best yet, which you can read more about below.

Benefits of Ricoh photocopiers:

  • Advanced technology
  • Environmentally conscious with liquid gel and gels printer
  • Extensive warranties & service agreements

Ricoh photocopiers for UK businesses

Best Ricoh Photocopiers for small businesses

To cope with the demands of a growing business, you need a machine that is able to cope as you scale up. The Ricoh MP 2000 offers excellent productivity at 20ppm, whilst the option for duplex printing helps to keep costs down.

The MP 2000 is easy to operate with simple controls and boasts a wealth on in-built extras to improve the way you work. Ideal for smaller offices with a low to medium monthly print volume, the MP 2000 puts exceptional printing within reach of any business.

Best Ricoh photocopiers for mid-size businesses

A monochrome multifunctional printer, the Ricoh SP 5200S is a compact A4 copier that is packed with all of the features you’d expect to find in a much larger copying machine. This copier will provide your medium or growing business with affordable and reliable 4-in-1 functionality for years to come.

Utilising laser printing technology, the SP 5200S can print up to 45 ppm and can hold a maximum of 2,300 A4 sheets at any one time.

Best Ricoh photocopiers for large businesses

The Ricoh PRO C5100S utilises innovative technologies to offer high-quality, low-cost colour production printing for large workgroups. A results orientated copier, the PRO C5100S is able to cope with a wide range of different media, which adds an impressive degree of versatility to office life.

This next-generation multi-function printer runs at up to 65 ppm and is designed to minimise the risks of paper jams, helping to maximise uptime and improve productivity. The intuitive controls make operation and troubleshooting quick and easy.

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Other popular photocopier brands

Outside of the four major brands above, there are a number of other big players in the photocopier market. Rather than focusing exclusively on copying machines, these manufacturers tend to offer a wider range of excellent products, alongside their office solutions.


Brother were originally established in Japan and became well-known for their printers and sewing machines. They now specialise in many other areas, including multi-function printer-photocopiers that also scan and fax (MFPs).

Brother offer a wide range of photocopiers suited to businesses of almost any size:

  • Best Brother photocopiers for small-to-medium sized businesses – Brother DCP-7040
  • Best Brother photocopiers for medium-to-large sized businesses – Brother MFC-L9550CDWT

Konica Minolta

Although not too well known outside of B2B circles, Konica Minolta is one of the leading office supply brands in the world. They are considered market-leaders in all 35 countries in which they operate, including the UK. Users are particularly fond of their convenient, compact designs.

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Konica Minolta’s Bizhub range offers a large array of multifunction printer-copiers:

  • Best photocopiers for small-to-medium sized businesses – Konica Bizhub 3300P or Konica Bizhub C452
  • Best photocopiers for medium-to-large sized businesses – Konica Bizhub C754e

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