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Giving your team a professional space in which to work and collaborate – even if on a hybrid basis – can do wonders for connectedness and company culture. Read our guides to office spaces in the UK to learn more, and use our free quote-finding tool to compare tailored rates from top workspace providers.

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What is Office Space?

It goes without saying – an office space is a business-focused place at which your employees can get work done, collaborate with one another, run presentations and workshops, host meetings with clients and partners, access useful equipment, and even hold team-bonding socials. It also provides a professional contact address for you to give to clients, customers, suppliers, partners, and investors. As many companies transition to hybrid working, having an office space open can give team members a much-needed place to connect in person, even if only on a part-time basis.

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How much does office space cost in the UK?

How much your office space will cost depends on which city it’s in, how central or desirable its location is, how big it is, the type of office space it is, and the services and benefits available at the space.

That makes it quite difficult to talk about prices meaningfully in an FAQ answer. However, we do know that a coworking space in the UK will typically cost from around £100 to £500 per person, per month.

What are the different kinds of office space?

On your hunt for the perfect office space, you’ll come across a number of options:

  • Coworking spaces – a space you share with other businesses. Some coworking spaces enable you to rent your own room, while others consist purely of communal desks that you all share.
  • Virtual offices – this isn’t an actual office space per se. Rather, it’s a service that gives people who prefer to work remotely a fixed business address to give clients and partners, as well as access to meeting rooms if they’re needed.
  • Serviced offices – a space that comes fully-furnished and fully-equipped, with internet and phone lines already set up and ready to go. These tend to offer flexible leasing, and can be rented on a short-term basis.
  • Managed offices – more of a long-term solution, a managed office comes empty and will be furnished, equipped, and managed by the business renting it.
Which kind of office space is right for me?

The best office space for you will depend on your situation and preferences. Here’s a rough guide to what you’ll be best suited to:

Freelancers: Coworking is your best bet as a freelancer. You’ll have access to all the facilities you need, plus you’ll get to hang out in a trendy office with lots of like-minded individuals. If you like a routine, and have lots of stuff, opt for a fixed desk. If you travel light, think about saving some cash with a ‘hotdesking’ option.

Startups: Are you a one-person band? A coworking space is still your best bet. Good coworking spaces will have an office manager who’ll take the time to introduce you to valuable contacts in the space. Some even have incubator and accelerator programmes. You’d struggle to find a more inspiring setup when you’re first starting out.

Coworking spaces can still work well when you have a couple of employees. Just be sure to go for a ‘fixed desk’ option so you can claim a corner of space as your own. As you grow, you might want to consider moving into a serviced office space. This means you can get a little more privacy and stability, whilst still keeping the flexibility to expand or leave if it isn’t working for you.

Bigger businesses: For bigger businesses that are planning to get even bigger, a serviced office still has its advantages. One fixed monthly fee, and the freedom to expand as you need are both appealing benefits.

When you reach a certain point – be that a number of employees, or a feeling of ‘business stability’ – you’ll want to upgrade to a managed office. This space will be completely yours, and tailored accordingly. It will often work out cheaper than renting a serviced office space, although you’ll have to commit to a longer contract.