Construction is a key industry, and with materials such as steel, there's tons of options, no matter your budget. We discuss pricing, benefits, features, providers and everything you need to know about this vital industry. Browse our helpful guides to find out more.

Steel Buildings

Large red agricultural building on horizon beside field of yellow crops

Agricultural Steel Building Prices and Costs

Agricultural buildings can be used for a multitude of different purposes – from housing livestock to storing crops – and as such, will need to be supplied with different requirements and specifications in mind. For example, a basic 6m x 12m open barn would cost about £5,036 (+ VAT), but add-ons such as roller doors; vented roofs; skylights; or partition walls will push the price up. In addition, buyers would also have to consider the electrical and plumbing features needed, which will also increase costs.

Steel Buildings in Northern Ireland: Suppliers and Costs

Choose a supplier for your steel building in Northern Ireland and find out how much it will cost. Sheds, workshops, garages and more.

Steel Garage Building Prices and Costs

Find out the cost of steel garage buildings for storing valuable assets such as cars, motorbikes and other equipment. Prices from £1,699.00.

Steel Workshop Building Prices

Steel is a smart choice of building material for a number of reasons. Not only is it cheaper than alternatives such as wood or brick, it's also non-combustible and pest resistant. In addition, many manufacturers offer a choice of paint finishes and colours, which means that buildings can maintain an aesthetic appeal and blend into surrounding environments. The average price for a 4m x 3m workshop with 2.5m overall height, and fitted with a push roller door, is approximately £2,384 for self installations.