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Sorting and getting rid of your business’ rubbish properly isn’t glamorous, but it is legally and environmentally crucial. Learn the need-to-know info with our guides to commercial waste collection, and use our free quote-finding tool to compare tailored prices from UK commercial waste carriers.

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What is Commercial Waste Collection?

Commercial waste, also known as trade or business waste, is any refuse generated by your business activity. In the UK, this can also include waste that comes from construction or agricultural businesses. To get rid of your company’s rubbish, you can pay for an approved waste carrier to come to your premises on a regular basis and remove it for you – this is what’s known as a commercial waste collection service. Different waste carriers can deal with different kinds of refuse, from recyclables and packaging to hazardous, electrical, and clinical waste.

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How much does commercial waste collection cost?

Your waste collection costs are going to depend on how many times a week or month you need your waste collected, the types of waste (hazardous, electrical, clinical, packaging, etc.) you produce, the amount of waste you produce, and where you’re based.

Naturally, if you need daily collections of large volumes of hazardous waste, and you’re in a remote location, you can expect to pay a lot more than a city-based business which only needs infrequent collections of small amounts of paper and packaging.

Take a look at the exact figures involved with our detailed guide to commercial waste collection costs in the UK.

Can I dispose of commercial waste myself?

Yes, you can. Any business that transports or disposes of commercial waste will need to become a ‘registered waste carrier’. You’ll also need to keep written information about your waste disposal for a minimum of two years, and make sure you dispose of the different waste types according to UK rules and regulations.

The waste carrier license will cost around £150 a year, and on top of this you will have to factor in the costs of running a vehicle, the man hours involved, and the cost of actually disposing of the rubbish.

Given the amount of time, resources and money this can involve, many businesses opt to have their rubbish collected by an approved waste carrier instead.

What are the UK waste disposal regulations I should be aware of?

The last thing you want is to be slapped with a big fine for disposing of your waste incorrectly. Our guide to UK waste regulations will tell you everything you need to know about staying on the right side of the law.