FleetCards USA Fuel Cards Review: Features, Pros & Cons

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Owned by FleetCor, which acquired 11 brands between 2000 and 2019 and offers a variety of services for fleet drivers and managers, gas card brand FleetCards USA has become a big name in the world of mobile business fleets.

Versatility is the name of FleetCards USA’s game: the company has a plethora of fuel cards on offer, all of which are different. While that requires you to do a bit of initial research to find the right one for you, we believe any business whose drivers spend a good deal of time out on the road could benefit from FleetCards USA’s comprehensive services in the long run.

In your pursuit of the best fuel card out there, it’s vital to size up the competition. On that note, if you use our free quote comparison tool, we can help you get custom prices from various trusted providers, priming you to get the best deal.

However, if you’d like to know more about FleetCards USA, just head to our review below, in which we’ll go over its benefits and shortcomings.

fleetcards usa logo
FleetCards USA
Quick overview

FleetCards USA provides several fleet card programs. However, the provider differs from most competitors in that it doesn’t issue its own fleet cards. Instead, it provides the fleet card programs run by its various subsidiaries, such as Fuelman, CFN, Comdata, Mastercard and Pacific Pride.

FleetCards USA also gives out fleet cards to be used with a number of other fuel retailers, including ARCO, BP, Chevron and Texaco, Shell, Husky, and Quarles. These retailers run tens of thousands of gas stations across the US and Canada.

Of course, this means that the benefits and coverage you can expect will vary depending on which of FleetCards USA’s brands you opt to get your fleet cards from. For its part, the provider does offer guidance on which of its fuel cards are likely to be the best fit for your business, but it’s worth doing a little research beforehand.


Plentiful fuel card programs

Fantastic coverage

Offers a range of other handy services besides fuel cards


No app or software consolidating all its services

Businesses Served by FleetCards USA

While fleet cards are FleetCards USA’s primary business, this award-winning company also offers a variety of other services to businesses whose staff are often on the move. These include:

  • Payables solutions: FleetCards USA can provide a suite of automated electronic payment solutions, including A/P automation, virtual cards, corporate cards, payroll cards, and cross-border payment solutions
  • Toll payment solutions: FleetCards USA’s RFID tags make paying for tolls, parking and fuel easy
  • Lodging solutions: FleetCards USA can give its customers access to a network of more than 15,000 discounted hotels across the US and Canada, meaning your drivers have the option of an affordable place to stay (with purchase limits set by you)
  • Fleet management: Having been acquired by FleetCards USA in 2013, vehicle tracking business NexTraq now provides fleet management solutions designed to work alongside FleetCards USA’s fleet cards. FleetCards USA also offers some of the best fleet management services in conjunction with Carnet and Fleetmatics

We believe any business whose drivers spend a good deal of time out on the road could benefit from FleetCards USA’s comprehensive, time-saving services – especially if the journeys being embarked on tend to be long ones.

When it comes to the company’s fleet cards specifically, pinpointing the size and type of businesses that should be using them is difficult – FleetCards USA simply has so many on offer, all of which are different. We’ll talk about them next.

Finding a FleetCards USA Station

The number, frequency, brands and locations of the stations at which your drivers can use their fleet cards will depend on which of FleetCards USA’s many programs you’ve opted for:

Fleet card providerWhich stations can its cards be used at?
Fuelman50,000 fuelling stations and 20,000 maintenance locations nationwide
CFN57,000 fuelling and maintenance locations across the US and internationally
ComdataInformation unavailable
MasterCard560,000 fuelling and maintenance locations nationwide
Pacific PrideOver 1,400 fuelling locations nationwide

Unfortunately, FleetCards USA doesn’t provide an app to help your drivers find nearby gas stations or maintenance spots. So, whether or not your drivers will have access to a handy station locating app will depend simply on whether or not the subsidiary whose cards they’re using has developed one. In our review of Fuelman and Comdata, we noticed that these providers have developed such apps.

▶ Compare a competitor: Read our Marathon review.

Our Methodology: How Did We Do Our Research?

Five researchers carried out in-depth research into US fleet cards according to a comparison framework designed by our research team leader. For each card, we’ve asked these questions:

  • How convenient is it to use?
  • How helpful is it for managing fuel expenses?
  • What can it do to ensure your company’s funds are secure?
  • What extra benefits do you receive from using it?

We’ve also broken down each card by fee structure, fuel type, network coverage and more to offer you the easiest choice.


With a variety of fleet card providers and programs at its fingertips, it’s likely that FleetCards USA will be able to offer you the right one for your business. And if you’re looking for a range of services that’ll complement your fleet cards to help make life even more streamlined – both for you and your drivers – then FleetCards USA is definitely worth investigating.

If you’d like to compare personalised quotes from FleetCards USA and other Expert Market-approved fleet card providers, we’ve got you covered. Simply use our quote comparison tool – it’s fast, easy and free!

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