Postage Meters With Envelope Sealers

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Standalone envelope sealers are often considered to be a luxury office, but automatic sealing machines are becoming increasingly popular and commonplace.

Due to their integration into standard postage meters, which already save businesses time and money, their presence in the office is now easily financially justified.

Businesses looking for a postage meter should therefore consider a machine with a built in automatic envelope sealer, as often, this additional feature adds very little to the original cost. Essentially, this is a way of getting two pieces of highly convenient office equipment for the price of one.

How Do Envelope Sealers Work?

Envelope sealers in postage meters perform a number of different tasks. Fully automated, the sealer uses cleverly designed ‘fingers’ to lift envelope flaps, moisten if necessary, and fold to seal shut.

In a full process situation, this is done after the postage meter has weighed, priced, and stamped the item, but the sealer function can also be used independently, allowing users to seal envelopes even if they have not undergone stamping.

Envelope sealers are specifically designed to cope effortlessly with a wide range of standard envelope sizes, often ranging right from the 4×5 inch A2 envelope through to the 6×9 inch A10.


The advantages of a postage meter envelope sealer are evident for both larger corporations with high level mail output, and for smaller firms with minimal mailing requirements.

For smaller firms, a machine which manages the entire outgoing mail process right from start to finish frees up employees to carry out other duties. With their time now freed up, employees can even take on additional tasks in the office, reaching new levels of productivity.

For larger companies who deal with mass mailings, brand promotion or B2B correspondence on a regular basis, having an integrated automatic envelope sealer can allow completion of projects on a much shorter timescale.

Brands and Models

There are many different brands and models of postage meter currently available which include fully automatic envelope sealers.

Pitney Bowes and Quadient are two of the most well known and well respected mail solution companies in the United States and both offer a range of meters with integrated sealers.

The DM225 Digital Mailing System from Pitney Bowes which includes an envelope sealer and moistener can be hired for around $65 per month.

Alternatively, those working to a tighter budget should consider the smaller scale DM125 model. At under $35 per month, this basic meter can be upgraded to include this feature if required.

As for Quadient, all of this brand’s mid and high volume range come complete with sealers and internet enabled smart technology to make your mail processing easy.

Expert Verdict

The benefits of a postage meter make it easy to process even a high volume of professional mail. For businesses looking to save time by paying for postage inhouse, an additional envelope sealer will ensure employees are free to complete more important tasks.

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