USPS Postage Meter Rates 2023

The USPS updated its metered postage rates, effective January 22 2023. For details about new prices and the savings you’ll get using a postage meter, take a quick look at our handy reference chart:

USPS First-Class Mail Metered Postage Rates 2023

Weight Not Over (oz.)Stamped LettersMetered LettersSavings

You’ll see from the above table that savings on regular stamps are down to 3¢ with a postage meter, whereas in 2021 this was 5¢.

USPS has raised the cost of their services “to reverse $160bn in projected losses over the next 10 years.” We don’t yet know whether prices will rise again in 2023, with the postal service saying: “We’re continually reviewing our pricing approach for all products.” USPS claims to be one of the most affordable postal services in the world.

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Priority Mail Flat Metered Postage Rates 2023

For simplicity, you can pay one price for items of mail which weigh less than 70lbs going to any US address. You can use your own box (so long as it fits the measurements) or the standard USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes or Boxes.

Here’s the price list:

Priority Mail Flat Rates
Mail Type (max size)Commercial Price
Flat Rate Envelopes (12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″)$8.05
Legal Flat Rate Envelope (15″ x 9 1/2″)$8.35
Padded Flat Rate Envelope (12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″)$8.80
Small Flat Rate Box$8.55
Medium Flat Rate Box$14.75
Large Flat Rate Box$19.90
APO/FPO/DPO Large Flat Rate Box$18.35

While shipping prices vary by mail type, Priority Mail services are increasing by around 5.5% this year. This is a result of inflation and help the USPS to get its finances back on track.

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Using your Postage Meter to Save Money

Shape-determined pricing is still in operation, meaning that the format and dimensions of a postal item will impact significantly on its cost.

Despite the changes to mailing rates, postage meter provider Pitney Bowes have some useful tips for making the most of your mailing solutions:

  • Rates are based on each ounce per item so makes economic sense to put as many items as possible into the same envelope.
  • Mailing fewer heavier items is less expensive than posting multiple items weighing 1oz each. Therefore you should ‘bulk out’ letters with inserts, brochures and marketing material, combining multiple elements in one envelope.
  • Using a postcard in place of a letter is significantly cheaper. This is ideal for reminders, invites, lead generation and notifications, and it reduces your spending on paper.
  • Try exchanging ‘flats’ for ‘folded’ and save yourself the fee on each item. By incorporating an integrated intelligent insertion application with a heavy gauge folder, it is possible to produce letter size items for mailing effectively and productively.

Lastly, most current postage meters offer shape-based rating technology which will allow for optimum efficiency in the processing of mixed weight items of up to 16oz.

The non-machinable surcharge is applied when 1st class mail items are identified as too difficult for USPS processing.

By keeping items equal to or less than 3.5oz and ensuring that dimension ratios (length/height) fall between 1.3″ x 2.5″,it is possible to take full advantage of the continuation of the $0.21 surcharge.

The only thing to remember is not to include any articles such as pens, coins or keys in the envelope which may cause the item to become misshapen and to abide by the size restrictions as follows:

First-Class Mail Dimensions

SizeminimummaximumMax Weight (oz.)
Length5 inches11-1/2 inches1
Height3-1/2 inches6-1/8 inches2
Thickness0.007 inch1/4 inch3

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