Quadient (formerly Neopost) Postage Meters Review

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Quadient is one of the best postage meter companies in the country due to its high-quality devices – but which one is right for your business?

You know that Quadient postage meters can help save your business time and money, but you might not have time to research them all yourself. That’s our job.

We’ve thoroughly researched the entire range of Quadient postage meters, reviewing each one and pitting them against each other. On this page, you’ll read about each machine’s letters per minute (LPM) speed, main features, and postage meter costs.

Read on for a quick comparison of each postage meter first, followed by individual reviews and more information about Quadient.

Quadient Postage Meters: Comparison Table

Postage MeterMailing VolumeLetters per Minute (LPM)Best for
IS-280Low18Small mailrooms
iX-3 SeriesLow45Small businesses with larger mailrooms
iX-5 SeriesMedium75Medium-sized businesses
iX-7 SeriesMedium – High140/170 (iX-7PRO)Growing medium businesses
IS-5000/6000High300Large businesses

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IS-280 Postage Meter

Best for small mailrooms

Quadient’s entry level postage meter offers some impressive features, such as low ink email alerts, logo or marketing message printing, and cost control benefits that enable your business to save 4 cents on First Class USPS postage.

Compact in size, it processes up to 18 LPM and comes with an integrated 2lb scale, which can be upgraded to 5lb. We also like Quadient’s Rate Wizard tool, which makes it easy for you to select the right postage rate first time, ensuring you never pay any postage correction fees at the post office.

This generous range of features is one of the many reasons why we rate Quadient as one of the top postage meter companies out there. With all this considered, the IS-280 is still only suitable for very small businesses that handle low volumes of mail.

Rental costs available on a bespoke quote basis.


  • Packed with money-saving features
  • Very easy to use
  • Low ink email alerts to ensure you never run out


  • Only suitable for very small mailrooms
  • The manual feeder can be time consuming

iX-3 Series Postage Meter

Best for small businesses with larger mailrooms

The iX-3 Series is one of the best postage meters for small businesses. It’s ideal for small businesses that handle relatively high volumes of mail, processing up to 45 LPM and supporting up to 50 user accounts as standard, which can be upgraded to 100 or 300.

You can scale this postage meter with your business, literally, by upgrading from the 5lb integrated scale to an external scale that weighs items of up to 10, 30, or 70lbs in weight. In short, the iX-3 Series is an upgrade on the IS-280 in terms of mail processing speed and scale weighing capabilities.

Rental costs are available on a bespoke quote basis.


  • Reliable machine for small businesses with relatively large mailrooms
  • Option to add up to 300 user accounts
  • Faster LPM than the FP PostBase mini


  • No free trial period, unlike with Pitney Bowes meters

iX-5 Series Mailing System

Best for medium-sized businesses

The iX-5 Series is available in two different models: the power-assisted hand feed iX-5 HF, and the auto-feed iX-5 AF. We recommend the iX-5 AF and its automatic feeder for larger mailing volumes, which can process up to 75 LPM.

The iX-5 Series is the first Quadient machine on this list with a color screen, which makes it feel more like a smartphone interface than a postage meter. Measuring 47” x 15” x 12”, the iX-5 AF is significantly larger than the iX-3 Series and the IS-280, and so takes up more desk space, which is something to consider.

This meter also meets the latest Intelligent Mail INdicia (IMI) and Dimensional Weighing (DIM) USPS requirements, helping your business stay compliant with the most recent data and security measures.

Rental costs are available on a bespoke quote basis.


  • Intuitive color screen
  • Very easy to use
  • Option for automatic feeder


  • Relatively large machine
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iX-7 Series Mailing System

Best for growing medium businesses

The iX-7 Series includes the iX-7 (140 LPM) and iX-7PRO (175 LPM), which are both suitable for mid to high volume mailrooms. In other words, these meters are suitable for medium-sized businesses that are growing quickly.

Each meter also comes with various weighing options, including optional 10lb, 30lb, or 70lb scales. Like the iX-5 Series, this series is compliant with all the latest USPS data and security measures, and offers 4 cent discounts on First Class postage, as well as access to Commercial Base Pricing to help your business save even more money.

Rental costs are available on a bespoke quote basis.


  • Option to upgrade to iX-7PRO (175 LPM)
  • Choose from three different scales
  • Ideal for medium to large mailrooms


  • Relatively large machine that takes up space

IS-5000/6000 High Volume Mailing System

Best for large businesses

The Quadient IS-5000 and IS-6000 models are some of the very best postage meters for business, both processing up to 300 LPM. The only difference between the two is the large touchscreen that comes with the IS-6000 (pictured).

Both mailing systems will seal, weigh, measure, meter, and stack your large mail runs in a matter of minutes, boosting productivity in your mailroom and saving money for your business.

The IS-5000 and IS-6000 also come with fully integrated keyboards, and a Rate Wizard tool that enables you to select the right postal rates every time. These mailing systems come with 100 user accounts as standard, but you’re able to add up to 10,000 accounts if you need to grow your operations.

Rental costs are available on a bespoke quote basis.


  • Add up to 10,000 user accounts
  • Very easy to use despite its complexity
  • Automatically weighs and stacks high volumes of mail


  • Large machines that require plenty of space
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Why Choose Quadient?

Smart technology is what ranks Quadient above most other mail solution firms, but it’s also the little extras that make it a worldwide leader in the postage and mailing field.

Quadient postage meters are succeeding because they offer a range of features that make sending mail quick, easy, and cost-effective.

As standard, all of Quadient’s machines come with automatic USPS rate change downloads, low ink alerts via email, remote access capability, and huge commercial discounts on standard charges.

Quadient also has excellent after-sale support packages, allowing you and your business to really get the most from your postage meter in the long run. However, it’s worth noting that Quadient doesn’t offer free trial periods, unlike Pitney Bowes.

Quadient Customer Support

Quadient’s customer service is among the best available. Better yet, the support actually begins long before your lease period starts.

Firstly, Quadient closely consults with your business in order to deliver solutions that are tailored not only to your average volume of processed mail, but also to the needs of your business as a whole, whether it’s your mailing budget or preference for logo-printing features.

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Expert Verdict

We’ve researched and reviewed Quadient’s range of postage meters for one reason: to help you decide which one is right for your business. Now you’ve reached the end of this review, you should have a good idea of which one to pick. Let’s recap the models.

Quadient Postage Meters


Low volume

iX-3 Series

Low volume

iX-5 Series

Medium volume

iX-7 Series

Medium – High volume


High volume

Remember, we can help you save money on Quadient postage meters. Simply use our free comparison tool, and we’ll match your requirements with suitable postage meter suppliers, selecting from a list including Quadient.

You may also receive quotes from other companies, such as Pitney Bowes, which can offer free trial periods. It’s beneficial to keep your options open, after all.

You’ll then get more information from these suppliers, and receive no-obligation quotes to compare before spending a cent. Our service is quick, easy, and free.

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