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By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 6 February 2020

Sophisticated mailing meters for businesses big and small

Company Overview

Quadient's postage meters will help you save on postage costs, improve your mailing process and giving your communications a competitive edge. Currently, over 50,000 U.S. companies use postage meters powered by Quadient (the postage meter formerly known as Neopost).

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Quadient Postage Meters Review
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The Quadient Story

Quadient is a leading French manufacturer of postage meter and mailroom equipment. Since it was founded in 1924 Quadient (Neopost, up until its 2020 rebrand) has been helping businesses around the globe streamline their postal communications.

Quadient provides large companies large and small with efficient and innovative solutions for managing their mail output. Its equipment, software and services facilitate the smooth management of all physical and digital corporate communications.

Customer Support

While Quadient's customer service has rightly earned the company high marks, the support offered by the company actually begins long before the lease period starts.  

Quadient closely consults with businesses to deliver solutions that are tailored not only to the volume of mail processed, but also on the needs of the business as a whole. This holistic approach ensures that both the technology and the business impact will be the right fit.

Compare Quadient Products

Quadient offer a range of postage meters, from low volume postage meters ideally suited for very small teams to high volume postage meters designed for large corporations.

Here's a more detailed look at some of Quadient’s most popular products:

Postage Meter

Quadient IS-280

Quadient IN-600

Quadient IS-6000

Best For
Small Teams
Medium Sized Teams
Large Teams
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Best Low Volume Postage Meters

For Businesses Sending Less Than 1000 Items Per Month


Quadient IS-280

Quadient IN-360

Editor's Rating
Letters Per Minute
Up to 18 letters per minute
Up to 45 mail pieces per minute
12″L x 9″D x 7″H
10”L x 17”D x 11”H

Quadient IS-280

We love the IS-280's thoughtful design, intuitive layout, and compact size. Even leaving those things aside, there's still quite a bit going for this postage meter. When time and money are at a premium — and that's more often the case than not — the IS-280 saves plenty of both.

You'll spend more time on your business instead of your mail, and the exact weighing and metering keep you from overpaying for postage. With available accessories and software upgrades, it's also capable of growing with your business.

― The IS-280 postage machine was created for growing businesses. ―

Quadient IN-360

The Quadient IN-360 replaces the IS-350 in the Quadient lineup. It processes 45 letters per minute, an improvement over the IS-350's 40 letter per minute processing speed.

Like its companion, the IS-280, it's intended for businesses that handle a low volume of mail. However, it easily outclasses its smaller sibling, and is helpful when 18 letters per minute isn't quite fast enough.

― The ideal solution for small office mailing and shipping. ―

Best Mid Volume Postage Meters

For Businesses Sending Less Than 5000 Items Per Month


Quadient IN-600

Quadient IN-700

Editor's Rating
Letters Per Minute
Up to 75 letters per minute
Up to 175 letters per minute
Length x Height x Depth: 838 x 381 x 305 mm
Length X Height X Depth: 1 219 x 457 x 330 mm

Quadient IN-600 Series

Quadient’s IN-600 series provide excellent solutions for businesses that handle a moderate volume of mail. These machines are capable of handling mixed mail while saving not only money, but also time.

Between them, the two postage meters in the IN-600 series supersede practically the entire IS-350 to IS-440 range. The IN-600 HF is the smaller and slightly less sophisticated of the two. It's hand-fed, processing 75 letters per minute, and measures 33″ x 15″ x 12″ (LxDxH). It comes standard with 35 departments, upgradeable up to 300 departments.

― The postage machine designed for any mailroom environment. ―

Quadient IN-700 Series

Ideal for businesses with a mid-level mail volume, the IN-700 Series is one of Quadient’s most popular products. The IN-700 is available with two different processing speeds – 140 or 175 pieces per minute with Dynamic Scale.

Teams can track postage spend for as many as 500 departments, meaning that tracking is easy even during busy seasons. The IN-700 Series will help you complete jobs quickly and efficiently while maintaining a high quality print. Tech savvy businesses can also benefit from access to a suite of apps and services to improve digital communications with this postage machine.

― Maximize control of shipping and mailing operations. ―

Best High Volume Postage Meters

For Businesses Sending More Than 5000 Items Per Month


Quadient IJ-15K

Quadient IS-6000

Editor's Rating
Letters Per Minute
Up to 15,000 envelopes per hour
Up to 210, 260 or 300 letters per minute
13”L x 18”D x 14”H
58”L x 25”D x 14”H

Quadient IJ-15K

The Quadient IJ-15K Mailing System is a top of the range postage metering system which has been designed to deal efficiently with high volumes of mail. The IJ-15K can process either single or mixed mail at a rate of up to 15,000 envelopes per hour and uses a hot swappable ink cartridge system to ensure non-stop metering, even when cartridges need replacing.

The only drawback we've seen with the IJ-15K is its maximum envelope size and width, which aren't well-suited to mailrooms that handle catalogs and other bulky pieces. However, with a 15,000 LPH maximum rate and the ability to handle uniform or mixed mail, the IJ-15K is a speed demon that's ideally suited to mailrooms that handle high volumes of envelope-based mail daily.

― A high performance digital in-line metering system. ―

Quadient IS-6000

The IS-6000 Mailing System is currently the highest end postage meter solution offered by Quadient. This innovative digital mailing system, designed for large volume mailing centers, was launched in November 2011 and was awarded the International Forum (IF) Product Design Award, which is a very prestigious award, judged by 44 international experts.

The Quadient IS-6000 is 20% more productive than rival machines, processing up to 18,000 envelopes an hour. Even mixed mail is processed at a rate of up to 10,800 envelopes an hour.

― A dependable, high volume mailing system you can rely on. ―

What Makes Quadient Stand Out?

Of course, the smart technology of the iMeters is what ranks Quadient above most other mail solution firms, but it's also the little extras that make them a worldwide leader in the postage & mailing field.

These machines aren't simply making a name for themselves due to their internet capability, they're succeeding because they offer a range of conveniences that make sending mail quick, simple, safe and, most importantly, cost effective.

As standard, all of Quadient's machines come with automatic USPS rate change downloads, low ink alerts via email, remote access capability and huge commercial discounts on standard charges.

Quadient also have excellent after sale support packages, allowing businesses to really get the most from their postage meter.

Quadient Legacy Models

The USPS Postage Mandate

Between 1995 and 2008, the U.S. Postal Service phased out mechanical postage meters in favor of machines that relied on electronically-printed indicia.

Phase I retired mechanical postage meters. Phase II retired electronic meters that relied on maintenance by USPS employees. Phases II and IV retired meters that relied on letterpress printing methods instead of electronic indicia. Phase IV ended on December 31, 2008, followed by a short window in which businesses with non-compliant meters were encouraged to lease new equipment or risk losing the ability to meter postage.

This thirteen-year process was designed to do several things. The newer machines provided improved efficiency over the mechanical machines they replaced; they were also more cost-effective given their higher degree of accuracy. The program also aimed to increase security by:

  • Limiting the ability to tamper with the machines
  • Deterring mail theft
  • Improving routing and tracking

The new meters were faster and more efficient, while delivering enhanced security, accuracy, and control over postage spending. Additionally, thanks to software controls, the newer machines often have the ability to print advertising and custom indicia while also integrating cleanly into business workflow. While businesses may have been temporarily inconvenienced by this process, the savings and added security have more than offset any headaches caused during the transition.

Model Letters Per Minute
Quadient IS-280 18
Quadient IS-330 30
Quadient IS-360 45
Quadient IS-420 65
Quadient IS-600 110
Quadient IS-700 140
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