What Is The Cheapest Postage Meter?

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The cheapest postage meter rental deal is the Quadient IS-280 at $19.75 per month. This adds up to just $237 for the year, which is far lower than many other postage meter contracts we’ve seen.

With that said, there are other postage meter costs to bear in mind including postal charges (based on the volume of mail you’ll send monthly), plus ink and stationary. The easiest way to calculate costs is to compare prices from a range of suppliers – answer a few quick questions and we’ll request free quotes on your behalf.

Besides, cheap monthly rental does not mean the lowest costs overall, because prices can rise sharply after introductory offers are over.

But if you have low monthly mailing volume and you’re willing to check your contract carefully there’s no reason not to take advantage of cheap rental deals.

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The top three cheapest postage meter rental prices

Quadient IS-280 – $19.75 per month

Quadient is one of the best postage meter companies in the US and its entry-level machine can process up to 18 LPM (letters per minute) and comes with an integrated 2lb scale that can be upgraded to 5lb. Ideal for small mailing rooms, this machine is one of the cheapest models on the market.

FP PostBase mini – $21.95 per month

Rental price applies to 26 or 42 months’ contract. With a processing speed of up to 17 LPM, it’s not the quickest, but FP’s PostBase mini is one of the most wallet-friendly postage meters around. With a color touchscreen and 5lb integrated scale, this model has the basic functions a small mailroom needs and tops our best postage meters for small businesses list.

Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation – $29.99 per month

As one of the cheapest meters on the market, the Mailstation2 is ideal for any business looking to process low volumes of mail. As a relatively small machine, the Mailstation2 fits comfortably even in the smallest office spaces.

How to get the cheapest postage meter costs

There are many factors to consider which can alter your monthly postage meter costs:

  • Length of contract
  • Volume of mail sent
  • Type of ink needed
  • Terms of repair and maintenance

You should check with your sales representative about every single cost involved in your upcoming postage meter contract, as many fees can get lost in the small print.

Inks vary in price depending on machine model, brand and color (red or black). While it is generally recommended to only buy ink from the postage meter manufacturers, many businesses buy from stationary stores without trouble (and save money).

Postage meter suppliers are responsible for repair of their own machines. However, you should factor in downtime depending on whether or not you’ll have to send the machine out for repair or have a technician come out to your premises.

Longer contract = lower costs

Typically, it is cheaper in the long-term to lease rather than rent a postage meter because the monthly price stays fixed. Often this means your postage rates remain constant even if the USPS raises its rates. However, leasing locks you in for a lengthy commitment, so be sure about your decision or you will be liable to buy out the remainder of your contract should you choose to leave early. You should also check your contract for an auto-renew clause which may enrol you on an expensive plan should you forget to cancel at the end of your deal.

To discover which postage meter is the cheapest for your business needs, answer a quick quiz and we’ll contact suppliers to send you bespoke quotes.

It is cheaper to buy or rent a postage meter?

A postage meter cannot be purchased in the United States; the US government and US Postal Service tightly regulate the industry and as a result, federal law forbids the private sale of them.

That means your only option is hiring from approved vendors who lease or rent out postage meters.

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