Why You Can’t Buy a Postage Meter

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By Dan Barraclough

Postage meters are a great way for businesses to save time and money on essential postage. Unfortunately, you cannot just buy a postage meter, so if you need one for your business, the only option is to rent or lease one from a dealer.

Why Aren’t Postage Meters For Sale?

Federal law treats postage stamps and indicia like legal tender, which means not just anyone can print them. As a result, the United States Postal Service (USPS) only authorizes a handful of companies to manufacture and supply postage meters.

You can’t buy a postage meter outright; they’re only available to lease from authorized dealers. This policy applies to both new and used machines.

Why Not Just Use Stamps?

There are tons of reasons why you’re better off renting a postage meter than relying on stamps:

  • USPS metered postage rates are considerably cheaper
  • Postage meters can process thousands of mail items per hour
  • Save yourself time having to manually process mail
  • And save fuel with fewer trips to the post office
  • Plus, postage meters let you track your spending online

Where Can I Rent a Postage Meter?

You can rent a postage meter from a number of authorized suppliers. Each one offers a wide range of postage meters designed for businesses of all sizes. With a little

comparison shopping, you’ll have no trouble finding great machines at competitive prices.

The following dealers are authorized to manufacture or lease postage meters:

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Postage Meter?

Postage meter rental prices vary considerably, reflecting a huge range of optional features and services. Note that postage meter rental prices don’t include postage costs, which are set by the USPS rather than meter suppliers.

Machine rental prices range from $20 per month for an entry-level machine for small businesses to over $1,000 per month for high-volume mail processing hubs.

To find the postage meter that’s perfect for your business, complete the form at the top of this page and start the bespoke quote process now.

Dan Barraclough
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