FP Postage Meters: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

fp mailing review

We review FP’s postage meters to help you decide which one to pick…

FP is one of the best postage meter companies in the US, providing postal solutions for businesses of all sizes across the country, from its headquarters just outside Chicago. Whether your business sends a few letters a day, or carries out large scale regular mailings, you’ll find an FP postage meter solution to suit your needs.

We’ve carried out all the research so you don’t have to. That’s why in this article, you’ll find information about each device’s processing speed and postage meter costs, to help you decide which one is right for you.

FP Postage Meters Comparison

Check out our table below for a quick overview of FP’s postage meters, followed by individual reviews…

Postage meterMailing volumeLetters per minuteMail feed type
PostBase miniLow17Manual
PostBase econLow20Semi-automatic
PostBase Vision Semi-AutoLow35/50 (S3/S5 model)Semi-automatic
PostBase Vision AutoLow-Medium50/70 (A5/A7 model)Automatic
PostBase Vision AdvancedMedium90Automatic
PostBase proMedium-High140Automatic
PostBase proDSMedium-High140/90 (using dynamic scale)Automatic
PostBase ONEHigh150Automatic
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PostBase mini

LPM: 17

Perfect for the smaller businesses with a very low demand for postage, the PostBase mini is the smallest model on the market. Processing up to 17 LPM and sitting at only 12.2″ x 8.1″ x 9.1″, the PostBase mini is ideal for smaller spaces.

It’s also the first postage meter to meet the United States Postal Service’s IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia) criteria, and is proof positive that FP continues to look to the future.

A built in touch screen in full color makes this machine extremely easy to use and the 5lb integrated scale helps to differentiate this model from the competition. All these help it top our best postage meters for small businesses ranking.

PostBase econ

LPM: 20

The PostBase econ combines a compact size and stylish design with quiet performance, capable of handling 20 LPM. It’s a good fit for small businesses, home businesses, and non-profits that handle a light volume of mail but desire the benefits and savings that come from metering postage.

The touchscreen makes the PostBase econ as easy to use as an iPad, while postage can be ordered online via a standard Ethernet connection. Postage can be tracked and classified for up to five departments. For security, the PostBase econ is USPS IBIP compliant. And the optional moistener means no more envelope aftertaste.

PostBase Vision Semi-Auto

As one of the top postage meter companies in the US, FP’s PostBase Vision range won the 2020 iF Design Award for its modern design and easy-to-use interface. Here are the three models in that range:

LPM: 35 (S3 model) 50 (S5 model)

The PostBase Vision Semi-Auto handles up to 50 LPM and can accept an automatic feeder to speed processing. Its color touch screen will be comfortable to anyone who’s used a smartphone or tablet, while the included software extends control, reporting and accounting capabilities.

The integrated ten-pound scale gives users the flexibility to handle small packages. Internet connectivity allows for rate change updates, postage replenishment, and operating system updates. Users can customize up to 12 indicia advertisements, up to eight text messages, and three presets. With six available cover colors and quiet operation, the PostBase Vision Semi-Auto is as stylish and unobtrusive as it is effective.

PostBase Vision Auto

LPM: 50 (A5 model) 70 (A7 model)

With the PostBase Vision Auto, the automatic feeder/sealer cuts higher mail volumes down to size. Its specifications are practically identical to the PostBase Semi-Auto, with one important difference: the Semi is manually fed, while the Auto includes a fully-automatic feeder/sealer, making it quite the workhorse.

The PostBase Vision Auto handles up to 70 LPM, gives you a 15 lb capacity scale, and downloads postage and system updates via the internet. You can also choose from 10 custom text messages, 10 user presets, 20 custom indicia advertisements, and 20 standard accounts.

With six custom color covers, the PostBase Auto also blends in with your office’s decor. It’s worth noting that 5% of FP’s sales in the color pink go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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PostBase Vision Advanced

LPM: 90

The PostBase Vision Advanced is the highest capacity model within FP’s Vision range, processing up to 90 LPM and offering a 5” color touchscreen.

It also comes with a 15lb integrated scale, but you can add a 70lb capacity scale to help with your bulkier mail items. You can also personalize your mail with brand logos or messages thanks to the Meter Ads feature, and you can add up to 250 user accounts.

PostBase pro/proDS

LPM: 140 (90 with the dynamic scale)

The only difference between the pro and proDS is that the latter comes with a dynamic scale that automatically weighs the envelope’s weight, size, and shape on-the-fly, helping you process mixed mail items with speeds up to 90 LPM. When using a regular scale, both the pro and proDS process up to 140 LPM.

Both meters come with built-in label dispensers, anti-skew rollers, seal check sensors, and 15 lb scales to help your business handle its mail at a faster pace than the Vision series models

PostBase ONE

LPM: 150

The FP PostBase ONE is the fastest FP postage machine on the market today, with an impressive processing speed of 150 LPM. For those of you with really high-end mailing needs, the PostBase ONE mailing system has everything you need including an automatic feeder, a dynamic external scale, and high-capacity letter stacking feeding options.

FP Customer Support

FP provides end-to-end customer support that begins with a consultation between you, the customer, and FP’s extensive dealer network. The service continues through your orientation, with occasional correspondence to spot-check products and procedures, and ongoing customer care. You’ll likely hear from FP periodically, as the company likes to survey customers in order to continually improve your experience.

FP likewise maintains a close partnership with the US Postal Service to ensure that its products are compliant, and to keep customers well informed of changes in rates and policies.

United States-based hardware and software support is available during business hours by phone from the company’s headquarters in Addison, IL.

Those of you whose business runs beyond the traditional nine-to-five are still amply covered thanks to the FP’s full suite of online documentation, including a quick start guide, installation guide, user manuals, forms, rate change information, and MSDS literature, in addition to support and advice on other postage-related issues. The company also takes care to keep customers informed of rate and regulatory changes via its blog.

FP Software


MailOne Mailing, Shipping & Accounting Software, derived from FP’s MailOne 1.0 software, gives PostBase customers reporting and accounting functionality in tandem with Commercial Base Pricing, and Certified and Return Receipts. The use of 4×6″ shipping labels saves on time, supplies, and money by standardizing label printing.

The software also manages mailing lists, tracks transactions and departmental activity, and the software also lets users import mail recipients from most database formats, and track transaction records and departmental activity.

RemoteOne and ReportOne

RemoteOne software is bundled with PostBase, controlling the postage meter via PC. RemoteOne’s core features (meter settings, weighing settings, and management of user access, departmental accounts, shortcuts and more) are useful on their own, but users can upgrade to ReportOne.

ReportOne adds more robust reporting and exporting tools including cost and transaction reports that are not available within RemoteOne.


FP’s FlexMail™ is a full-fledged list management and clean-up tool. Its users can print custom envelopes on nearly any printer. Beyond that, it pre-sorts mailing lists for better targeting and segmenting (saving money on postage), performs graphics optimization and color correction for printing, and saves searches for future use so you spend more time working and less time dialling in your database queries.

FlexMail™ is compatible with numerous data formats, including Access, dBase, Excel, XML, delimited/fixed-length text, and any ODBC compliant database. What’s more, your customization and queries can be saved for future use, saving considerable time. The software comes in three editions (Basic Edition, Advanced Edition, and Professional Edition), ensuring scalability for various sizes of businesses as well as extended database support, reporting, print types, and scanner/camera integration.

FP PostBase Optional Add-ons

For those who ship more often than the occasional package, the Ship.it MailOne & PostBase Bundle is worth a closer look. It combines a PostBase meter (choose from the 30, 45, 60 or 85) a windows-based Dell tablet preloaded with FP’s MailOne software and a Brother QL-1060N 4×6” thermal label printer with automatic cutter and 300 dpi resolution.

For businesses that routinely handle a combination of letters and packages, this amounts to a postal system in a box. Users can take advantage of USPS Commercial Base Pricing, the savings of standardized 4×6″ shipping labels, an integrated address book, and the ability to print and track certified mail. Optional accessories include an ultra-thin or standard mobile keyboard, docking/charging station, and tablet stand.

Among the add-ons and upgrades offered by FP, you will find the following options:

  • Postal Scales (up to 70lbs)
  • Folder-Inserters
  • Address Printers
  • Letter Openers

FP also offers an all-in-one PC built by Dell by special arrangement with FP to run MailOne 2.0 software in tandem with PostBase systems. It’s an ideal start if your existing office computer is long in the tooth or short on resources. It combines a 23″ HD touchscreen with a 3.3 GHz processor, 1TB hard drive and 4 GB of memory, wireless keyboard and mouse, 8X CD/DVD burner, all under warranty for 3 years.

Setup is simple — two cords (three if you require an Ethernet connection instead of wireless) for power and the USB connection to your PostBase. The computer will also run RemoteOne and ReportOne software.

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