Pitney Bowes Postage Meters: What’s on Offer?

pitney bowes postage meters

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In the United States, companies of all sizes are using Pitney Bowes postage meters to cut shipping costs and increase office efficiency – and it’s no mystery why.

Pitney Bowes offers high-quality, easy-to-use devices suitable for handling both modest and mammoth mailing volumes, which makes it one of the best postage meter companies around. The question is, though, which postage meter is right for your business?

Good news! You’re in the best place to find out. We’ve thoroughly researched every Pitney Bowes postage meter, reviewing their top features, letters per minute (LPM) printing speed, and rental costs, providing everything you need to know in this article. A quick note: postage meter costs aren't available online for some models.

Before we start with our reviews, check out our table below for a quick preview of the Pitney Bowes range…

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters: An Overview

Postage MeterVolumeLetters Per Minute
SendPro MailstationLow16
SendPro C LiteLow-Med50
SendPro C AutoMed120
SendPro P1000/2000/3000High310

SendPro Mailstation

LPM: 16

Rental cost: $26.99 per month

The most compact postage meter in the range, the SendPro Mailstation’s among the best postage meters for small businesses sending fewer than 100 pieces of mail per month, or companies spending under $100 per month on shipping costs.

With the Mailstation, you’ve the option of pricing items up to 5 lbs in weight, and the capacity to process 16 LPM (letters per minute). While the Mailstation lacks the advanced features seen on the high-end models, such as automatic feeding, it has more than enough features and advantages to make it an invaluable addition to the small workplace, such as customizable printouts and 40% discounts on USPS Priority Mail.

The Mailstation costs $26.99 per month to rent.

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SendPro C Lite

LPM: 50

Rental cost: $42.99 per month

Processing up to 50 LPM, the semi-automated SendPro C Lite is suitable for small-to-medium sized businesses sending up to 1,000 pieces of mail per month, totalling around $150 in standard mailing costs.

If your company supplies larger items of mail – i.e. boxes and not just envelopes – the C Lite is a better option than the Mailstation because it has the option to price items weighing up to 70lbs.

Besides greater capacity and a faster printing speed, the biggest advantage of this model over the Mailstation is the semi-automatic envelope feed which removes the need for manual input. This feature helps you save time and allows your staff to focus on other important tasks.

Rental costs start from $42.99 per month, plus whatever shipping costs are required.

SendPro C Auto

LPM: 120

Designed for busy mailrooms sending up to 500 items of mail per week, the SendPro C Auto is the natural choice for medium-sized businesses. This model processes up to 120 LPM and comes with automated features that update real-time postage rate changes for you, ensuring you never over or underspend on postage costs.

The SendPro C Auto also offers an integrated scale capable of weighing items up to 70lbs, and a 7” color touchscreen to help make the task of processing mid-level volumes of mail even easier.

SendPro P1000/2000/3000 Office Mail System

LPM: 310

The SendPro P-Series Office Mail System range is one of the best postage meters for sending bulk mail. Fitted with the latest Weigh-On-The-Way technology, these models automatically process, stamp and weigh up to 310 letters or parcels of varying sizes per minute, all without breaking a sweat. This is mass mail management made easy.

The P1000/2000/3000 come in at the upper end of the postage meter price spectrum, but offer great value for money when you consider all that comes with it. In particular, the extra-wide feed deck means these models will never get stuck on even the most awkwardly-shaped envelopes.

Why Choose Pitney Bowes?

Pitney Bowes’ models aren’t just postage meters, they're complete digital mailing systems. As such, with one of these postage meters, you’ve no need to set foot in a post office again, saving your business time, effort, and money.

Pitney Bowes offers introductory pricing to new customers, and free trials on its postage meters to ensure you’re choosing a model that will fit your mailing needs and blend in with your particular working environment.

Ongoing support, troubleshooting and regular machine maintenance are included with all rental packages, too.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve shown you how much Pitney Bowes postage meters can help your business, it’s time to explain the next steps. We can put you in touch with trusted postage meter companies that best suit your mailing requirements.

All you need to do is answer a few simple questions on our free comparison tool (it only takes a minute) and we’ll match your business with the most suitable postage meter companies.

They’ll then contact you with more information on how their postage meters can help you cut costs and boost mailroom efficiency. You’ll also receive no-obligation quotes to compare. Our service is quick, painless, and totally free.

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