Pitney Bowes Postage Meters

pitney bowes postage meters

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 19 November 2019

Pitney Bowes produces quality postage meters, plain and simple

Many companies in the United States, whether small or large national corporations, are turning to Pitney Bowes mail solutions in order to lower shipping costs and increase office efficiency and productivity.

There are many advantages to commercial use postage meters including convenience, simplicity, marketing and brand promotion. Pitney Bowes offers a range of high quality, easy to use and affordable devices that offer all of these benefits, making them an international leader within the industry.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters: What's Available?

As well as being a leading provider of all customer based communication technologies, Pitney Bowes are currently the No. 1 postage meter/franking machine supplier in the world.

Pitney Bowes offer postage meters to meet the needs of all typical business requirements. Demand ranges from those needing USPS simply for sporadic business to business correspondence, to firms with heavy mail needs for shipping products or widespread promotional mailers. As a result Pitney Bowes offers a full suite of solutions, ranging from low to high volume.

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Mailstation2 Digital Mailing System

The Mailstation2 is perhaps the best option available for very small businesses or those with low or infrequent shipping needs. The meter is the most compact of Pitney Bowes models, so it's the ideal solution for smaller offices.

The Mailstation2 comes with the option of pricing items up to 5 pounds in weight and the capacity to stamp 18 items per minute. While the Mailstation2 does not have the more advanced features seen on the high-end models, it’s the perfect solution for smaller businesses.

The Mailstation2 has more than enough features and advantages to make it an invaluable addition to the workplace. As with all Pitney Bowes machines, this device encourages creativity and marketing with customizable printouts and is secured with a user based pin.

Businesses which send less than 100 pieces of mail per month, or mail that totals less than $100 in standard shipping costs, should consider this basic yet effective option.

The Mailstation2 costs under $25 per month to rent, in addition to other regular mailing costs.

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DM125 Automated Postage Meter

For businesses that have slightly higher shipping needs, but not extensive requirements, the DM125 is the go-to option. This semi-automated device is perfect for firms which send up to 1,000 pieces of mail per month, totalling around $150 in standard mailing costs.

This DM125 is perhaps a better option than the smaller Mailstation2 for companies that supply physical products to their customers as there is an option to price items weighing up to 5 pounds. The DM125 is only slightly larger than its miniature counterpart, so it's certainly worth considering for smaller spaces.

Besides greater capacity and a faster speed of up to 35 items per minute, the biggest advantage of this model over the Mailstation2 is the semi-automatic envelope feed which removes the need for manual input. This is an especially time saving quality, which frees up employees to perform further tasks whilst the machine is pricing mail items.

The device benefits from Pitney Bowes' standard features, including user-based pin and automatic pricing updates based on USPS changes. Rental is under $35 per month, plus whatever shipping costs are required.

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Pitney Bowes SendPro P3000

The SendPro P3000 is the luxury sports car of postage meters. Fitted with the latest Weigh-On-The-Way (W-O-W) technology, the P3000 can process, stamp and weigh up to 300 letters or parcels per minute, all without breaking a sweat. This is mass mail management made easy.

The P3000 comes in at the upper end of the postage meter price spectrum, but offers great value for money when you consider all that comes with it. In particular, the extra-wide feed deck means it'll never get stuck on even the most awkwardly shaped envelopes. High-volume operations can rest easy knowing their output is in safe hands.

DM225 Automated Postage Meter

The DM225 is the DM125s big brother. The two models have remarkably similar features, although the DM225 is more suited to those with greater shipping needs.

The DM225 is capable of handling up to 45 pieces of mail per minute, but can manage much greater value than the DM125 of up to $300 per month, making it ideal for mass mailings and larger items which cost more to send.

The machine is larger than its smaller relative, so it's more suited to larger work spaces, but the additional size isn't without its merits.

Of course, as with the smaller model, letter feed is semi-automatic. The DM225 features the Pitney Bowes standard qualities, such as phone line connection and automatic fund top up. This machine is the most costly of the three Pitney Bowes models especially designed for small businesses, at $65 per month.

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Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Pro

The “Pro” in the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Pro is no accident. It's a powerhouse that delivers best-in-class speed alongside a feature set that could well be a game changer for any business that handles a high volume of mail consistently.

The Connect+ 3000 Pro is Energy Star compliant. It comes with a touchscreen interface that is easy to use, and includes on-screen tutorials. Internet connectivity allows direct downloads of apps, postage, current USPS® Domestic, International and Shipping rates, and tracking information, alongside real-time support.

The built-in 1200 dpi printer handles red fluorescent and full color with equal ease, allowing the printing of anything from mail indicia to advertising messages on the front or back of the envelope. Included software provides access to account management, address correction and management, Pitney Bowes Mail Services, and package tracking. 100 departments are standard, and the system scales up to 3000 accounts.

Why Choose Pitney Bowes?

As Pitney Bowes make clear with the three popular models below, a postage meter from Pitney Bowes isn't just a postage meter, it's a complete digital mailing system. As such, there’s no need to set foot in a post office again, saving time and effort for every business.

Pitney Bowes offer introductory pricing to new customers, and free trials of postage meters to ensure businesses are choosing a model that will fit not only meet their mailing needs but also blend in with their particular working environment.

Ongoing support, troubleshooting and regular machine maintenance is included with all rental packages, providing customers with the absolute best service available. Currently, Pitney Bowes offer three of the highest regarded postage meters on the market, providing a wide spectrum of options for commercial solutions.

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