Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation Review

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The SendPro Mailstation is designed by Pitney Bowes for small businesses who want to access the benefits of a postage meter.

SendPro Mailstation

The SendPro Mailstation allows your business to save up to 25% on your postage by accessing exclusive discounts with USPS of up to 25% on express and priority mail.

SendPro Mailstation

The SendPro Mailstation allows your business to save up to 25% on your postage by accessing exclusive discounts with USPS of up to 25% on express and priority mail. With the SendPro Mailstation users can track parcels sent by Track USPS, UPS and FedEx using one simple website. This lets you verify the address you are using to ensure your postage doesn’t get delayed.

Businesses Served

The feature set on the SendPro Mailstation isn’t quite the same as it is on higher-end machines like the higher-volume Pitney Bowes DM125. With that said, it still has plenty to offer for sole proprietors and small offices.

Whether your landscaping business needs help staying on top of invoices or your freelance writing business sends a moderate volume of outgoing mail each month, there’s plenty to like here. If your business experiences periodic spikes in sent mail or routinely processes a somewhat higher volume of mail, the DM125 is worth a closer look; otherwise, your small business should find the SendPro Mailstation adequate to your needs.

SendPro Mailstation Benefits

Depending on your business’s current mail volume, the SendPro Mailstation can help your small business in many different ways. You can improve deliverability, make fewer trips to the post office (efficiency) and take advantage of metered postage discounts (savings).

As of this writing, Pitney Bowes is offering a 60-day free trial that includes a starter kit (postage tape strips and an ink cartridge) and $100 in free postage coupons. In addition to postage and mail indicia, the SendPro Mailstation has the ability to add a message to your envelopes, allowing you to lend a personal touch to your mailings.

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SendPro Mailstation Specifications and Features

The Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation is designed for small businesses that send less than 100 letters per month, and can process up to eighteen letters per minute. Measuring only 13.6″ x 11.1″ x 8.5″ (LxWxH) and weighing in at a scant 8.7 pounds, the SendPro Mailstation fits easily on a desktop and operates quietly enough not to be a nuisance. It features a manual envelope feed that accepts postcards, letters, and envelopes up to 1/4″ thick. You can choose an integrated scale with either a two or five-pound capacity.

For easy postage refills, system updates, reporting, and other utilities, the SendPro Mailstation can connect to a PC by a plug-and-play USB connection, or can be hooked up via LAN or Wi-Fi. This also allows you to set up an auto refill postage option when your balance gets low – so you will never run out of stamps again!

SendPro Mailstation Costs

Once your 60-day trial period expires, the cost of leasing the SendPro Mailstation will average around $25 per month on a one year contract. Note that the trial period applies only to new customers, and also account for the fact that the lease cost does not include postage and supplies.


If your business has never used a postage meter, getting started may seem daunting. Expert Market can help you to evaluate the SendPro Mailstation or a higher-volume alternative based on your business’s needs.

When it comes to setup, maintenance, and day-to-day concerns, Pitney Bowes offers email and phone support, in addition to which you’ll be able to use an online knowledge base, a FAQ, and videos, manuals and guides to address many of your more common concerns wherever and whenever they come up.

Expert Verdict

Small businesses tend to overlook metered postage, often on the rationale that metered postage is better suited to larger businesses, or that the savings they’d leverage is insignificant. Both of these assumptions are ill-founded. Thousands of small businesses have realized a significant savings from metered postage. Although the SendPro Mailstation doesn’t offer quite the same speed, versatility or customization as higher-spec machines, it isn’t intended to. Rather, it’s the ideal way for your business to test the waters.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits business can see from a Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation, or if you would like to receive a bespoke quote for this postage meter, get in touch today.

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