Best Cash Register Rental Providers

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Article at a Glance

  • Renting a cash register or POS system (point-of-sale) is a flexible way to keep overheads low
  • POS rental prices start from around $75 per unit
  • Renting a POS system with integrated payment processing is more expensive – starts from $100 per unit
  • Rental companies offer quotes on an individual basis

Looking to save cash for your new business? Well, POS rental is a useful avenue to take advantage of. By doing so, you’ll save money in the short term, and gain flexibility in the long run.

We’d recommend trying POS rental if you’re just starting out in events, retail or customer service, as you’ll probably need at least one electronic cash register or POS system to get your business up and running.

Already like the sound of cash register or POS rental? It couldn’t be easier to get the ball rolling. Complete our short form for tailored cash register rental quotes, or read on to learn more about rental companies and typical costs.

Best POS and Cash Register Rental Providers

Here’s our roundup of the best POS and cash register rental companies in the US.

American Metro

America’s largest cash register rental company is also one of the best. American Metro deals in electronic cash registers, POS systems and credit card processing for all kinds of events. When it comes to customer support, their helpful experts are second to none.

Lease length: One day to several months (they recommend purchasing for periods greater than six months)

Monthly rates: Flexible, on a quote-by-quote basis

Typical rental model: A Sam4S ER-285 cash register

Sam’s Club

If you need an all-in-one point of sale and payment processing solution, Sam’s Club has some great deals. Thanks to a partnership with POS provider Clover, they’re able to offer their members exclusive rates on mobile Clover POS rentals.

Lease length: Any

Monthly rates: Flexible, on a quote-by-quote basis

Typical rental model: A Clover POS Station

Business Equipment House

Business Equipment House leases top quality business registers and POS systems at competitive prices. Combine that with a great range of payroll and credit card processing services, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that offers better value for money.

Lease length: Any

Monthly rates: Flexible, on a quote-by-quote basis

Typical rental model: A Sam4S SPS 300 cash register

Renting a POS system for your business is a positive move. Why not compare quotes today?


Square has well and truly cornered the market for mobile POS rental. Their iPad POS is flexible enough to hold its own in any event setting, and robust enough to serve your more long-term needs too.

Lease length: Any, but you must rent a minimum of four iPad POS units

Monthly rates: $60 per unit per month (average)

Typical rental model: 4x Square iPad POS systems and accessories


POS Bank USA keeps 200+ clients around the world happy with their own POS systems and payment processing services. Leasing their equipment and software is a cost effective way to improve your customer service.

Lease length: Any

Monthly rates: Free for first three weeks, on a quote-by-quote basis afterwards

Typical rental model: An Imprex Prime touch screen POS system

First Data

First Data leases POS solutions through their subsidiary, TASQ Technology. They offer top hardware from POS specialists like Clover, and low monthly payments mean their solutions start paying for themselves immediately.

Lease length: Any

Monthly rates: Flexible, on a quote-by-quote basis

Typical rental model: A Clover POS station

Forbes Snyder

Forbes Snyder offers some of the most flexible cash register rental options on the market. You get all the benefits of a POS system with none of the upfront costs, along with superb customer support.

Lease length: Up to 60 months

Monthly rates: Flexible, on a quote-by-quote basis

Typical rental model: A Sharp ER-A410 cash register

Why Rent a POS System or Cash Register?

Economical for Events

POS rental makes sense if you’ll only be using the machine at specific events, such as:

  • Conventions
  • Festivals
  • Pop-up food stalls
  • Fireworks stands
  • Sporting events
  • Warehouse sales

iPads are an appealing alternative to renting a dedicated POS terminal, especially for events. For one thing, you can move an iPad POS around if you need to serve customers from lots of locations. Your employees probably already know how to use them too, so they won’t need training.

Spend Less on Storage

If you purchase cash registers, you’ll need somewhere to store them. If you need that space for storing other things, POS rental will solve that problem (since your supplier stores them when they’re not in use).

Worry Less About Maintenance

While it’s easy enough to keep cash registers in good condition, everything breaks eventually. Fortunately, rental machines are cleaned and checked regularly, so you know your system will always be in good condition.

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Did You Know?

While cash registers are in storage and unplugged, their internal battery drains slowly. If it drains completely, your programming and sales data get wiped out. To keep this from happening, you should plug them in for at least 24 hours every three months.

Case Study: Reynolds Towing | Square iPad POS

In 2013, business was booming for Reynolds Towing, but the Illinois-based towing and repair firm had a problem. Their payment system was clunky, unreliable, and slow to process customer payments at peak times.

Things changed when the company switched to Square. New iPad POS terminals allowed drivers to take on-the-spot card payments with zero learning curve, and faster bookkeeping software made it easier for managers to get up-to-date sales data at a glance.

Now, Reynolds Towing drivers serve 30% more customers each day. Needless to say, business is still booming.

POS System and Cash Register Rental Costs

Cash register and POS rental pricing information is surprisingly hard to find online. To give you an idea of some typical costs, we did a mystery shop with the top suppliers.

Here’s what we found:

The Scenario

We posed as: Dream Events, a mid-sized events company managing ticket, merchandise and food and drinks sales at four one-day minor league baseball tournaments, spread evenly throughout the year.

We asked for: 15 mobile POS terminals, with thermal receipt printers, electronic cash drawers, and integrated credit card processing.

Other specifications: We said we needed to be able to serve customers at multiple locations (ticket desk, bleachers, food stalls) on four baseball fields. Ease of use was our primary consideration.

Lease type: As flexible as possible.

The Results

We were quoted an average daily rental price (excluding shipping) of $1098.75 for a POS setup that met these requirements.

Next Steps

Take our mystery shop findings for what they are – a (literal) ballpark figure for one specific use case. If your needs differ from those described above, so will the cost of renting.

You can use our free quotes tool to request more pricing information from suppliers themselves. Just fill in this short contact form with a few details about your business, and a product advisor will soon be in touch to help you out.

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