Clover Review

Clover POS system

Don’t rely on luck to move your business forward. Clover is a clever, reliable point of sale (POS) software package that’ll have you filling your own pot of gold in no time


  • Easy to use interface
  • Integrate other useful software
  • Stylish hardware for your pay point


  • Customer support could be better
  • Card transaction fees on the high side

Clover’s mission is to enable all people to play out their business plan, no matter what they’re selling or how they plan to take payments. As a result, they’ve succeeded in creating a solid, adaptable POS system that earns itself big points in the easy-to-use interface department.

It’s not all rainbows and leprechauns, though. General feedback is their customer service could be better, and their pricing isn’t as transparent as other POS suppliers.

In this Clover review, we look at every aspect of the Clover POS system; from the hardware to the software and everything in between. By the end, you should have a decent idea on whether Clover is right for you.

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What is Clover?


Clover Station with cash drawer and receipt printer
Restaurant, cafe or convenience store, Clover is the perfect POS system for small businesses. It’s ideal for fledgling startups preparing to take flight, and for businesses looking to spread their wings and soar to the next level.

Why is this? Well, firstly, it’s super easy to use from the get-go. It comes with all the hardware you need to plug in and start taking payments. Setting it up with your menu or inventory is pretty simple, and you can choose to integrate any app that may benefit your business.

There are several different hardware packages to choose from, so you can tailor Clover to your budget (find out more about each one in the Pricing section). It’s not just a matter of money, either. With Clover Station and Clover Mini as options, you can invest in a POS system that is proportionate to the size of your store, restaurant or cafe.

Like many POS systems, Clover provides businesses with tailored solutions. Inventory alerts, staff sales data, and even targeted marketing are all possible. You can even integrate your QuickBooks or Xero account for seamless business management.

But what really makes Clover stand out from the crowd? Well… Clover hardware is kind of sexy. In fact, its sleekness is often commented on in review forums.

Clover Flex

It’s not just looks that make it stand out against other POS systems. Do you have an issue with queues? Clover has taken problem solving to a new level with the Clover Flex (see below).

Clover FlexThanks to this handy handheld device, you can cut your queues down by tapping your customers’ cards on the shop floor. And you can catch that on-the-fence customer before they change their mind!

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Features and Benefits

So what are Clover’s star features? Let’s take a look.

Clover is Fully Customizable

Whether it’s hardware or software, Clover is fully customizable to your business’s requirements. There are heaps of apps ready to integrate, including ones for CRM, analytics and customer feedback.

Market Your Business

If you’re looking to build on and look after your customer base, Clover features enable you to do so in a number of ways.

  • View birthdays and previous orders for targeted marketing
  • Set up loyalty programmes to keep customers coming back
  • Set up email and text marketing campaigns

Look After Your Team

Clover can also become your HR hub. Whether it’s managing rotas or checking in on who’s the highest tip earner, get an insight into your team that’ll help you run your business better.


Hardware Breakdown

Here are the costs of Clover’s two most popular hardware packages:

Clover StationClover Mini
  • 14” touch screen display
  • Receipt printer with customer display
  • Cash drawer
  • Connectivity hub
  • High resolution 7” touch screen
  • Receipt printer built in
  • Camera and bar scanner built in
Price: $1,199 ($1,499 with Clover Mini)Price: $599

The following items are available as separate add-ons:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Weight Scale
  • Clover Flex

Software Breakdown

Clover offers two software packages: Register Lite and Register.

The Register Lite package will set you back $19 a month. For this, you receive all the elements you need to successfully run your business, including payment processing and tracking, all the Clover apps, and basic sales monitoring.

This package is ideal for start out businesses, with Clover recommending it to businesses with credit card sales of less than $50,000.

Register is for the higher earners. It’ll set you back $29 a month, but for the extra bucks you can get involved with item-level reporting, robust inventory management, send orders through to the kitchen printer, and create a custom loyalty program.

The Transaction Fees

Compared to other POS software companies, the Clover credit card transaction fee is fairly high, and that’s a pretty consistent complaint among most reviewers. However, it balances out when you consider the price of the monthly packages.

POS companies that charge more per month for their software tend to charge cheaper transaction fees, whereas POS companies that charge higher transaction fees have lower monthly software costs.

That’s why with the Register Lite package, you can expect fees of 2.7% plus 10 cent. Alternatively, investing in the Premium Register package will drop charges to 2.3% plus 10 cent.

Clover For Small Businesses

Clover is the ideal POS system for small businesses. You’ll be able to take payments pretty much out of the box, and thanks to the simple interface, you won’t need to worry about providing extensive till training.

The package offers you plenty of payment taking methods, including swipe card, chip card and contactless. This will ensure that you never lose a customer due to lack of payment options.

Even the basic package boasts loads of useful features. The software will help you grow your business through data analysis, sales monitoring and employee management (who’s making the most sales).

And you can rely on the app store to provide you with plenty of add-ons for your business requirements.

Expert Verdict

There's no doubt Clover is a handsome piece of kit, and an easy-to-use interface goes a long way. However, like all POS software, it does have its negatives: put it up against its main rival Square, for instance, and many people will choose the enemy. Why? Because Square software is free.

Clover certainly has some unique factors going for it, however. Most noticeably the Clover Flex, which looks to change the way in which stores serve and engage with their customers. With easy app integration, it’s super-easy to mold Clover into your ideal POS system, making it, for the most part, worth the spend.

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