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The CAKE POS system is a restaurant technology platform from parent company Mad Mobile, which has served the food service industry for decades. That experience, combined with CAKE’s technical know-how, results in a POS that is simple and robust, whilst remaining excellent value for money.

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If you’ve been running your restaurant or mobile food and drinks business with paper ordering pads since the day you opened, the idea of a point of sale system may seem odd or unnecessary.

However, if you’re in the business of serving food and drinks, this is your ideal solution. A POS system like CAKE will revolutionize how you manage your orders and payments. It’s specifically designed to simplify your daily operations, reducing the hours spent chasing paperwork and minimizing errors.

CAKE POS Features

  • Item Modifiers: Hold the onions? Double-shot of espresso? Gluten-free dish? Manage issues like these easily and intuitively.
  • Tableside Ordering: Leverage iPads for tableside ordering to bust lines and wait times.
  • Inventory Management: Nobody likes salivating over the thought of a porterhouse steak only to be told you’re all out. Get intelligent inventory to sync your ordering and inventory process.
  • Guest Management: How much money do you leave on the table when customers get frustrated by long wait times? CAKE Guest Manager provides a real-time view of your floor map with accurate wait times and helps you seat more guests; you can even alert customers via text if there’s a long wait.
  • Order and Check Splitting: Who wouldn’t like to make this easier? CAKE makes it simple to split by percentage or specific orders.
  • Analytics: Food and drink aren’t all that drives your business. CAKE gives you actionable intelligence in the form of customer behavior, ordering patterns, staff activity, scheduling, performance, and more. Some of these reports can even be accessed remotely so you can manage your restaurant from anywhere.
  • Low Credit Card Processing Fees: Cake offers industry-low credit card processing rates, including AMEX, which could amount to huge savings.
  • Other Useful Features: Your customers are mobile, but your restaurant need not operate from a step van to keep up. Accept reservations (while cutting no-shows), take online orders and payments, issue gift cards, and more, all from one simple interface which maximizes intelligent integrations.

Cake POS Reporting

CAKE POS Applications and Installation

CAKE is cloud-based, so you can access your data from practically anywhere. This has multiple advantages. If you’d like to monitor activity after you’ve gone home for the evening, you can do that; or if you’re in your business’s main office and want to track business at multiple locations, you have that ability as well.

The platform is continuously monitored for security, not only in terms of deployment but also down to the level of individual transactions. Customer support is available around the clock, and there’s also a robust online training portal. Best of all, if you lose internet connectivity, the system will continue processing payments and order information offline.

CAKE POS Partners and Integrations

The best POS integrations fulfill two purposes. First, they allow you to continue seamlessly using the solutions that were already part of your workflow. Second, they’re flexible enough to learn new tricks. The CAKE POS can do just that.

With a free 2-week trial, you can see all your sales data, orders, and receipts all in our Point of Sale system. This will help to remove the tablet wall, reduce order errors, and increase revenue potential for third-party orders. For this service, there is a flat fee of $85/month for up to two services, or $100/month for unlimited services.

Case Study: Cafe Strudel

South Carolina eatery Cafe Strudel celebrated 20 years in business in 2017. They’ve grown steadily over the years, to the point where their pen-and-paper management of their nightly waitlist led to frustrated diners, and money left on the table.

Rather than become victims of their own success, husband and wife team Trip and Marila Turbyfill enlisted CAKE’s help.

Cafe Strudel implemented CAKE Guest Manager alongside CAKE Point of Sale to better manage their wait times. They were pleasantly surprised to find that their front-of-house and back-of-house staffs alike understood how to use the system quickly without much training.

CAKE’s real-time snapshot of front and back-end activity increased efficiency. It also helped front-of-house staff better estimate the amount of time needed for tables. This decreased wait times and walk-aways; it also allowed Cafe Strudel to turn more tables without disrupting the flow of business.

The Turbyfills estimated a $14,000 increase in revenue in the first year alone.

CAKE POS Products and Pricing

Keeping in line with their simplicity, CAKE offers one pricing plan that starts at $69 per month.

The Hardware Bundle gives your business an intuitive full-color POS terminal, thermal printer, and cash drawer. Hardware pricing options are flexible and can be customized to fit your financial needs.

CAKE Guest Manager is an add-on that requires an activation fee as low as $199, which includes customization, training, and ongoing support. Thereafter, it’s billed on a subscription basis that starts at $79 per month on a two year contract.


Like a perfect Alfredo or a flawless meringue, a good POS system succeeds on the basis of its simplicity. Whether you’re customizing system functions, or you’d just like to see your front of house turn more tables, using CAKE is simple and effective.

While the simplicity is a draw for tech novices, there’s plenty of power to entice established restaurants that may be using another POS system. If that weren’t enough, CAKE estimates their POS gives restaurants additional net revenue of nearly $3,000 per year.

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