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By Julia Watts | Content Manager

Trimble has adoring clients the world over – and for good reason

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  • Quick installation
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Established 34 years ago by 3 former Hewlett Packard colleagues in Silicon Valley, Trimble technology is now used globally in 141 locations.

Trimble has an on the ground presence in 30 countries and is renowned as a specialist in GPS, optical, laser and inertial technology with extensive experience in wireless communications and application software.

Trimble Fleet Management

Among their comprehensive range of innovative solutions, the Trimble Fleet Management systems use real time data to allow business fleet managers the ability to make intelligent, informed operational decisions through a raft of innovative functions.

Trimble offer three Fleet Management packages:

Trimble Fleet Management StandardThe Standard system is a straight forward tracking system providing effective tracking and reporting. However, for those wanting to leverage in-depth fleet management data to improve fleet performance the Professional system should be taken into consideration.
Trimble Fleet Management ExpressA quick and easy tracking system to install, Express tracking can be used on any sized fleet and is a perfect solution for those businesses that lease vehicles and need tracking flexibility.
Trimble Fleet Management ProfessionalThe Professional tracking solution combines the benefits of both the Standard and Express systems alongside additional vehicle diagnostics and fuel / carbon footprint reports. This solution is best suited to those fleet operated businesses wanting to streamline the activity their fleet, maximize the opportunity to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Customers who adopt a Trimble Fleet Management package can expect to benefit from:

  • Higher levels of customer service through real-time location data
  • Reduced fuel costs through better vehicle usage
  • Higher levels of driver productivity
  • Healthier vehicles – prolonging vehicle lifespan

Case Studies

New Jersey American Water

Jersey American Water’s drivers are a busy bunch, reading and servicing meters and fixing water main breaks for customers in six New Jersey counties. The company sought to improve response times and productivity, and turned to Trimble for solutions.

Using the more accurate vehicle and personnel tracking afforded by Trimble’s GeoManager Fleet Management system, New Jersey American Water was able to optimize scheduling, routing and dispatch, leading to better efficiency and more billable hours.

There were also considerable insurance savings, vehicle diagnostics, more accuracy in speed limit tracking, decreased idle time, which lead to a significant cut in fuel costs. Customers love the system too, whether they realize it or not; after all, it’s enabled drivers to be more proactive in communicating delays, and letting drivers give advance notice to customers when they’re on their way.


Shred-it needed a means of monitoring and gauging the efficiency of its UK-based fleet, which numbers over 100 vehicles. The company also wanted to reduce its insurance burden, in part by reducing accident risk, so driver behavior monitoring was also important. Shred-it made use of Trimble Fleet Management and the company’s driver safety tools. With these, the company saw a number of benefits practically overnight.

The system helped the company understand and address their trucks’ high mileage and the high fuel bills that came as a result, while also giving drivers the tools to understand and address their own behavior behind the wheel. Vehicle diagnostics also helped to keep operating overhead low, while the fleet management software ensured that all of their fleet’s assets were being used to best effect. By eliminating waste and making better use of underutilized vehicles, Shred-it was able to take on additional customers without adding more trucks to ifs fleet.

Julia Watts Content Manager
Specializing in business energy, fleet management and fuel cards, Julia’s here to help your company power up and get on the move. Having spent years working in the dynamic world of startup entrepreneurship, she loves creating content that might help exciting ventures, big or small, to flourish.
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