Pitney Bowes DM475 Review

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With the capacity to process up to 120 pieces of mail per minute, the Pitney Bowes DM475 is one of the fastest yet most affordable medium-volume postage meters you can lease. Free up staff time and increase business profits with the DM475.

Pitney Bowes DM475

The DM 475 is a mid-level, mid-volume mailing system that offers a feature set you might associate with a more expensive high-volume machine. Compact yet substantial — weighing in at 64lbs and measuring 51.3 x 22.5 x 12.3 inches — it’s designed with efficiency, speed and savings in mind.

The DM475 is a fully automatic machine that weights, seals and prints mail as it goes. It can handle a variety of media sizes, from postcards and small letters to large envelopes, brochures, and small catalogs. The ability to handle a variety of material types with ease offers a degree of versatility that translates to time and money saved.

Pitney Bowes DM475 Benefits

Even though Pitney Bowes is just one of five companies authorized by the USPS to lease postage meters in the United States, it's not as though small businesses lack for options when it comes to mid-volume postage processing. What makes the DM475 a particular standout?

For one thing, while it's larger (to accommodate inline weighing, a semi-automatic feeder, and other features), it's compact; there's not an inch of wasted space. For another, the ability to handle mixed media efficiently saves a significant amount of time, freeing your employees up for other tasks.

Perhaps most importantly, if deliverability, security, and savings are as important to you as we're willing to bet, you'll be glad to know that the DM475 delivers in spades.

DM475 Specifications and Features

Major features of the Pitney Bowes DM475 are:

  • Up to 120 letters per minute sealed and printed
  • Process up to ten jobs at a time
  • WOW system – Weigh On the Way – Machine weighs post as it is fed through, printing the correct postage based on weight.
  • Automatic feed, seal and print function
  • LAN connectivity for web access to USPS special services
  • Easy purchase premium and other mail services
  • Pitney Bowes online account with full postage cost tracking capability
  • Discounts on commercial postage rates available through USPS
  • Alerts to low funds and low ink for timely refreshment
  • Accepts media up to 13″ x 15″ x 5/16″

Pitney Bowes DM475 Options and Extras

The core features of the Pitney Bowes DM475 are impressive, but you should know that its feature set can easily be expanded with additional peripherals and software that allow you to further customize it to the needs of your business. Among the options offered:

  • Integrated Weighing Options (2lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs)
  • Optional Interfaced Weighing (15lbs, 30lbs, 70lbs)
  • Differential Weighing options
  • WiFi upgrade
  • Relay™ inserting system (available in 3,000-4,000 PPH variants)

DM475 Cost to Lease

Because postage is treated like currency, federal law forbids the purchase of postage meters. Pitney Bowes is one of only five suppliers authorized to lease postage meters to customers in the United States.

Rental prices are based on a number of variables, such as the type of machine, included peripherals, and contract term. The price of supplies (ink, papers, envelopes, labels, etc.) aren't included in the lease, and should be taken into account.

Those costs should be weighed against the savings and other benefits your business can realize by using a postage meter. Getting an accurate quote starts with finding the right machine; to get started, contact Expert Market for an evaluation of your business's postage spend, mail volume, and other needs today.

Rating the Pitney Bowes DM475

The Pitney Bowes DM475 has a lot to offer small and medium-sized businesses. While there are faster machines available, the DM475 is uniquely suited to businesses that process a moderate volume of mail on a daily or monthly basis, but that do not wish to sacrifice versatility.

We also suggest the DM475 for businesses accustomed to handling a smaller volume of mail, but that experience significant temporary spikes in postage demand. That makes it a good choice for seasonal businesses like landscapers and smaller CPA offices.

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