Pitney Bowes DM125 Review

pitney bowes dm125 review

The Pitney Bowes DM125 postage meter puts the core functions and benefits of a franking machine in a package small enough to fit on a desktop, quiet enough to blend into any office environment, and practical enough to boost many small businesses’ bottom line without putting a dent in monthly finances. The DM125 is intended for businesses that handle a low to moderate volume of mail each month. Pitney Bowes suggests the DM125 for businesses that send between 100 and 1,000 pieces of mail per month.

Pitney Bowes DM125

Ease of Use
Reviewed by Expert Market:11/01/2019

Industries Served

Given its size and volume, the DM125 is best suited to businesses with a small but steady volume of outgoing mail. The machine works well for landscapers, small contractors, auto repair shops, small medical/dental/chiropractic practices, and lower-volume retail and ecommerce businesses.

Pitney Bowes DM125 Features

The DM125 runs on a standard 100-120V connection. It includes a 2 lb. or 5 lb. integrated scale to ensure accurate postage on anything from postcards to packages. Internet connectivity allows for international postage, as well as USPS rate updates. The controls are simple and intuitive, meaning you could easily be up and running with minimal assistance – though assistance is always a call, click, or email away.

Selected DM125 Specifications

Price Per Month$34.99
Maximum Print SpeedUp to 35 letters per minute
Feed TypeSemi-automatic
Letter Sizes3″ x 5″ x 3/8″ to 13″ x 15″ x 3/8″
ConnectionsWi-Fi or Ethernet Network
Dimensions13.6″ L x 9.7″ H
Weight15 lbs.

Options and Accessories for the DM125

As you might expect, Pitney Bowes offers ink and toner for the DM125 postage meter, but they don’t stop there. The functionality of the DM125 can be extended with the DL50 letter opener, the DI200 inserting system and the ConnectRight address management system, increasing productivity and efficiency. The availability of assorted papers, labels and cleaning supplies make Pitney Bowes a one-stop shop for a number of your office’s day-to-day needs as well. The DM125 doesn’t have as many options as higher-end machines like the Pitney Bowes Connect+ series of franking machines. Then again, unless your business handles mail in extreme volume, it’s not likely that you’d miss them.

Associated Services

In addition to its postage meters and accessories, Pitney Bowes offers a full range of ancillary services useful to businesses ranging from sole proprietors to larger businesses, nonprofits, and local/regional governments. The company provides CMS software, ecommerce, and business intelligence products that augment its presence in the postage metering services that originally made the company’s name.

DM125 Support

Pitney Bowes offers instructions, manuals, and a quick start guide for the DM125 online. Support is augmented by email and phone, as well as videos, a FAQ, an online knowledge base and an online forum. Account information, billing, and postage purchasing can also be handled via an online portal.

Case Study

Venture Encoding Services

Venture Encoding ServicesIt seems that nearly everyone knows the United States Postal Service’s credo: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” As Dallas-based Venture Encoding Services found out, Pitney Bowes’ reliability on one memorable occasion even outdid the USPS.

For any other business, a major fire at a 400,000 square foot facility could have proven catastrophic. Pitney Bowes provided outsourced sorting and delivery service to Venture. Given the time-sensitive nature and security concerns around Venture’s mailings, the fire raised concerns even though Pitney Bowes had long been a trusted partner. They need not have worried; a carefully designed and implemented disaster recovery plan resulted in a surprising degree of continuity, and deliveries were back on a normal footing within 24 hours.

What’s the takeaway for your business? For one thing, Pitney Bowes engineers its products and processes for reliability, as Venture Encoding Services would readily attest. For another, the company has succeeded not only on the strength of its tangible goods, but also on the relationships it builds; that attention extends to its small business clients. Finally, their range of experience and services ensures that they’re uniquely capable to help your business address concerns far beyond postage.


With its low cost of operation and wide variety of available accessories and peripherals, the DM125 is an excellent choice for businesses handling a low volume of mail, but it’s capable of scaling to meet the occasional spike in demand. If you anticipate needing a machine that’s capable of handling a slightly higher volume of mail on a daily or monthly basis, we would suggest the Pitney Bowes DM225 as an alternative. While Pitney Bowes’ mailstation2 is also suitable for low-volume businesses, we prefer the DM125 for its ability to accept peripherals, and the ease with which it scales to spikes in demand.

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