Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Review

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The Connect+ 3000 is the most powerful postage meter produced by Pitney Bowes, designed purely for high-volume mail operations.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000

The Connect+ 3000 prints mail using its innovative printing technology, creating a printing path of 7/8th  of an inch on envelopes – both top and bottom, allowing you to print messages that make every envelope a possible revenue-generator for your company.

This model also connects to Pitney Bowes specialist services such as Address Verification and Package Tracking. In this review, we’ll discuss the Connect+ 3000’s specs and top features, explaining how it can boost your team’s efficiency.

Quick facts:
  • Processes 310 LPM (letters per minute)
  • Automatic feeder
  • Offers USPS discount rates

Connect+ 3000 Specifications

With a top processing speed of over 18,000 letters per hour, the Connect+ 3000 can process even the largest volumes of mail effectively. It comes with a range of weighing platforms from 5-149 lbs to suit your company’s needs, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

The base unit measures 72.5″ (l) x 28″ (d) x 24″ (h) but if you opt to add on the additional extras, such as the Drop Stacker or Power Stacker, this can add a further 20 inches to the overall length.

It comes with 100 department accounts as standard, which can be scaled up to 3000 if required. It also has an easy-to-use on screen QWERTY keyboard, making it an intuitive choice for your staff.

Speed310/205 or 270/170 or 220/135 LPM
Envelope MaximumMaximum size: 254 x 356mm
Envelope MinimumMinimum size: 89 x 127m
Envelope Maximum ThicknessUp to 19mm
Interfaced weighing options5, 7, 12, & 35kg
Differential weighingOptional
Accounting100 standard
Print colourPostal blue, black & white, process colour
WOW® weight limit500g
DOW® Dimensions on the Way®Standard
System dimensionsWith drop stacker Length 1,867mm x Width 648mm
Print quality1200 dpi
Color touch screen display/user interface15″ XGA

What are the Connect+ 3000 Features and Benefits?

The Connect+ 3000 offers some impressive functions, which we’ve briefly highlighted above. Below, we’ve selected our five favorite features and explained in greater detail how they can benefit your mailroom efforts.

Processes 310 LPM

As one of the best postage meters for sending bulk mail, the Connect+ 3000 can process over 18,000 letters per hour. It can also stack up to 600 pieces of mail in a single run, making it the ideal postage meter for businesses dealing with large-scale mailing campaigns.

Weighs items up to 150lbs

With the Connect+ 3000, you can integrate a 15lb, 30lb, 70lb, and a 150lb scale, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to weighing heavier pieces of mail. This feature would suit your business if your team deals with different types of boxes, letters, and envelopes.


Rather than individually weigh then process your items of mail, the Connect+ 3000’s Weigh-on-the-Way technology does all the sorting for you. That means it automatically weights, processes, and prices different types of mail, removing the need for manually sorting. With this feature enabled, the postage meter processes up to 205 LPM, rather than 310 LPM.

1,200-dp HP ink

You can print names, addresses, or business logos in high-quality ink to impress your clients and customers. The HP powered ink-jet printer uses color, black and white, and postal-compliant red fluorescent.

15” color touchscreen

Despite its size and range of powerful mailing features, the Connect+ 3000 is surprisingly easy to use. This is mainly down to its intuitive 15” color touchscreen and selection of user-friendly apps that you can access quickly and easily from the screen.


In accordance with Federal law governing postage meters, the Connect+ 3000 can only be leased from US authorized suppliers. The price will vary depending on the length of lease you agree upon, and what options are required for your company.

We’d estimate that the cost for a high volume machine such as this will be hundreds of dollars per month. However, what might seem like a steep initial investment will nearly always pay dividends. That’s because postage meters can help your business cut costs and boost team efficiency, making them excellent value for money.

Expert Verdict

The Connect+ 3000 is the highest quality machine on offer by Pitney Bowes. As expected, this machine is not a small one, but with its size comes an immense amount of processing power. For large businesses looking to send lots of mail regularly, the Connect+ 3000 could be the perfect solution.

What makes this machine stand out is the printing path at both the top and bottom of the envelope. These areas allow you to place engaging messages and even images on your mail, giving your company the competitive and stylish edge.

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