What are the Benefits of Postage Meters?

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Leasing a postage meter can offer a business a huge variety of benefits. Here are the top four reasons why your business should consider investing in a postage meter today.

1. Reduced Mail Costs

The price of sending mail is higher than you might expect and a quick look at your company financial records will soon confirm the true cost of outgoing mail. For many businesses, the option to reduce costs without sacrificing quality doesn’t come around often but leasing a postage meter is one such option.

Businesses that use postage meters are entitled to a discount on standard USPS rates and Pitney Bowes, even claim that businesses in the United States can expect a 19% saving on USPS Priority Mail and a 36% saving on USPS Express Mail.

Choosing a postage meter with a financial reporting option allows you to calculate exactly how much you’ve saved when compared to using regular or online stamps.

2. Greater Workplace Efficiency

Very small businesses or those with low volume mailing needs often don’t notice a great difference in workplace efficiency when they introduce a postage meter. However, large businesses and those with higher mailing requirements certainly do.

This is particularly true for marketing and sales teams that regularly send out promotional materials and mass mailings to a large number of contacts or potential clients.

Leasing a postage meter means some of the most time consuming tasks can be partially or even fully automated. Some of these tasks include writing addresses, adding stamps and packing and sealing envelopes.

With manual tasks now automated, internal resources can be made available for other more urgent or valuable tasks. For the same reason, a postage meter can also be beneficial in home offices. In home-based or small offices with a single employee, there is often no time to spend writing addresses or sealing envelopes.

3. Opportunities for Self-Promotion

Most postage meters have the ability to print customized materials onto your labels or envelopes, which can act as a method of self promotion. This can be especially useful for small businesses and startups who are yet to make a name for themselves in their field.

Using either text, design images, company logos, or a combination of these three, the business can promote itself via its standard mail. Some companies use this opportunity to share news about award nominations or partnerships with high profile clients, or even forthcoming projects.

If your postage meter has network capabilities, it’s easy to transfer a design from your PC onto your postage machine. If you want some flexibility around which clients and mail recipients see which form of advertising and promotion, choose a postage meter than comes with numerous memory slots, so that you can store a number of different customizations at once.

4. Improve Professionalism

Mail that has a typed address, along with personalized stamps, portrays corporate professionalism to a far greater extent than hastily scrawled handwriting. This is particularly beneficial for small and startup businesses who are striving to build up a loyal customer base.

Using a postage meter to print information also reduces the risk of mistakes like misreading and failed delivery and lowers the chance of incorrect postage values being applied. For businesses wanting to maintain and grow customer relationships, there are few things worse than sending a letter or parcel with insufficient postage.

Is a Postage Meter a Worthy Investment?

There are many benefits to investing in a postage meter and if you’re spending at least $50 per month sending mail, you’ll be better off by leasing a postage meter from an approved supplier. Rental prices start from as little as $19.99 per month, so it’s worth trying a postage meter to see exactly how your business will benefit.

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