Upserve POS Review: An Ace System?

We serve up all you need to know about Upserve, so you can decide whether it’s the right POS supplier for you


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Ease of Use
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  • Complete business management system
  • Robust, high quality hardware
  • Great customer satisfaction levels
  • Compatible with Android and iPad tablets


  • Quite a leap between pricing plans
  • Features can be a little daunting at the start

Point of Sale by Upserve

Since acquiring Breadcrumb POS back in 2016, Upserve has evolved into a brilliant POS supplier.

Following the trail of its bread-inspired predecessor, Upserve’s product isn’t just a POS system – it’s a complete restaurant management system, capable of turning your restaurant from the equivalent of a lunchtime snack into a full-blown three course meal.

Upserve claims that the average customer saves 50 hours per month just by investing in an Upserve POS system. That goes to show just how great the system is at automating processes, and ensuring your restaurant is run more efficiently.Of course, this all has a positive knock-on effect on your profits, too. In fact, some Upserve customers have reported a massive 30% increase in profits, thanks to the insight an Upserve system has given them.

You can see for yourself how much you could increase your profits by using Upserve’s online calculator. But don’t forget – it’s good to compare POS quotes from a number of suppliers, just to make sure you’re investing in a system that’ll give you the largest possible return.

Features and Benefits

If we listed all the features that an Upserve POS system can offer you, we’d be here all day. There are that many!

With that being the case, we’ve split the features and benefits section into software and hardware, and highlighted the most important features to make things more digestible for you.

Upserve software

Upserve softwareUpserve software features every function you could possibly need to efficiently manage every area of your business.

Whether you’re looking to better manage the way you serve your customers, or better manage your workforce, your inventory, or your loyalty program, Upserve’s software has a function to help. Let’s get some insight into how Upserve helps each business area.

Service features

The most important thing to note about Upserve’s customer focussed features is its tableside service. Being able to electronically take orders at the table could make all the difference to your profits. How? Let’s have a look at the benefits:

  • An electronic menu system can automatically flag up opportunities for your staff to upsell
  • Taking orders at the table makes service far more efficient. This could mean a higher table turnover
  • There’s less chance of miscommunication when chefs don’t have to decipher handwriting.This means less wastage on wrong orders, and less time spent trying to work out what the server actually means

Restaurant management

Many people don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant. There are so many small things that have to be addressed on a daily basis, whether that be communicating shift notes to your staff, splitting customer checks, or adjusting tips so servers are fairly rewarded.

With Upserve taking care of the little things, you’ll have more time to interact with your guests and look after your staff.


Admin, admin, admin – we’re pretty sure you won’t find a person on this planet who truly loves the idea of spending hours on end shifting through paperwork and figures. Thankfully, Upserve is there to collect all the data insight you need to make informed decisions, whether that be how much stock to order or how many members of staff to have on shift.

With Upserve’s help, you’ll never need to tell a customer that you’ve sold out of their favorite dish, and you’ll never have anyone leave negative reviews about slow service.

In depth reporting

Want to know which member of staff is making the most till errors? Or who’s upselling the most? Perhaps you want to use sales data to work out whether a menu change has been successful. Upserve will serve up the data goods, enabling you to pay attention to the small things – much like perfecting a recipe.

Upserve Hardware

Upserve hardwareOf course, none of the above functionality can happen without Upserve’s hardware.

The first thing you’ll notice about Upserve’s hardware is that it isn’t the sleekest POS hardware out there. But before you go turning your nose up, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s have a look at what you’ll receive.

Upserve Tableside

Restaurants are busy environments, and accidents happen. It’s all very well you taking a lovely looking iPad to the table to take an order, but if it’s accidentally dropped, you’ll have no iPad at all.By contrast, Upserve Tableside is a robust ordering device that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Oh, and did we say it handily clips to your belt, too? No more awkwardly scrambling for an order pad.

Upserve Terminals

Upserve’s software has been designed to be compatible with both iPad and Android tablets, so if you don’t want to spend a large chunk of your budget on the latest iPad, you don’t have to.

You’ll receive your first POS terminal free as part of any Upserve package, and rather than the unit just being a protective case for your tablet, it comes with built in card processing for smooth payment taking. Handy!

EMV Payments (Card Payments)

You wouldn’t be completing the table service experience if your customers couldn’t pay at the table too. Upserve’s EMV payment processor isn’t particularly pretty to look at, but it is a unit that allows you to dip, swipe or tap a card, giving your customers full freedom when it comes to choosing how to settle the bill.

Upserve Pricing

Upserve is actually pretty clear about its pricing, and the first thing you’ll see is that it isn’t cheap. But that’s not to say it isn’t worth it – you can see from our features and benefits section that you really do get your money’s worth. Here’s its pricing structure.

CoreProPro Plus

You actually receive a fair amount with the Core package– enough to operate a small restaurant. There’s the essentials, including a POS terminal, payment processing, and marketing insights, but you’ll have to pay extra for inventory reporting and online ordering.

If you think inventory reporting and online ordering are going to be essential to the management of your restaurant, you’ll be better off going for the ‘popular’ Pro package, You’ll also receive features such as menu optimization, server performance, and loyalty scheme management.

Larger restaurants, franchises and chains may be better off going for the Pro Plus package, where custom reporting and data API access are available as additional features. This means you’ll benefit from the unique insights you require to successfully run a large restaurant business.

Expert Verdict

Breadcrumb was like a supermarket sandwich. Perfectly edible, but it left you wanting more. Upserve is like the extra fillings that transform it into a deli dream.

Upserve has put thought into every aspect of its POS system – from the robust hardware to the heaps of software features. As a result, it’s a fairly expensive POS system that we think is totally worth the additional spend.

Of course, the company’s pricing may not be to everyone’s tastes. And if it isn’t, don’t worry – there are plenty of POS suppliers out there competing for your business.

Handily for you, you can easily compare quotes from a range of POS suppliers simply by filling in our form with a few details about your business.

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