How To Use An iPad As A Cash Register

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By Dan Barraclough

Optimize your sales process by using your iPad as a cash register

According to a survey carried out by software review website, Capterra, an iPad is the preferred mobile POS (mPOS) device for businesses. Why? Well, we’re going to delve into those reasons in this article. But first of all…

What is an iPad Cash Register?

An iPad cash register combines the power of Apple’s iOS operating software with some pretty cool app technology to bring businesses a supercharged sales system.

The system is very popular with small and medium businesses because it’s cheaper than an electronic point of sale equivalent. Plus, it’s portable. You can literally use your cash register anywhere – no wonder 62% of respondents in the Capterra survey said mPOS makes their jobs easier!

Processing payments only scrapes the surface of this innovative technology. An iPad cash register will also enable you to:

  • Check your inventory on the go
  • Keep tabs on your employees
  • Extract in-depth business reports

And what about printing receipts, card readers and cash drawers? Well, most suppliers will include the hardware in the package. There are plenty of iPad cash register suppliers out there all offering different deals. Luckily, we’ve got the low down on some of the suppliers that offer the most optimized mPOS systems later on in the article.

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Owning an iPad Cash Register – the Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Very affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Data stored on the cloud
  • Inventory updated in real time

X Cons:

  • Relies on a network connection
  • Less secure than electronic point of sale (ePOS)
  • Potential to break the screen

As you can see, the advantages very much outweigh the disadvantages. The easy-to-use interface helps your team quickly get up to speed with the software. The iPad’s portability and the system’s ability to keep tabs on your stock levels brings efficiency to the day to day running of your business.

Transferring your data to the cloud means you can check up on your figures from anywhere, whether you’re in your back office or enjoying a day off on the golf course. But what really stands out is the fact that this system is so affordable. For example, monthly costs for a TouchBistro system are as little as $69 dollars – you can pay more for your mobile.

Of course, this isn’t the kind of system you invest in if you’ve got a dodgy internet connection. And without investing in the right protective casing for your iPad, you always run the risk of breaking it.

Don’t forget – in this day in age, no-one is safe from cyber threats. It’s how you use your equipment that counts. Avoid clicking on dodgy email links that may set off an ugly auto-download. And make sure you keep passwords secure and unpredictable so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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How can you use Your iPad Cash Register?

iPad cash registers are hugely versatile bits of kit. You can use them just as successfully in a retail establishment as you can an hospitality establishment – you just need to be choosy on the software. Find out how an iPad cash register could fit into your business below.

iPad Cash Registers for Hospitality

The number one benefit here – portability. With an iPad cash register, you’re free to move around your restaurant. Take the till to your tables. Process orders in an instant with a mobile menu. Check out how much stock you’ve got left in the storeroom while flitting between customers.

Your improved efficiency means you have more time to tend to your customers. And happy customers equals? You got it! More profit in your pocket… and a reputation of the best restaurant in town.

iPad Cash Registers for Retail

For retail establishments it’s all about maximizing those profit returns. Of course, being able to check your back room for an item instantly will give you brownie points on the service front. But it’s analyzing those sales figures that could make a difference to the end of month figures.

Find out which items are selling and which ones aren’t. Then put the slow movers on sale. See which shop attendant is making the most sales and cut queues by dealing with enquiries on the floor, rather than at the desk.

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Invest in a System That Works for You

That’s right. It all starts with investing in the right iPad cash register package.

Software is key. While some are optimized for retail establishments, others are more geared towards hospitality.

If you already have half the equipment, that’s okay, too. A lot of the software is compatible with different hardware, including receipt printers, cash drawers and payment terminals.

And if you don’t have an iPad? Well, most POS software companies can throw that in as well.

Below, we’ve put together some info on the top three software packages for iPad cash registers.

You’ve probably guessed by the name – this number is for the hospitality industry. Like a sprinkling of herbs over a bland bolognese, it sure packs a punch when it comes to performance

Users benefit from both real-time and historical sales data, timed menu displays, table assignment and payroll and staffing management to name but a few – all for as little as $69 dollars a month. Check out our full TouchBistro review for more information.

Supplier Rating:

Quite literally ‘Revel’ in the ease of use for this system. Almost a rarity in the world of POS software, this system straddles both the retail and the hospitality industries. Revel also pre-configure your hardware and software so it’s pretty much plug in and go from the get-go.

This system is perfect for those yet to open their shop or restaurant doors to the big, wide world. And best of all, their customer service team seem pretty helpful, too. We have a full review of Revel Systems if you would like more information.

Supplier Rating:

Vend means ‘sells’ in French and we think you’ll be sold on the concept of Vend once you hear about its online capabilities. Yes, in the digital age, taking your store idea online as well as bricks and mortar is a great way to cash in on the profit potential.

In addition to providing you with all the tools you need to get your business off the ground, there’s also the option to create customized reports and keep up to date with inventory and sales targets.

Supplier Rating:

What Should You do Next?

Now you’re more clued up on how to use an iPad as a cash register, it’s time to look at some prices for an mPOS system. As stated earlier in the article, an mPOS system doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can get a better idea of how much an mPOS system will cost you by filling out our form. Once you’ve popped in a few details, up to four suppliers will be in touch with quotes.

If you would like to see how the cost of an mPOS system compares with a fixed POS system, take a look at our article How Much Does a POS System Cost for more information.

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