What Point Of Sale System Does Apple Use?

Apple store

Apple stores use the EasyPay touch system as their point of sale, which is very unlike a traditional POS system. Customers can scan the bar code of the item which they want to purchase with their iPhone camera and checkout using the Apple app. Non-iPhone users can approach an employee to complete the sale for them using their handheld IOS device.

Apple store

Apple employees have used the EasyPay POS system on iPod touch devices since 2009. This system has facilitated one of the easiest in-store checkout procedures in the world. Customers are not required to wait in a line at a cash register and instead the server will come to you and bring the portable device with them.

Not only does this allow full access to the capability of the IOS interface, but all required POS hardware, including a scanner and card swipe are built into the plastic case which surrounds the iPod touch. This POS system also means there is no POS designated area, instead the customer can complete a transaction from anywhere in the store.

Apple have upgraded this POS from the iPod touch device to the iPhone 12 and have rolled this out across America. This introduction now means that employees have access to the TouchID fingerprint scanner, which could not only increase security, but speed up transactions and improve the retail experience for the customer. The iPhone 12 is also a major hardware upgrade, meaning all actions can be completed faster. The move to an iPhone also transforms the POS device into a fully functional phone.

As is now familiar in many stores across the USA, Apple IOS POS devices allow you to sign the screen with your finger or with a stylus, at the end of your transaction you are then able to email the full receipt to yourself.

Apple POS System Upgrades

With the upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro, a new outer casing was required. The new shell now accepts chip and pin, which due to changing legislation is likely to become the preferred method of payment in America very soon. The shell also comes built with an NFC scanner, meaning customers with any of the most recent iPhones, from the 8 to the 12 Pro, plus will be able to use Apple pay to purchase goods in store.

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