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Retail and hospitality businesses should look no further than Epos Now for a strong electronic point of sale system (EPOS). Our team of researchers did thorough comparisons of 12 different EPOS systems, identifying the strenghts of each one as well as in-depth reviews of price, usability, and hardware.

Overall Epos Now scores a 3.8/5 in our research, with its highest scores being in the business management, stock management, and usability areas. Its lowest score was for the price, scoring 1.7/5.

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Epos Now


Hardware averages $484 (one-off payment)

Software starts from $39 (monthly fee)

Best For

Wide-range of Hardware

How Much Does Epos Now Cost?

Epos Now offers subscription-based pricing for its Complete, Handheld, and Tablet systems, all of which are suitable for both retail and hospitality businesses. Each system offers good value for money, and it’s worth noting that there is no contract when you pay monthly, meaning you can cancel at any time. You’ll also need to pay for customer support, which costs about $39 per month on a 12-month subscription.

SystemAnnual costMonthly costWhat you’ll get

EPOS software

Cash till

Cash printer

Handheld$33 (plus $0 upfront)


$18 (plus $170 upfront)


Mobile device

Card processing


EPOS software

iPad POS stand

Receipt printer

Cash drawer

Installation and training

Extra Hardware Costs

If you’d like to buy extra hardware, these are the individual costs for each item:

  • Tablet: $599
  • Barcode labels: $40
  • Staff swipe cards: $58 for a pack
  • Cash drawer: $73
  • Receipt printer: $250
  • Barcode scanner: $73

You can also use our free quote tool to compare prices between other EPOS systems to find the best match for your business.

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Epos Now: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly software and hardware
  • Free trial and demo
  • Good customer support


  • No free customer support plan
  • Costly

Pro – User-Friendly Software and Hardware

Epos Now is easy to use and its hardware, which has been rated a 4.5/5 in our research, offers your business a comprehensive EPOS setup. Its usability scores a 5/5 in our research, although some other suppliers, such as Square and Zettle, offer slightly more user-friendly software. Epos Now offers more features and functionality.

Pro – Free Trial and Demo

We know how frustrating and difficult it can be to choose a new EPOS supplier as there are so many options available, and it would need to lend itself to the unique needs of your business. Epos Now's free trial and demo give you the opportunity to explore the system before making a monetary investment.

Pro – Good Customer Support

Epos Now's customer support has been rated a 4/5 by our research team. You can give them a call, reach out over live chat, or have your query answered within the community, where you can connect with software designers and product developers. Epos Now is proactive in improving its product and, as a user, you can be part of this and contribute where necessary.

There's also a support page where you can access solutions to common issues and troubleshoot the system.

Con – Costly

When starting out with Epos Now you'll need to purchase a complete package and, while they often have deals on, the standard price is $999 for the hardware and $39 per month for the software. This is pricier than some other EPOS providers, such as Square, who offer a free app and hardware prices that start at $19.

Although the standard price is $999, EPOS Now hardly ever sells at this price and it is usually offered at a discounted rate, bringing it down to $449.

You can choose to pay monthly for the Epos Now hardware, making it easier on your purse strings, although the software is still $39 per month. Once you've paid it off, however, you'll only need to pay the monthly software fee, making it much more affordable further down the line.

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Epos Now's Key Features Explained

Epos Now offers an impressive range of features, making it one of the best EPOS systems for retail businesses – from independent vape stores to large-scale electronics retailers. Below, we explore some of the features and benefits that make Epos Now a top choice for retailers.

Real-Time Automated Reports

Using Epos Now Retail’s cloud technology, you can access large swathes of real-time information – including sales figures, employee insights, and stock counts – at the touch of a button, from any location or device across the globe. This makes it easy to track your company’s performance and identify your top-performing employees, which can help boost your team’s productivity.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Apps

If you’re looking to sell online, you can easily integrate your retail business with ecommerce platform BigCommerce, as well as over 100 apps spanning categories including accounting, delivery, customer relationship management, and click and collect service providers. These apps typically cost between $5 and $25 per month.

Wide Choice of Payment Processors

Epos Now offers integrations with all the major payment processors – including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Evo and International Bancard – to give your retail business the flexibility it needs to take more payments from a wider range of customers.

CRM system

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is key to developing stronger relationships with your customers. It enables you to create customer profiles, targeted marketing campaigns, and set up loyalty programs.

Epos Now stock report
You can view your stock at the touch of a button
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What Kind of Business Is Epos Now Best for?

We recommend Epos Now for businesses in the retail and hospitality industry as it offers customized features and packages.


What makes Epos Now a good choice for retail businesses are its various features that include multi-site and omnichannel store management, real-time stock updates, and detailed sales analytics.


Integrations with delivery apps, such as Deliveroo, provide an easy way to expand your business and give your customers more convenient and flexible options. Epos Now is available as a mobile app so you can take payments on the go. This is handy for hospitality businesses such as cafes, bars, or food trucks.

Epos Now offers customer relationship management tools so you can develop and maintain better communication with customers, send them tailored marketing emails, and entice them back with a loyalty program.

EPOS Now on multiple devices
You can use Epos Now on different devices to help future-proof your business
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How Does Epos Now Compare to Its Competitors?

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Epos Now





Hardware averages $484 (one-off payment)

Software starts from $39 (monthly fee)

  • Free: $0/month
  • Plus: $60/month




Best For

Wide-range of Hardware

Best For


Best For

Medium-sized Businesses

Best For


Best For


  • User-friendly software and hardware
  • Free trial and demo
  • Good customer support
  • Free POS app
  • Suited to small businesses
  • Handheld POS system
  • Easy to use
  • In-built CRM system
  • Extensive report templates
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Several payment methods
  • No monthly fee/contract
  • No free customer support plan
  • Costly
  • Not as comprehensive as other POS systems
  • Lack of features
  • Third party apps do not always integrate well
  • Costly
  • Phone support only available on weekdays


While it's difficult to compete with free EPOS software from providers such as Square and Zettle, Epos Now is a pricier option when compared to other suppliers. It should come as no surprise that it scores a 1.7/5 for pricing. Its software is priced at $29 per month, which is on the lower end for paid software systems.

Square's paid version is $56 a month, pricier than Epos Now's software. Although the hardware is expensive, this is a once-off fee which can also be spread out to make it easier on your budget.


Epos Now rates highly in some areas such as stock management and business management. It scores a 5/5 for stock management because you get access to real-time sales, so you can see which items are selling best and which are not.

However, in the business development area, it rates a 2.5/5. For example, it doesn't have built-in customer management tools. This is only available via an integration.

It does have over 100 apps and integrations, so you can customize the system to suit your business. However, third-party apps and integrations can come with their own host of issues. There can be integration issues and, if anything goes wrong, you'll have to deal with the third party directly to resolve the problem.

If there are specific tools you want, such as customer management features, you might want to choose a system that has this built-in, such as Lightspeed.

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Does Epos Now Have Good Customer Reviews?

Epos Now's reviews mainly center around its customer service. While some find its customer service to be exceptional and efficient, others find that the service is slow and not always helpful.

Customer review

We are new to this kind of system and not particularly IT-minded. The customer support is excellent and the product very user friendly. As with all new systems, this will take some getting used to and I look forward to exploring some more if (sic) the back office options. All in all, pleased as punch!

Clare Newby, Epos Now customer
- Source: Trustpilot
Customer review


  • Great 24/7 support team
  • Elastic SAAS solution that can be customized for various business needs
  • Cloud-based solution that can work on any device and any operating system


  • Pricing seems fine initially but the sales team constantly keeps pushing for paid support plan – this might be expensive
  • As this is a massive provider, you might sometimes wait a long time for your new features to be implemented

Wojciech, project manager
- Source: Capterra
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Our researchers compared 12 different EPOS systems, scoring them on different research areas including, price, hardware, and usability.

Epos Now is best suited to retail and hospitality businesses as its features cater to both industries. Epos Now scores the highest in our research in the business management, stock management, and usability areas, scoring a 5/5 in each.

Its pricing scores the lowest at 1.7/5 because it's more costly than other EPOS providers, making it more suitable for medium-sized businesses. However, the payment of the hardware systems, which are the most expensive part of the deal, can be split, making it more affordable. It does score a solid 4.5/5 for its hardware, as it is specifically built for the retail and hospitality industries.

We recommend Epos Now for more established businesses or those with larger budgets for an EPOS system. Before making a decision, it's a good idea to compare providers so you can make the best decision for your business. You can use our free quote tool to compare EPOS systems.

Epos Now Review FAQs

What operating system does Epos Now use?
Epos Now runs on iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. This means it's compatible with devices that run on these operating systems.
What is an EPOS system?
An EPOS system stands for Electronic Point of Sale System and refers to a system that processes payments. Alongside this function, EPOS systems have come a long way from the traditional till and offer a range of features. These features include stock tools, employee management, and marketing solutions.

The best EPOS system for your business depends on your unique needs and pain points. Some systems are designed for specific industries such as hospitality and others for a range of businesses. You can opt for a comprehensive system that includes hardware or an app that you can use on a tablet or mobile.

How is EPOS used in business?
EPOS systems are used to process payments, analyze sales trends, and manage inventory. Businesses can use EPOS systems in many ways, for example, you can sync it to your accounting software or run marketing campaigns.
How does Epos Now work?
Epos Now works as a subscription-based software, which functions alongside custom hardware you have to purchase. If you choose to pay for the software monthly, there's no contract and you can cancel the service at any time. After set-up, you're able to take payments, generate sales reports and manage customer relationships – all in one place.
Does Epos Now need Wi-Fi?
Epos Now requires internet to run – either via Wi-Fi or cable.
How do I program my Epos Now?
You can do so following the guides provided on Epos Now's support section as well as with the guidance of a dedicated implementation manager.
Is Epos Now cloud-based?
Yes, the provider is fully cloud-based.
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