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Estech Systems Inc (ESI) is a private, reputable Texan company who built the first combined telephone and voice mail system.Since starting out in 1987, the business has grown and now has many patents granted and pending especially within IP based communication products.

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Who Do They Provide Services To?

Amongst its products, ESI provide telephone systems for businesses of any size whilst giving solutions and support for their varied clients including those in insurance, education, automotive industries, the legal, medical and financial sectors and many more.

ESI also build private label versions of their products, for example, Comdial, Samsung and Code-a-Phone.

Their products are used by many major companies in the USA including Coca-Cola, Hertz, Blockbuster Video, Hampton Inn and Best Buy.

What is IP?

ESI generally use their own developed IP products to provide comprehensive telephone systems.

IP telephone systems work by using the internet or LAN to receive and make calls. This can vastly reduce costs by enabling the user to find companies offering cheaper rate calls than their current telephone service provider.

IP phones come with an RJ-45 ethernet connector which plug directly into the router. ESI provide their own communication servers for their telephone systems which work as a traditional business phone, an IP phone or a combination of the two.

ESI uses DSP digital signal processors to change voice data into digital data that can then be transmitted via the internet. DSPs are high powered semiconductors which manage these analog voice data functions.

What Do ESI Provide?

ESI’s comprehensive website offers online support via e-mail or through their device and system help and support pages, leading browsers to downloadable pdf documents and full specifications of their products.

The ESI communication server incorporates multiple phone system functions into one, and each system will provide help on how to use and program it alongside customize help features.

Each phone system has many functions including voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call distribution and automated attendant, speaker phone and a dedicated help key.

How Much do ESI Phone Systems Cost?

For individual phone costs, the 12-key digital feature phone currently retails at $125, the 24-key is around $160 and the 48-key model is $200.

The ESI 50L costs between $500 and $1000 with the following features:

  • 40 total stations (32 digital and 8 analog)
  • 16 central office lines
  • 56 call processing ports
  • C4 voicemail ports with up to 15 storage hours
  • 16 conference ports

Their ESI 50 phone system has:

  • 52 total stations (12 IP, 32 digital and 8 analog)
  • 87 call processing ports
  • 16 conference ports
  • 35 central office lines

This model currently costs between $1000 and $1500s.

For between $1500 and $2000 the ESI 100 phone system offers:

  • 148 stations (72 IP, 48 digital and 28 analog)
  • 42 central office lines
  • 108 call processing ports
  • 8 voicemail ports with up to 140 hours storage
  • 16 conference ports

The ESI 200 phone system, which currently costs $2500 incorporates many different features including:

  • 192 IP stations
  • 168 digital stations
  • 56 analog stations
  • 24 conference ports
  • 84 central office lines
  • Up to 600 storage hours via 24 voicemail ports
  • 300 call processing ports

For around $3500, the ESI 600 phone system has:

  • 408 IP stations
  • 336 digital stations
  • 188 analog stations
  • 32 voicemail ports with up to 1,200 hours storage
  • 64 conference ports
  • 168 central office lines
  • 624 call processing ports

The ESI 1000 phone system costs approximately $4000 with the following features:

  • 810 IP stations
  • 504 digital stations
  • 384 analog stations
  • 128 voicemail ports with up to 1,200 hours storage
  • 64 conference calls
  • 1,128 call processing ports

Important: Pricing for these phone systems is for the base cabinets. Bundles and packages for telephones, memory, port cards, adapters and other applications are extra.

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