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Do Digium’s products come out on top in the digital communication market? Dig in to our review to find out

Digium has had its feet firmly planted in the digital communication market since 1999. As well as offering two market-leading solutions, the company was acquired by Sangoma in 2018, allowing it to continue developing innovative digital and telecommunication products.

Digium’s market-leading products cover the unified communication (UC) and open source sectors. Its products are essential for modern day business communication, whether your company is small, medium-sized, or large.

Its flagship product is Switchvox, an innovative piece of phone system software that can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud.

Switchvox – Everything You Need to Know

Switchvox interface on a computer and a phone
Switchvox is Digium's flagship product

What is Switchvox?

Switchvox is a malleable UC phone system that bends to the will of your business. There are four phone system models to choose from – each suited to a different type or size of business – and two distinct deployment methods.

The first deployment method is hosting your own Switchvox phone system on an on-premise server. This will give you greater control over your phone system – whether it’s choosing when and if to install an update, or to add another telephone line. You will, however, require your own IT department to take care of the system.

The second deployment method is hosting Switchvox via the Cloud. This is a completely hands-off method – it’s low maintenance, cost-effective, and doesn’t require an internal IT department. You can find out more about how Cloud hosting compares to on-premise hosting by taking a look at our VoIP phone systems page.

Switchvox’s Top Features

Regardless of whether you choose to host your Switchvox phone system on the Cloud or on-premise, you can expect to benefit from the same innovative UC software features. These features are comprised of communication tools, analytics, and call management tools, such as:

  • Instant messaging
  • Recording and monitoring
  • Conference and video calling
  • Developer APIs
  • Interactive voice response tools

But it isn’t all about the software – Digium has also developed phone handsets that have been exclusively designed for Switchvox. There are four phones to choose from, and all offer HDVoice, call recording, interactive voicemail, a contact book, and call logging.

All phone handsets are plug in and play, and have the ability to integrate with a range of business tool apps – whether they be existing apps or ones you’ve built yourself.

The Customers’ Verdict

We’ve put together a handy section of pros and cons, so you can see which aspects of Digium’s service customers are applauding – and where there’s room for improvement.


  • Packed full of features
  • Great tool for multiple job titles
  • Affordable (for what it is)
  • Very useful training videos
  • No hidden fees or add-ons


  • A little complicated to use at first
  • Not as many integrations as other phone systems

Our Verdict

Digium claims that customers can save up to 70% in telephony costs by investing in its Switchvox system. That’s a pretty big statement, but it’s one we can get on board with.

Thanks to the range of Switchvox products and packages available, you can invest in a phone system that is tailored precisely to your business’ needs. With that said, it should be mentioned that Digium’s phone system is completely scalable – you can even choose to move your phone system on-premise, or to the Cloud, without losing any of your settings.

If you’re worried about costs, Digium is flexible with payment options, too. You can choose to pay for hardware upfront, or add it to your monthly software bill and pay off the cost of the hardware in installments.

That being said, Switchvox is a featureful system, and therefore won’t be the cheapest system to buy – nor the easiest system in the world to use. It’s also worth noting that Digium is very invested in open source and API technology, which means you’ll find a limited number of pre-integrated apps compared to other VoIP systems.

If you’re looking for your next business phone solution, the best thing to do is to compare phone systems from a range of providers. We’ve made this super-easy for you – just fill in our form with a few details about your business and the best suppliers for your requirements will be in touch.

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