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JJ Keller Review

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  • Industry-leading regulatory compliance
  • Seamless desktop software integrations
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Rich ecosystem of integrations

X Cons:

  • Limited fleet management features

Founded in 1953, JJ Keller & Associates, Inc. built its reputation on publishing and business services. Today, it's known for services in human resources, construction safety, hazardous materials, workplace safety, and OSHA compliance.

Transportation and fleet management services were, and still are, among the company's core breadwinners. The company is located in Neenah, Wisconsin, a stone's throw from its original offices.

JJ Keller Core Products and Services

JJ Keller Mobile E-Logging

The JJ Keller Mobile app might just be the smartest fleet E-logging solution we’ve seen. It solves an important problem; namely, how do commercial drivers get real-time feedback on their driving?

ELDs are normally installed out of sight, below the vehicle dashboard. This means that drivers can’t access the data recorded by the device in real time. The JJ Keller Mobile app acts as a graphical user interface (GUI) for drivers. It makes the transition from paper logs to E-Logs seamless by integrating with drivers' existing smart devices.

It allows drivers to update their duty status paperlessly and log it on the on-board ELD. The touchscreen also gives drivers immediate visual feedback to help them make better driving decisions.

JJ Keller Mobile works with Android and iDevices. The app also integrates seamlessly with Encompass, which is JJ Keller's back office app for fleet managers. Once installed, the app communicates wirelessly with the on-board ELD. The driver can see their GPS coordinates, engine data and HOS compliance in real time. Software updates, changes to HOS regulation, and reporting are all done wirelessly, and do not require new hardware.

Using the touchscreen, drivers can browse their vehicle records at any time. The app stores E-Log data that can be brought up with a few touchscreen taps during road inspections. For drivers and fleet owners, this means more driving time and less manual E-Log entry error.

Because the app works on many devices, it's a great solution for drivers who rely on different operating systems. It gives them flexible access to HOS logs and inspection reports, and a Roadside Inspector Mode presents useful data for roadside inspections. The cloud-based Encompass back office keeps fleet managers in the loop with everything in real time.

JJ Keller Compliance Tablet

The JJ Keller Compliance Tablet was a Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine 2014 Top 20 Winner. It's an Android tablet with a 7" form factor that's close in size to a paper logbook.

The Compliance Tablet is extremely easy to use straight out of the box. The full suite of JJ Keller Mobile apps is pre-installed, giving the device true plug-and-play functionality. Meanwhile, remote access to journey logs, tech support, and troubleshooting are all possible from the back office. As an all-in-one solution, it saves you the hassle of researching, procuring and outfitting tablets for your fleet. Plus, it comes at a price that's reasonable for first-timers.

The Compliance Tablet won't allow the installation of unauthorized software and applications. Like the E-Log and E-DVIR package, it features a Roadside Inspection mode, and is suitable for all vehicle classes. Essentially, the JJ Keller Compliance Tablet works for cars, pickups, Class 8 trucks, and everything in between. All data is shared via the cloud-based Encompass system for reporting, tracking and analysis.

Encompass with E-Logs: Encompass is a cloud-based system that helps fleet managers to mine insights from driver and vehicle data. To do this, Encompass pulls in data from two sources:

  1. From an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) that plugs into the engine's diagnostic port
  2. From the JJ Keller Mobile app that's installed on drivers' mobile devices. 

The end result? Roadside inspections are faster, CSA scores are improved, fuel efficiency is increased, and DOT audits are drastically reduced.

JJ Keller Permits

On top of fleet management, JJ Keller provides assistance with commercial motor vehicle (CMV) regulatory compliance. JJ Keller Permits handles the administrative burden of the permit request process from start to finish.

If your fleet requires any of the following permit types, JJ Keller Permits can help:

  • Oversize/Overweight Permits: If a vehicle’s load exceeds certain dimensions or a certain weight, federal law requires the driver to possess an oversize/overweight permit.
  • Temporary Trip Permits: A temporary trip permit is required for any vehicle travelling to a state in which it is not registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • Fuel Permits: Temporary fuel permits are needed for vehicles travelling to states in which they do not hold an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license.
  • Mileage Permits: There are four states in which, in addition to complying with IFTA, drivers must obtain separate mileage permits. These states are Kentucky, New Mexico, New York and Oregon.

You can purchase JJ Keller permits through a simple online payment portal. Once you’ve submitted details for all of your vehicles, JJ Keller takes care of the rest.

What's clever is that it uses the vehicle and trip data captured by your fleet management solution. This saves all parties time during the permit application process.

JJ Keller Service Editions

Keller's service is offered in multiple tiers, or "Editions".

Service Editions
1.The Premium Edition offers complete compliance and performance management
2.The Compliance Edition specifically targets vehicle compliance metrics for back-office management
3.The E-Logs Edition logs HOS and DVIR data for compliance purposes
4.Log Checker Online is for fleets that aren't ready to implement EOBR and ELD technology; it allows fleet managers to manually enter logs, but couples that data to auditing and reporting tools that assist in compliance

Divisions and Selected Partner Sites

JJ Keller Business Services' offerings are a diverse lot. In fact, many of the business's partner sites reinforce and slightly overlap each other's areas of expertise. But they all focus squarely on mobile and online Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Together, they form a fleet consulting services package that opens up lots of options for fleet managers. In addition to full outsource service, Keller services and partner sites include:

JJ Keller is an IRS-approved e-file vendor for the electronic filing of Forms 2290 (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form) and 8849 (credit for vehicles sold, destroyed or stolen, and mileage use credit). The service is intended for companies that operate 25 or more Class 8 (55,000+ pound) trucks.

CSA Management Suite

CSA Management lets fleet operators track their CSA BASICs scores, and offers access to JJ Keller’s regulatory experts. They're happy to answer questions and help you to take a proactive approach to fleet management, avoiding FMCSA violations and improving safety.

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Compliance Programs

These include hazardous materials (HAZMAT), Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance and safety, Motorcoach and Bus compliance and safety, and even expert witness services.


FleetMentor is an online fleet management, tracking and telematics provider. Services include driver education, record keeping, driver qualification and compliance, and CSA management. Customers get access to a personal advisor, and regular news updates to help them plan for regulatory changes.

Training on Demand

JJ Keller offers instructor-led on-site training. The service assists companies with curriculum development in conjunction with employee training schemes.

Customer Support

On top of phone and email support, there's a wealth of online learning materials for JJ Keller Encompass. Taken together with the company's curriculum development and in-person training, Keller backs their customers to the hilt.

Expert Verdict

In an evolving regulatory environment, JJ Keller treats its customers as partners in safety and compliance. The firm provides business owners, fleet operators and managers with just the right mix of technology, services, and business intelligence. This commitment extends to giving first-rate customer service together with its products, services and training.