Element Fleet Management Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

element fleet tracking review

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Element Fleet Management is a division of Element Financial Corporation. Through an extensive network, the company has expanded its reach far beyond North America, and offers fleet management solutions to a truly global client base.

Through a combination of financial and technical expertise wedded to top-shelf customer service, Element helps companies large and small to control expenses, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

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Element Fleet Management Review
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Reviewed by Expert Market:01/24/2019


Through acquisitions and partnerships, Element has expanded the reach of its fleet management business to one that is truly global in scope.

A long-term agreement with Arval, following on Element’s acquisition of PHH Arval in 2014, means that the Element/Arval partnership alone spans nearly one and a half million vehicles on five continents, covering the US and Canada, Brazil, Morocco, Russia, China, India, and the UK, among others.

Partnerships with Comercial Arlete (Mexico), Mareauto S. A. (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru), Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service (Japan and Thailand), Avis Fleet Services (Ghana and southern Africa), and SG Fleet (Australia and New Zealand) mean that the alliance has a truly global presence, with more than 2 million vehicles worldwide under the direct management of Element-Arval alliance and its partners.

Products and Services

Fleet management is vital to companies and organizations, but it’s also typically one of their largest non-product expenses. Often as not, managing that cost has ripple effects that affect both the company and those who drive its cars and trucks.

For that reason, Element Fleet Management aims to minimize costs of ownership and operation by streamlining processes and managing the many variables that come with fleets large and small. Element provides a truly full-service experience that covers the fleet management lifecycle from start to finish.

As a finance company, Element is ideally positioned to provide acquisition and fleet financing services. In cases where ownership is not the most cost-effective option, the company will also help its client choose appropriate fleet lease or rental arrangements.

Once the fleet is operational, clients can take advantage of licensing and regulatory compliance assistance, and tools fleet safety, accident and risk management. To control expenses, fleets can take advantage of maintenance management and fuel services, plus usage and expense tracking.

With a full battery of telematics systems and software, used in tandem with Xplore business intelligence, fleet managers are able to bring efficiency and higher profits to fleet operation. Toward the end of the fleet lifecycle, Element can also offer remarketing. And for businesses that transcend borders, Element Fleet Management offers Global Fleet Services.
Perhaps most uniquely, Element offers Total Fleet, a service that allows owners to outsource all or part of their fleet management needs to a dedicated team at Element. Options include TotalFleet Essential (phone support), TotalFleet Advanced (daily operations and administration), and TotalFleet Ultimate, which is a fully outsourced service.

Case Studies


Safelite logo

Auto glass replacement service Safelite came to Element with a fleet consisting of approximately 5,500 service vans, and the goal of improving driver safety. After a three-month pilot program that tested Element’s systems in 120 vehicles, Safelite found that driving was safer and gas consumption had dropped.

The full roll-out that followed soon after showed impressive results. Thanks to Element’s full lifecycle approach, Safelite received a full consultation on the equipment provided, plus full installation.

Safelite also benefited from the data provided by the service, which improved driver productivity and compliance, and improved customer service. Not only had the company met its goal of increasing driver safety, but it had also cut each field officer’s price per customer. Managers loved the program, and after saving 2.5 million dollars in the program’s first full year, so did Safelite.

Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland logo

Charities and nonprofit organizations are well-known for the ability to stretch a dollar. They have to, given that most operate on miniscule budgets that lead to razor-thin margins. Meals on Wheels needed a solution that provide them with vans that had the ability to keep meals at their appropriate temperatures (whether a meal started out hot or cold, it needed to stay that way).

By pairing with Element, Meals on Wheels was able to expand its daily deliveries to seniors and the disabled beyond their previous delivery area.

The savings brought on by the increased fleet efficiency also saved the organization money that was put into providing meals for still more people; the organization’s director estimates that leasing instead of owning has cut operating costs by nine percent, which translated to 1,600 more meals per year. Rather than relying on technology, Element reached instead to its history in finance to provide the best outcome to the customer.


Element provides fleet management to more than one third of the Fortune 500, and points with pride to the fact that it boasts retention north of 90 percent. In fact, more than 250 of its clients have been with the company for more than twenty years.

As a company with roots in finance, Element Fleet Management is uniquely positioned to deliver value to its customers. Fleet management, after all, is so much more than technology or software; it’s the intersection of data and business intelligence with cost-benefit analysis.

Element’s experience, commitment to service, and willingness to work with its customers’ needs and goals, elevates Element from the telematics/SaaS space to a level that maximizes value and strengthens the bottom line.

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