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AMS Vehicle Tracking Review

AMS Vehicle Tracking Review

Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS) began life in the United Kingdom where their sophisticated fleet management systems have been helping businesses increase their efficiency and profitability for a number of years.

They now have an office in United States, which is good news for American businesses looking to install top of the range fleet management systems in their commercial vehicles.

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About AMS Vehicle Tracking Devices

AMS offer a wide range of different vehicle tracking products, so it’s easy to find a solution that fits your company’s needs.

The options range from a more basic tracking device to a detailed vehicle monitoring system. The tracking device is simple to use and can be connected to a vehicle, which then readies the device to monitor a variety of information, this can also then review the driver's performance.

The AMS Fleet Manager is the most advanced of their tracking devices. It’s a top of the range system and has a number of great features including Garmin Satellite Navigation integration, driver identification and temperature monitoring. This device is far more capable than the more standard models and can measure and monitor a variety of data including key metrics like temperature.

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There are many advantages to installing AMS fleet management devices in your vehicles. These include:

  • A unique web interface created in house that can be customized to each user’s specific needs.
  • Their tracking systems deliver accurate up to the minute data in a user friendly form.
  • They offer a wide range of devices and plans to suit all budgets. Their cost-effective solutions will pay for themselves in less than 12 months.
  • The AMS web-interface is regularly updated and delivered to customers free of charge.

Case Studies

Farmers Coop Elevator


For more than a century, Farmers Cooperative Elevator has served American agriculture. When the company found that their drivers' routes were not as efficient as they could have been -- and that, often as not, they didn't know where those drivers were -- they called on AMS. AMS went above and beyond Farmers Cooperative's expectations.

They quickly realized the intended benefit of increased routing efficiency and driver performance, and also realized that the system delivered another unexpected benefit: its ability to monitor individual vehicles quickly uncovered a mechanical issue that caused one of those vehicles to burn more fuel than its counterparts in the fleet. Correcting that issue gave the Coop a long-term fuel savings atop the already significant savings brought on by better tracking and routing.

Alcon Express

Fleet management is about much more than tracking a fleet's rolling stock. Alcon Express found that AMS was just as adept at tracking driver behavior in ways that allowed Alcon to vastly improve performance. The company suspected that its drivers were spending too much time idle between jobs, driving up company expenses by decreasing efficiency and wasting payroll.

Once the AMS system was implemented, Alcon was able to identify areas of improvement, introducing driver accountability measures that would not otherwise have been possible. The company has not been the sole beneficiary of these changes; their customers appreciate the new standard of service and accountability that's come with the AMS system.

With access to this information, a business can gather true and reliable data about any vehicle in the fleet. This knowledge allows you to monitor performance but most importantly to find out what's not working and to work out how to improve.