Verizon Review: Is It The Very Best Asset Tracking Systems Out There?

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Discover what’s beyond the Verizon with our asset tracking review…

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  • Keep tabs on high-value equipment in real time
  • Expansive wireless network to help you track assets while you're on the move
  • Easy-to-install hardware


  • Some online reviews say the customer service could be better
At a glance: Verizon was recently ranked the top network supplier for the 10th year in a row in Root Metric’s network performance category

Verizon’s asset tracking system will enable you to keep an eye on all of your valuable machinery and equipment – check up on the whereabouts of your assets, log their condition, and evaluate their usage to determine whether you’re getting a good return on your investment.

How does Verizon do it? Well, it all starts with software. Verizon states that its software is ‘powerfully simple’, which is essential when you’re looking to integrate a new system into a large team.

Verizon uses its expansive network coverage to ensure all of your large assets remain linked up to the software. And if you happen to be outside of 3G or 4G zones, the asset tracking hardware will remain linked up via GPRS or satellite. Let’s find out what else Verizon can do…

What are Verizon’s Features and Benefits?

Verizon is one of the best asset tracking software companies out there, so you’ll find all of its asset tracking hardware is:

  • Factory fitted or AEMP compatible
  • Weather resistant
  • Equipped with long battery life
  • Built for flexible configuration
  • 3G, 4G or satellite enabled

 So let’s see how some of these main features will benefit your company.

✓ Intel Asset Location and History

How much time have you wasted calling around trying to track down an asset? Thanks to Verizon’s GPS technology, you’ll automatically be alerted to nearby assets on your device, which is why we rate Verizon as one of the best GPS tracking software for construction.

What about how much money you’ve wasted hiring equipment unnecessarily? Use the Verizon app to follow the user journey of your assets and plan your projects accordingly.

On the downside, Verizon does not provide any incident reporting features. Unlike Samsara, Verizon’s software will not alert your asset management system of any road traffic incidents such as speeding, crashing, or harsh braking which could leave you feeling in the dark as a manager.

Verizon Connect software

✓ Protect Your Assets Against Unauthorized Use

Do you ever worry about leaving your assets onsite at night? Thanks to Verizon’s geofencing technology, you can set a virtual perimeter around your site. If any of your equipment passes the boundary, you’ll be sent an alert, allowing you to notify the emergency services immediately.

✓ Monitor Asset Condition

Verizon software enables you to log important maintenance and service dates for each piece of equipment. In addition to that, special sensors within the hardware can pick up on temperature change, excessive vibration and door movement, giving you greater insight into machinery use.

Think Verizon could be an asset to your company? Then let’s get the ball rolling. If you’d like some quick, no-obligation quotes from trusted asset tracking suppliers, all you have to do is share some details about your business and we’ll then match you up with the suppliers that best suit your requirements.

How Much Does Verizon Cost?

Verizon’s asset tracking works as a software as a service (SaaS) system. All that means is you pay Verizon each month to display and store your data using its software and server.

Asset tracking systems are unique to each business’s needs, so it’s impossible to say how much a Verizon package will cost you per month. The best way to find out is to request a free demo from one of their sales reps.

A sales rep will help you work out which hardware you require for your specific business needs. After that, they’ll be able to put a price on how much their hardware will cost you. They’ll then work out a price for the software side of things based on how many employees will use the software, and how many software features you require.

Is Verizon Right for my Business?

“I am a small business owner”

Verizon has designed its asset tracking system with larger machinery in mind. For small companies that hire their bigger bits of machinery, this limitation may make this particular asset tracking package unsuitable.

However, Verizon can make a valuable addition to your small business if you do own your own larger machinery. For example, Verizon’s hardware and software package will enable you to keep track of the location and maintenance schedule of your tools, helping you to spend less money in the long run.

“I want to know exactly when my tools are in use”

With Verizon’s GPS asset tracking technology, you know exactly where your equipment is at any time. And because you can log the status of equipment on the software app, you’ll know for sure whether the tool is in use, or not – meaning you’ll never charge more than necessary.

Assess your asset tracking options by comparing free quotes today

Verizon offers a great asset tracking system for larger machines and equipment. However, you should always keep your options open before making a decision, especially if you’re looking to track smaller assets. The easiest way to find the best deal is by comparing quotes from trusted asset tracking companies, which is where we can help.

To get started, all you have to do is share some quick details about your business on our free comparison tool and we’ll find the supplier that best suits your exact requirements. Those suppliers will then provide you with non-obligation quotes for you to compare – it’s really quick and easy.

Verizon’s easy-to-use interface makes it less time-consuming to train your staff on how to use the system, while Verizon’s dedication to developing their hardware means you know you’re investing in one of the most advanced solutions available.

As a multi-service company with a healthy portfolio of household name customers, Verizon has been around the block and would be a great asset to any sized business.

However, if you don’t think Verizon is right for you, then read our Tenna Review to find out more about an alternative supplier.

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