What is The Best Asset Tracking for Construction in 2021?

GPS tracking for construction businesses

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: July 26 2021

Learn how investing in asset tracking software for construction will save your company time and money…

Investing in asset tracking for construction could help you save money on your heavy-duty machinery, making it a worthwhile investment. But which one is right for your business?

We’ve carried out the research for you, searching far and wide for the best asset tracking software for construction in the US and whittling them down to just six options. Check out our table below for a sneak preview of what’s to come:

CompanyBest for
TennaCustomer support
Verizon ConnectHigh-tech system
CloudHawkWeak signal areas
Asset PandaIntegrated system

What is GPS Asset Tracking for Construction?

GPS asset tracking will pinpoint exactly where your machinery is. That way, you can be 100% certain that your machinery is in the right place at the right time. And with your GPS tracker keeping tabs on its location, you’ll know if anyone attempts to steal it.

It works when a gadget fitted inside the cab of your vehicle hooks up to an app on your tablet or phone via a cellular network. You can easily locate the vehicle on the app, and it’ll even send you alerts if there’s any unauthorized use.

You can invest in GPS tracking as part of a greater asset management system. So in addition to knowing the whereabouts of your heavy-duty machinery, you can also clue yourself up on the location of handheld tools and your mid-sized machinery, too.

And what does this all mean for you? A whole lot of time gained back and a whole lot of money saved. Investing in construction equipment tracking is a no-brainer.

What is the Best GPS Asset Tracking Software for Construction?

From our extensive research, we know that the best asset tracking for construction are made by:

  1. Tenna
  2. Verizon Connect
  3. CloudHawk
  4. Asset Panda

This is because the solutions offered by these companies have an edge over other heavy equipment tracking devices on the market. Here’s what makes each one stand out:

Tenna Logo

Tenna has some pretty cool gadgets in its inventory. The one you should be looking at for your construction company is the TennaGo Tracker. According to Tenna, it’s flexible and durable, easy to install, and long-lasting – perfect for full-on construction sites. The device works by connecting to a cellular network, and can also track engine hours, too.

Tenna’s got pretty good ratings across the board when it comes to both the company itself and their products. With its intelligent GPS software and small and mid-size tool tracking solutions, you can rely on Tenna for the complete asset tracking for construction package.

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Verizon Connect Logo

Verizon GPS technology isn’t just about locating your machinery. In fact, its GPS gadgets have a few additional perks. How about knowing info such as temperature change, vibration levels and door movement? Or how about geofencing? It casts a virtual perimeter around your construction site and will send you an alert if your vehicle crosses it, giving emergency services a huge heads up if someone attempts to steal it.

The company itself is set on developing the latest innovative technology within the asset tracking sector. That being said, users say Verizon’s software is easy to use, which means you can keep training time to a minimum.

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Cloudhawk Logo

Not all construction sites are in the city center. So what happens when you’re working on a project in the middle of nowhere where cell phone signal is weak at best? Fortunately, CloudHawk’s GPS technology is up to the challenge.

Not only this, it’s easy enough to install yourself, clever enough to know when to reduce data transmission, and waterproof enough to attach to the external surface of vehicles in even the bleakest of environments.

CloudHawk is a fairly small company, so what you see is what you get. With several of the CloudHawk founders having previously worked for companies as big as Blackberry, you know your large assets are in safe hands.

Asset Panda Logo

When it comes to Asset Panda, the impression on the web is that its customer service is next level. In addition to that, it’s made sure that its GPS asset tracking system ticks all the right boxes. Its mobile app is free and there’s no limit on the number of users, so it’s great for different workforce sizes.

You can also integrate its asset tracking system with a range of apps, including G Suite and Zen Desk. According to Asset Panda, integration with CRM systems such as Salesforce and email marketing app MailChimp are on the horizon, making it ideal for those who want a future-proof system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GPS Tracking Reduce Theft?

Installing a hidden GPS tracker in all of your vehicular equipment will help deter thieves from stealing it – much like the soft CCTV warning. And even if they do attempt to steal your equipment, the GPS technology will ensure they don’t get much of a head start – if any.

Does GPS Tracking Increase Efficiency?

Imagine a working day where you’re not calling up your team in a panic asking where your most valuable assets are. When operations happen manually, it only takes one human error for equipment to seemingly go missing. Take the healthcare industry for example – hospital asset tracking software can help doctors find important tools quickly and easily, reducing the time searching around the building while patients are waiting. That's why investing in GPS tracking, plus the automated software, will ensure any action involving your equipment is recorded.

How Does Asset Tracking for Construction Optimize Asset Utilization?

Asset tracking software for construction keeps all the information relating to your tools and machinery in one place. In addition to finding out where your equipment is located, you can also keep tabs on usage. This will enable you to look at patterns and use the data to determine whether a piece of equipment may be better utilized elsewhere in your company, or whether you actually need it at all.

Can GPS Tracking Enhance Safety?

Yes! If you invest in asset tracking software for construction, you’ll be able to record data such as service dates, when you need to replace parts, and any tool defects. Some GPS trackers can monitor engine hours, mileage and vibration levels, which will give you greater indication of whether it’s time for your machinery to have a checkup.

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If you like the sound of GPS tracking, you may want to look at a wider solution. Fleet tracking enables you to manage all of your vehicles – including trucks and vans. Team that up with fuel cards – which save you money at the gas pump – and you’ll soon be on your way to more efficient working operations and better spending of company money.

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