The 5 Best Asset Tracking Software Systems

Find out which asset tracking software is best for your business…

Asset tracking software can help your business boost productivity and cut costs, turning managing and maintaining your assets into seamless tasks. Be warned, though – some systems are better than others, or simply suit different types of businesses.

This article will help you decide which asset tracking software is right for your business. Thanks to our extensive research and years of experience in the field, we were able to select and review five of the best solutions in the US today. The best overall option is Samsara, but it might not be exactly right for you.

Check out the table below for a quick snapshot of which suppliers made the cut, followed by our individual reviews that discuss pricing, features, pros and cons, and more.

The Best Asset Tracking Software Companies

CompanyBest for
SamsaraBest overall
Verizon ConnectMoving assets
Asset PandaBest value software
LinxupSmall assets
PulsewayMobile Apps

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1. Samsara

Best Overall

Samsara’s asset tracking software is designed to help you locate, maintain, and care for your high value assets, such as large machinery and heavy-duty vehicles.

During our deep-dive into Samsara, we particularly liked its maintenance alerts. You can schedule these based on your machines’ engine usage hours, helping ensure you never overspend on servicing. You can also set up location-based geofence alerts to give you clear eyes on where your most valuable assets are at all times.

With its wealth of features, including GPS tracking and geofencing, Samsara could be overkill for some small businesses looking to track everyday tools or equipment. However, it’s our top rated asset tracking software for a reason – it has everything most businesses would need in order to successfully manage assets.


  • Receive maintenance alerts based on engine hours
  • Ideal for tracking high-value assets
  • Track powered and unpowered assets


  • Geared towards tracking large assets such as large machinery
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2. Verizon Connect

Best for Moving Assets

Verizon Connect offers superb GPS asset tracking software, making it one of the best options for construction companies, or businesses that own lots of moving assets.

All of Verizon’s hardware is weather resistant, with long battery life and 4G capability, ensuring you can track your assets easily from your mobile device or laptop. We were also impressed by Verizon’s asset location and history features, which can automatically alert your smartphone to nearby assets, letting you know where they’ve been and who’s used them.

Unlike Samara, Verizon doesn’t provide any incident reporting features, such as crashing or speeding alerts, which is one downside to consider.

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  • Excellent GPS tracking to help you manage your moving assets
  • Software is easy to install and use
  • Expansive wireless network to help you track assets while you’re on the move


  • Doesn’t offer incident reporting features

3. Asset Panda

Best Value Asset Tracking Software

With prices starting at just $125 per month – when tracking up to 500 assets – Asset Panda is one of the best value asset tracking solutions on the market.

Whether you’re looking for education or hospital asset tracking software, we’re sure that Asset Panda has the features to help, including excellent US-based customer support, barcode generation, and alerts that tell you when equipment or technology contracts are due to expire.

Asset Panda’s pricing is based on how many assets you need to manage, which is something to consider if your business starts growing quickly. Its software isn’t as sophisticated as some other suppliers, but it’s still great value for money because it offers a generous range of features at prices that won’t cost the earth. There are cheaper suppliers out there, such as Linxup, but they don’t quite match Asset Panda for overall value for money.


  • Impressive features make it great value for money
  • Suitable for a variety of industries, including healthcare and education
  • Excellent customer service


  • Geared towards tracking smaller assets i.e. not construction machinery
  • Software not as sophisticated as some other suppliers on this list

Asset Panda Pricing

Figuring out how much asset tracking costs is important in order for you to plan your budget. Thankfully, Asset Panda’s pricing is clear and is based on how many assets you want to track. Each plan includes unlimited user accounts, customer support, and integrations with popular software such as Zapier, G Suite, and Zendesk.

Number of assetsCost (billed annually)
500$125.00 /month
1,000$191.42 /month
1,500$257.83 /month
2,000$324.25 /month
3,000$422.75 /month
3,500$472.00 /month
4,000$521.25 /month
4,500$570.50 /month
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4. Linxup

Best for Small Assets

Linxup specializes in smaller GPS devices to help you track your everyday assets – whether they’re power tools, lighting equipment, or waste disposal bins.

When researching Linxup, we liked that you’re able to set up time-sensitive alerts – such as device tampering – get reports on machine hours, and identify each asset’s previous location really easily.

Linxup offers only two price plans, which seems rather inflexible when compared to the companies that offer bespoke pricing to suit your exact needs. However, there is a bespoke option if you have lots of assets to track, but you’ll need to contact Linxup to get more detail on how much that’ll cost.


  • Ideal for tracking small assets thanks to its mini GPS trackers
  • 4.7/5 customer rating from 6,100+ reviews on Shopper Approved


  • Only offers two price plans which might be restrictive

Linxup Pricing

Linxup offers two set price plans to choose from, plus a one-time fee for each asset tracker, ranging from $29.99 to $99.99:

PlanCostWhat you’ll get
Linxup Aware$14.99/month

GPS track and trace



Diagnostic trouble codes


Everything on the Linxup Aware plan, plus:

Enhanced reporting

Upload customer locations

Input sensor data

5. Pulseway

Best for Mobile Apps

Pulseway has put the mobile user at the forefront, offering cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) software and an excellent iPad app to help you manage your assets on the move.

The software is really easy to use, enabling you to access the entire range of features from its intuitive interface. The downside is that there is no remote desktop access from Windows computers, which might prove difficult for some users. However, if you’re constantly on the go, Pulseway is the asset tracking software for you.


  • Ideal for tracking small assets thanks to its mini GPS trackers
  • 4.7/5 customer rating from 6,100+ reviews on Shopper Approved


  • Only offers two price plans which might be restrictive
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Expert Verdict

We’ve revealed the best asset tracking software that’s available in the US, backed up by our independent research. Now you’ve reached the end of the article, you should have a clear idea which one is right for your business. For a recap, let’s remind ourselves which asset tracking systems made our list…

The best asset tracking software systems are:

  • Samsara – best overall
  • Verizon Connect – best for moving assets
  • Asset Panda – best value
  • Linxup – best for small assets
  • Pulseway – best for mobile apps

Don’t forget, we can put you in touch with leading asset tracking software companies that best suit your needs. All you need to do is answer a few questions using our free comparison tool, and we’ll match your answers with the companies that can best cater for you. They’ll then contact you with more information and tailored, no-obligation quotes. Finding the perfect asset tracking supplier has never been easier.

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