No matter what your business does, your office needs to be stocked with the right equipment, and served by the right utilities. From phone systems that help your staff communicate, to postage meters that weigh and stamp your mail, to a commercial waste carrier to remove your office's garbage, our articles will help you find the systems, models, and services to bring your office to life.

Phone Systems

10 Best Office Phones: Make the Right Call

Finding the right office phone can help you to improve working efficiency and save money. What are you waiting for?

Woman at front desk of a hotel calling using a hotel phone and facing the camera

The Top 5 Hotel Phone System Suppliers

What's the best hotel phone system for your money? Compare the best hotel phone systems and get tailor-made quotes from top suppliers with Expert Market.

Woman using a cordless phone in the office and sat at her desk, side-on image

The Top 10 Best Cordless Office Phones

Help your remote team communicate with mobility: We review and rate the best cordless phones for offices, home-based or otherwise.

conference phone

The 10 Best Conference Phone Systems

Save time and money with a crystal-clear conference phone. We've reviewed and ranked the very best to help you choose the right solution for your business

Postage Meters

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5 Best Postage Meters for Small Businesses

There are benefits to small businesses that have a postage meter as it allows them to purchase only the correct amount of postage when it is required. The amount is deducted from the credit held in the machine.

postage meter

The Top Postage Meter Companies

In order to gain eligibility to benefit from any USPS discounted mailing rates, a business must lease their postage meter from one of the USPS authorized suppliers: Pitney Bowes Neopost Inc Francotyp Postalia Inc (FP USA) Hasler Inc.

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Top 5 Postage Meters Revealed: Our Reviews

Read our review of the five best postage meters for business, with information on pricing, features, and suppliers.

Letters lined up in a mailroom stamped by a postage meter

Postage Meter Rental Guide

A postage meter cannot be owned under federal law, and must be leased or rented because postage is considered currency. Naturally, there are strict controls over apparatus that can print currency and as such, all meters must be rented or leased via a contract provided by just a handful of authorized or licensed dealers. In addition, companies that process very high volumes of business post must carry a special license.

Commercial Waste

Commercial waste truck

The Top 5 Commercial Waste Companies

Economical commercial waste disposal solutions are hard to come by. Check out the most cost-effective commercial waste companies in our list.

hazardous waste management

Hazardous Waste Management: Everything You Need to Know

Hazardous waste management is risky business. Find out how to dispose of it safely, and compare waste management quotes today.

The True Cost of Commercial Waste Disposal

How efficiently does your firm handle waste management? Learn how to cut costs, increase profit, and compare quotes and solutions.

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These are the Countries that Save the Most Money Around the World

Which country saves the most money around the world? And which country saves the least? Get ready for a surprise, here is our study!