Track Your Truck Review: Is it the Right Fleet Management System for You?

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Track your truck activity more accurately than ever

Illinois-based Track Your Truck (TYT) was founded in 1998. For nearly twenty years, the company has provided GPS tracking systems that integrate as smoothly with customers’ businesses as they do with their vehicles. The company chooses and designs its products carefully, helps its customers to customize the right solution for their fleet size and needs, and backs its products with training and support that allows customers to buy with confidence.

Track Your Truck Review
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Reviewed by Expert Market:11/29/2019

Products and Industries Supported

Solutions are suited to nearly anything on wheels. Their tracking and reporting utilities reduce idle time, identify areas of improvement, streamline pickup and deliveries, manage fuel consumption, get lost drivers back on track, and let your customers know accurate arrival and departure times. Asset tracking helps prevent misuse, theft, and recovery, while heavy equipment and trailer tracking improves jobsite performance and safety while cutting down on duplicate use or unnecessary equipment rentals.

Track Your Truck offers two options:

Covert Tracking

The first of these is Covert Tracking, which allows owners and fleet managers to monitor driver behavior as well as vehicle activity with the added feature of providing security to your fleet. This reduces the possibility of tampering, and also gives a more accurate snapshot of areas of opportunity for driver improvement.

Marine Tracking

The other option is a marine tracking application for barges and river boats, bringing the same benefits of vehicular fleet tracking to small water craft and lending a new meaning to “fleet management.”

In short, whether a business wants to save money, save time, streamline operations, improve safety, or monitor operator behavior, and whether the vehicle in question is a delivery truck, car, bus, bulldozer, or a barge, Track Your Truck offers a viable solution.

Track Your Truck and GPS Hardware

The Three Types of GPS Hardware Available
Cellular Real Time GPS Vehicle TrackingCoyote E/EO, Coyote ST, Coyote RTWorks best for fleets that operate within highly reliable cellular coverage areas
Passive Cellular GPS TrackingSkyhawk TT, Skyhawk TT-SUses intermittent data transfer for vehicles that have close to full-time cellular coverage
Satellite Vehicle TrackingSkyRunner II, Skyhawk II, Skyhawk II-SProvides satellite-only tracking that’s ideal for fleets that operate in areas where cellular service is uneven or nonexistent

NetTrack Software

NetTrack is Track Your Truck’s web-based tracking service. It utilizes a powerful Enterprise Google Maps interface that layers digital, satellite or hybrid maps with each driver’s route. It can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, and it refreshes continually to ensure accurate position reporting. In addition to mapping, there’s a robust suite of reporting tools, a customizable admin panel, automatic archiving, and more.

The service is provided in three tiers or “Editions,” with each succeeding plan building on the options available in the tier below it.

NetTrack EZ

NetTrack EZ provides 60 second GPS updates tethered to real-time tracking via Google Enterprise Maps and a map replay history. It includes the NetTrack mobile app, client admin area, and full customer support.

NetTrack Fleet

NetTrack Fleet adds a NetTrack Reports Module that adds truck activity, mileage and status data, enhanced geofencing, optional Turn-Based Reporting, idle monitoring, vehicle maintenance alerts, and an export utility.

NetTrack Fleet PLUS

NetTrack Fleet PLUS adds 50 custom alerts, additional scheduled reports, remote access/starter disable, and a more robust geofencing utility.

Track Your Truck Prices

Track Your Truck’s products and services start at:

Tracking Unit$169 per unit
Monthly Costs$19.99 per month

Track Your Truck’s products and services are among the most affordable fleet management solutions.

Carrier Partners

Track Your Truck carefully selects its hardware, and has put a great deal of care into its software. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that they’re no less diligent with regard to their carriers. Each carrier partner is vetted and approved. This brings with it certain advantages. Your components work as they should, and all systems are fully FCC, PTCRB and GSM/CDMA Network compliant.

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There’s a library of videos tailored to every part of the fleet management process, from such basic topics as vehicle location and geofences, through to installation, add-ons, reporting, and advanced techniques. Full documentation — in the form of spec sheet and installation guide downloads — is also available, and customers also have online installation and mobile support portals. Additional assistance and personalized training can also be requested via an online ticketing system.

Case Study

Trucking is a notoriously cut-throat business, often leaving fleet owners and managers scrambling for every possible advantage. DMZ Trucking Company owner Dean Zolner found out the hard way just how challenging the business could be, but also found out just how useful an effective fleet management system could be.

DMZ, based near Chicago, Illinois, delivers perishables, packaged goods, and manufacturing supplies throughout the region. Zolner originally reached out to TYT for help tracking his fleet and keeping his clients abreast of scheduling and delivery times. Following the implementation of the system Zolner reported on how easy the system was to use and the positive impact it had on reducing his drivers’ stress levels. Zolner knew where his trucks were, his drivers knew where they had to be, mandatory reporting was completed without a hitch, and his customers were happy.

The service adopted by DMZ cost $25 per month.

Our Verdict

With the wide range of tracking products and services and the affordable price plans TYT are considered to be a good choice for fleet operated businesses wanting to track a fleet of any shape or size.

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