Qualcomm Omnitracs Review: Is it the Fleet Management System for You?

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By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 1 August 2019

Qualcomm Omnitracs Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are as good as they get

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Omnitracs Review: The vehicle tracking software in action

Omnitracs Review
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  • Industry-leading ELD provider
  • The MCP50 is the best ELD around
  • Many drivers already familiar with the tech

X Cons:

  • Inconsistent customer service

In a Nutshell

Omnitracs has whole lot more to offer than first meets the eye.

What is Qualcomm Omnitracs Fleet Management Software?

Update: Qualcomm sold its Omnitracs division to private investors in 2013. All references to ‘Qualcomm Omnitracs’ in this review refer to the fleet management software supplied under the now-distinct Omnitracs umbrella.

More than 30 years after its founding by a team of seven highly experienced industry veterans, Qualcomm remains committed to its original goal of creating quality business communications solutions. Today, it’s a Fortune 500 firm and leading provider of enterprise technologies.

Qualcomm’s Omnitracs division – now under separate management – is responsible for developing the firm’s acclaimed fleet management services. These include hardware and software solutions, such as the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) and the XRS mobile Electronic Logging Device (ELD). These are designed to help fleet managers improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of service.

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Qualcomm Omnitracs offers smart driver safety features – essential for HGVs and long haul jobs

How Can Qualcomm Omnitracs Fleet Management Solutions Help You?

Qualcomm Omnitracs software can help you tackle several common fleet management challenges, including:

  • Managing driver workflows and scheduling assignments
  • Monitoring driver working hours
  • Tracking the performance of a distributed workforce
  • Ensuring vehicles and valuable assets are available when needed
  • Complying with state and federal industry regulations

To this end, the Qualcomm Omnitracs suite includes tools for:

  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Accident and critical event reporting
  • Conducting vehicle inspections
  • Electronic Hours of Service (HoS) record keeping
  • Generating insights from your fleet’s data In-cab training and continuing professional development

This short video explains more about one of Qualcomm's newest fleet management solutions, the low cost MCP50:

What Do Qualcomm Omnitracs Customers Say?

With over 150 field support staff, Qualcomm Omnitracs takes client success seriously. Here’s what customers have to say about the service:

How is Qualcomm Omnitracs Priced?

Check out the pricing table below for Omnitracs’ two most popular vehicle trackers:

Up Front Cost Monthly Cost 3-Year Total Cost
Omnitracs XRS $0 $38* $1,368
Omnitracs IVG $799 $30 $1,879

As you can see, service plans for the most basic Omnitracs service start from just $38/month. Mid/high-range plans with comprehensive fleet management tools and back office support cost more.

Who Are Qualcomm Omnitracs’ Top Competitors?

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Next Steps

There’s a reason why Qualcomm is the largest supplier of fleet management systems in the US, with over 350,000 installed units across the continent. Fantastic ELD solutions and familiar user interfaces make their solutions more than up to the task of helping you to manage your fleet.

All in all, you can't go far wrong with Qualcomm Omnitracs.

Looking to upgrade to your current vehicle tracking system? All it takes is 30 seconds to request quick fleet management quotes.

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