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Omnitracs Qualcomm Fleet Management Review

Omnitracs Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are as good as they get

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  • Industry-leading ELD provider
  • The MCP50 is the best ELD around
  • Many drivers already familiar with the tech

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  • Inconsistent customer service

What is Omnitracs Qualcomm Fleet Management Software?

Founded in 1985 by a team of seven highly experienced industry veterans, Qualcomm has remained committed to its original vision of creating quality communications solutions to business and industry in all sectors, and has now become a global leading provider of high quality wireless technology.

This multifaceted company expects that each of its divisions will contribute their expertise in delivering innovative tools which provide the optimum in management and communications solutions to their customers throughout the industry.

Qualcomm Enterprise Services specialize in providing fleet management services to the commercial transportation industry, offering hardware and software solutions and application services through their user friendly mobile technology.

Fleet managers will find the Qualcomm platform of strategies will enable ongoing fleet efficiency, productivity and sustainability of service.

The raft of intuitive management tools include GPS tracking, vehicle maintenance reporting, compliance and safety software and the ability to optimize driver retention.


What You Can Do with Omnitracs Qualcomm Fleet Management Solutions

With the issue of driver working hours, instances of driver distraction, and driving patterns and behavior behind the wheel potentially resulting in accident an ever present problem within the industry, rigorous state and federal regulations have been introduced resulting in a demand for strict compliance.

Included in the Qualcomm suite of fleet management solutions are tools such as: Performance Monitoring, Critical Event Reporting, Vehicle Inspection Reports and Analytic Management applications which can all help to reduce accidental injury, the loss of cargo and the need to increase administration costs incurred by dealing with insurance claims and loss of productivity.

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According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) the high rates of driver turnover within the commercial transportation sector is a growing challenge which can cost haulers an average of $8,000 every time they have to replace one of their experienced drivers.

One of the keys to maintaining levels of good driver retention is to develop a good working relationship with the workforce.

The Qualcomm raft of applications and platforms offer the ability to address many of the issues which lead to driver dissatisfaction such as lack of communication with the management, insufficient training, having to keep manual logs and record keeping and erratic and 'unfair' scheduling.

Solutions include:
  • The Trip Manager and HOS (hours-of-service) software
  • In-Cab Training and Media Manager packages which allow for ongoing, on the job training
  • Electronic record keeping provided through the In-Cab Scanning application
  • Critical Event Reporting
This short video explains more about one of Qualcomm's newest fleet management solutions, the low cost MCP50:

Our Verdict

The GPS fleet tracking technology delivered through Qualcomm systems has been developed to meet FMCSA requirements and to provide CSA compliance.

With a reputation as a provider of leading telematics technology and over 20 years experience in the fleet tracking industry, Qualcomm is now the largest supplier of fleet management systems in the US with over 350,000 installed units operating across the continent.

The cutting edge technology includes the MCP50 tracking system which has been designed for compliance with current FMCSA requirements but also includes capabilities to meet predictive regulations that will be introduced demanding that all drivers HOS must be recorded via EOBR (electronic on board recorder) technology.

This proves that, once again, Qualcomm is always one step ahead of its competitors and designing for the future.