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Oracle Fleet Management Software Review

Awesome flexibility and great software make for a terrific set of vehicle tracking solutions

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  • Smart mobile app interface
  • Software supports multiple users
  • Thousands of happy customers

X Cons:

  • Some support documentation is out of date

Oracle is a well established, multinational American IT support company with over 65,000 businesses using their software.Their fleet management system was developed in response to the market's requirements for one transportation system that successfully managed fleet resources.

It can be successfully integrated with other Oracle software such as their CRM system or their financial reporting system. Alternatively, it can be set up to integrate with other applications that your business might use. The Oracle fleet management system is designed to help increase productivity, customer satisfaction and driver and vehicle safety while reducing overall costs. Trackers are installed on each individual vehicle which collate information and upload it to a central database, thus providing you with a real time overview of what is happening with your fleet.

Benefits of Oracle Fleet Management

By installing an Oracle system, your business should see a number of immediate benefits. One of the major advantages lies in an area many fleet managers are greatly concerned about, namely fuel and fraud.

Rather than relying on fuel cards, an Oracle system can provide information regarding which vehicle is being refueled and when, its precise location and what the mileage is. In addition to this, the system's effect on residual vehicle values has also been found to be highly beneficial.

In addition, proving that one of your vehicles has been well treated in its lifetime and properly maintained can significantly affect its resale value. The Oracle system will produce a usage certificate for firms when they are looking to resell the vehicles they own.

Other Features of Oracle

Other important features that the Oracle system provides include:

  • Driver time-sheets to ensure your payroll is accurate
  • Driver utilization and assignment
  • Driver dispatch, allowing your dispatchers to identify the closest vehicle to the customer
  • Asset tracking which reduces the risk of vehicle theft
  • Decreased emissions which help create a more environmentally friendly image for your company
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Accurate billing
  • Swift and easy customer and legal dispute resolution

Oracle also offers load tendering, freight weighting order management and third party and manifest messaging. In fact, the whole system is designed to integrate your supply chain into your fleet management to improve business processes within your firm, and in a format that will expand with your business.

Oracle fleet tracking

Oracle Product Integration with GPS Trackers

Oracle fleet management software will work with most trackers that are available in the US including Teletrac Navman, TomTom and Isotrak.

Oracle also supply a number of other transportation management solutions to work in conjunction with fleet management such as:

  • Cooperative routing
  • Transportation operational planning
  • Logistics inventory
  • Brokerage and forwarding operations
  • Sourcing for transportation and freight claims
  • Billing

All of the above are designed to create one solution to manage all aspects of your firm's logistics and transportation activities.

Case Study

A Fully Integrated and Bespoke Solution


Oracle helped Czech company Openmatics develop a proprietary telematics and fleet management platform. Openmetrics sought to develop an open platform that would be compatible across a number of OEM suppliers' solutions, while also allowing for acceptance of third-party applications.

Oracle assisted by providing key parts of the project's information architecture, including Oracle WebCenter Portal and the Oracle Application Development Framework. Functionality was further extended via the Oracle Enterprise Pack streamlined third-party app development and support.

That solid foundation provided a platform on which fleet managers could perform the full range of standard fleet management functions (monitoring and reducing fuel consumption, slashing operating costs, monitoring and managing the use of fleets' rolling stock, ensuring peak safety and maintenance). At the same time, third party vendors are still able to develop complementary apps and services for Openmatics without being tied to a single OEM provider's standard.

Openmatics' customers have benefited from Oracle's development ecosystem. Openmatics has delivered an application that's as robust as it is easy to use, while its cloud-based delivery system allows for compatibility across a range of devices. The open platform also allows a greater range of flexibility, allowing Openmatics' partners to develop bespoke solutions tailored to specific industries.