What Are The 15 Best Cheap CRMs in 2021?

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: October 18 2021

Impress customers while cutting costs for your business with the best cheap CRM software…

Looking for an affordable CRM system that can still boost your business? You’re in the right place. From our research, we know that the best cheap CRM software is provided by Freshworks, Monday.com, and HubSpot.

However, we also know that those three CRM companies might not be the perfect match for your business. That’s why we’ve selected and reviewed the 15 best cheap CRM software suppliers in the country, reviewing their features, pricing, and key pros and cons. By the end, you’ll know exactly which of the cheapest CRM systems is the right pick.

Or, if you’re short on time, you can find the most suitable cheap CRM software quickly and easily by using our free comparison tool. You simply answer a few questions and we’ll match your business with the right CRM company.

15 Best Cheap CRM Software: Comparison Table

Cheap CRM providerBest forStarting price (per user, per month)Free version?Free trial?
ApptivoShoestring budgets$830 days
monday.comManaging big projects$8X14 days
AgileCRMMarketing automation$8.99None
ActiveCampaignUnlimited email sends$9X14 days
ZohoEase of use$1215 days
CapsuleReporting tools$1230 days
StreakGoogle users$1514 days (‘Pro’ plan only)
Really Simple SystemsSimplicity$15Yes
Less Annoying CRMSmall travel agencies$15X30 days
ClozeAutomation and artificial intelligence$1714 days
Bitrix24Larger teams$1930 days
Freshworks CRMSales automation$2921 days
InsightlyCreating beautiful charts and graphs$2914 days
FlowluFinancial records tracking$2914 days
HubSpotGenerous free plan$5030 days


From $8 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for businesses on a shoestring budget

Free plan available

There aren’t many CRM providers that can claim the title of being the cheapest on the market. Actually, there’s just one – Apptivo. So what do you get for your $8 per user, per month?

Well, let’s see. There are 1,000 monthly mass email sends, and 3GB of storage. Access to Apptivo’s wide range of third-party software integrations isn’t to be sniffed at, either – nor is its generous free plan. Our only major qualm with Apptivo is the customer support – you’ll have to upgrade to at least the ‘Ultimate’ plan ($20 per user, per month) for priority attention, and will need to be subscribed to the ‘Enterprise’ plan (pricing on request) for your own account manager.


  • It’s the most affordable CRM software on the market
  • Apptivo’s cheap CRM provides 1,000 email sends per month
  • Includes invoicing, plus the ability to create proposals and purchase orders

X Cons:

  • If you’re new to CRM, Apptivo’s learning curve may well be a steep one
  • You’re limited to just 500MB of storage with the free plan


From $8 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for managing big projects

No free plan available

OK, so monday.com isn’t technically a CRM system. If you want to get specific, it’s more like a project management tool – slick, drag-and-drop-powered software for visualizing your business’ workload. And, though it may not be CRM per se, monday.com is cheap – so cheap, in fact, that we couldn’t find anything that does as much for the same price. monday.com starts at just $8 per user, per month. For that, you’ll get three users and unlimited viewers, plus a system that’s cloud-based, and fully compatible with iOS and Android.

monday.com offers a free 14-day trial across all its plans.


  • Its colorful, intuitive drag-and-drop project management timelines make monday.com easy to use…
  • ...and an absolute pleasure to look at!
  • Comes with 5GB of file storage

X Cons:

  • Zoom integration is only available with monday.com’s ‘Standard’ plan ($10 per user, per month)

monday.com also offers discounts (and, sometimes free subscriptions too!) to nonprofits and businesses working to combat COVID-19. Head to monday.com’s website to find out if you’re eligible.


From $8.99 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for marketing automation and analytics

Free plan available

Cheap CRM systems aren’t typically known for boasting excellent marketing features… or for having generous bulk email send limits. AgileCRM bucks those trends, though – offering not only a free plan, but a superlative CRM product that marketing teams will love. For just $8.99 per user, per month, AgileCRM offers marketers the kitchen sink – 5,000 email sends, social monitoring, and web forms, plus contact level analytics for tracking who, when, and how your customers are interacting with your brand. Agile, indeed!


  • Allows you to dispatch up to 5,000 branded emails per month
  • Provides a drag-and-drop form builder to help you generate leads through your website
  • Two-way email integration and telephony included as standard

X Cons:

  • Despite offering a free version, it’s the only cheap CRM provider we reviewed without a free trial


From $9 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for unlimited bulk email sends

No free plan available

So, ActiveCampaign doesn’t offer a free plan. But, considering it provides a 14-day free trial, no setup or hidden fees, and intelligent CRM – all for the same price as a Netflix subscription – we’ll give it a pass. For your money, you’ll get marketing automation and unlimited email sends – plus as much chat and email support as you could possibly need. You’ll also benefit from ActiveCampaign’s clever, colorful interface, which allows you to manage your contacts, deals, and projects with ease and style.

The main caveat? ActiveCampaign’s cheapest rates ($9 per user, per month) are based on a contact limit of just 500. If you want to store more than this (let’s say, 1,000 contacts), the price nearly triples, to $25 per user, per month. Businesses with scalability on the mind may want to steer clear.


  • Strong chat and email-based customer support
  • Allows you to create and send out newsletters, directly from the software’s interface
  • Easy to set up and use
  • ActiveCampaign’s cheap CRM plan offers unlimited email sends...

X Cons:

  • ...but only supports a paltry three users


From $12 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for ease of use

Free plan available

A free plan and a free trial? Sign us up. As well as boasting one of the most user-friendly, eye-catching, and dynamic interfaces around, Zoho’s CRM is also one of the cheapest. For just $12 per user, per month, Zoho’s ‘Standard’ plan sets the standard – offering everything its free plan does, plus workflows, lead scoring, and mass email capabilities. Add in multiple pipelines and custom dashboards, and Zoho emerges as a CRM that’s equal parts style and substance.

Zoho – along with fellow cheap CRM solutions Insightly and HubSpot – also appears on our list of the top 5 most popular CRM solutions in 2021. Who else made the cut? Click to find out.

Oh, and did you know you can try Zoho completely free, for a whole 15 days? Head to Zoho's website now to get started.


  • Zoho’s cheapest CRM plan includes email insights and sales forecasting
  • Custom reporting available
  • No contractual commitments

X Cons:

  • Zoho (especially its cheapest CRM plans) may prove just a little too simplistic for the needs of some businesses
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From $12 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for its wide range of reporting tools

Free plan available

Free CRM with unlimited cases, custom fields, and sales opportunities… surely it’s too good to be true? Well, yes – in Capsule’s case, it is. Capsule’s free CRM plan limits you to just 250 contacts, and imposes a hugely restrictive 10MB of storage per account. If you’ve got scalability on the brain, you should probably steer clear.

We have no such complaints about Capsule’s cheapest paid plan, though. At $12 per user, per month, it’s among the best value CRM options on the market. As well as 50,000 contacts and 10GB of storage per user, you’ll benefit from solid customer support, a range of reporting tools, and integrations galore. And all for the price of what – three, maybe four cups of coffee per month? It’s a no-brainer!

Did You Know?

Capsule also makes our list of the best CRM systems for travel agencies in 2021.


  • Impressive online-based customer support and knowledge base
  • 99.9% uptime, so you’ll always be online
  • Integrates with MailChimp, Wufoo, QuickBooks, Xero, G Suite, and many more third-party apps

X Cons:

  • Strict user and data storage limits make Capsule a tough pill to swallow for growing businesses


From $15 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for Google lovers

Free plan available

Let’s start with Streak’s free plan. As well as all the core functionality you’d expect from a CRM system (tasks, reminders, call logs, meeting notes, data import/export, and fields), you’ll bag full mobile access, plus private pipelines to keep your immediate team in the loop. There are integrations aplenty (Streak’s compatibility with G Suite is particularly noteworthy), and email tracking and template creation are also included. You’ll even get 50 emails to send a day – not a huge amount, but ideal for smaller, more dynamic ‘guerilla’ campaigns.

Upgrading to Streak’s cheapest CRM plan (‘Solo’, $15 per user, per month) increases that number of email sends to 800, while pumping up the permitted number of ‘boxes’ (the rows of data or items you can have in your pipelines) from 500 to 5,000. Upgrading will also net you email-based support – a step up from the free plan’s complete lack of it!

Streak offers a 14-day free trial, but on its ‘Pro’ plan ($49 per user, per month) only.


  • The free version integrates with over 2,000 third-party applications
  • Highly engaging, vibrant interface
  • Streak’s top-notch Google integration means the software is easy to get the hang of

X Cons:

  • Streak’s free plan doesn’t include any form of customer support (!)
  • All of your team members must be on the same plan

Really Simple Systems

From $15 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for simplicity

Free plan available

With unlimited contacts, 1,000 company records, and a forgiving 1GB of data storage, there’s plenty to love about Really Simple System’s cheapest CRM plan. You’ll receive listing and forecasting reports that are simple to generate and read, as well as a range of custom features, including analytics, fields, tables, widgets, dashboards, and pages. You’ll also benefit from email and online chat support, plus an impressive customer portal – though telephone support and an account manager are reserved for the big spenders only.

If you’re a really small business, Really Simple Systems’ free plan offers a simple alternative to the CRM industry’s big names. Really Simple Systems’ free plan boasts most of the same features as the CRM provider’s cheapest paid plan – though its effectiveness is stymied by more stringent limits on document and data storage.


  • Its cheap CRM plan offers integrations with Google Maps, Zapier, Outlook, and accounting software
  • Send up to 5,000 emails per month, all from within the comfort of the CRM’s interface
  • Task and marketing automation features included with its most basic plan

X Cons:

  • VoIP telephony integration is only unlocked with the ‘Professional’ plan ($33 per user, per month)
  • Add-on packages for marketing teams are expensive, and can quickly run up the overall cost of your CRM
  • Customer service CRM features are only included with the more expensive pricing plans

Less Annoying CRM

From $15 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for small travel agencies

No free plan available

One pricing plan. That’s what you get with Less Annoying CRM – no confusing pricing tiers, no hidden fees, and absolutely no contracts. Just a single, fully feature-rich, extremely cheap version of its powerful CRM software for small teams. For $15 per user, per month, Less Annoying CRM is an address book, a calendar, and a complete sales, marketing, and customer service tool, all rolled into one. Sure, there’s no free plan, but you can still try it free for 30 days – on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or wherever else you access CRM from.

We especially recommend Less Annoying CRM for travel agencies. With pipelines for coordinating cruise and flight bookings, and a series of colorful, drag-and-drop dashboards for managing package vacation sales, Less Annoying CRM makes life easier for travel businesses.

See also: Capsule


  • Less Annoying CRM's single, flat-rate pricing offers simplicity and predictability
  • Its 30-day free trial isn’t to be sniffed at, either!

X Cons:

  • The interface is hugely dated
  • (Like, it’s from the Jurassic period)
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From $17 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for automation and artificial intelligence

Free plan available

When we say ‘artificial intelligence’, your thoughts might turn to Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, or Jude Law’s iconic performance as the android ‘Gigolo Joe’. With Cloze’s ahead-of-its-time CRM, though, AI is used in a far less dystopian – and far more productive – setting. Let us explain.

Cloze’s AI-powered software automatically updates your contacts based on their email signatures. It also understands action items, and will add them to your agenda for you. And if that wasn’t enough? Cloze sends reminders when it’s time to reach out to a key client, or if you’ve forgotten to reply to an important email – helping you tie up loose ends, and Cloze more deals.

Oh, and that’s all on top of the email tracking, templates, and marketing automation capabilities you’d expect from a leading CRM provider – not to mention a surprisingly powerful array of analytical CRM tools, too. You’ll pay just $17 per user, per month, too – though you’ll have to shell out an extra $10 per user, per month for a passable customer support package.

Does Cloze sound like the right fit for your business? Visit our Cloze review to make sure.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Even Cloze’s most expensive plan, ‘Business Platinum’, is super affordable at $42 per user, per month
  • User-friendly interface

X Cons:

  • You’ll need to pay extra for ‘Concierge Service’, Cloze’s add-on customer support plan


From $19 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for larger teams

Free plan available

We never recommend completely free CRM for large teams. It’s not scalable, and usually comes stripped of its best features. However, if you do have a large team (and you’re set on free CRM), Bitrix24 is your best bet. Its free plan has unlimited users, with a heady 5GB of online storage included. You’ll even get basic customer support thrown into the mix. The catch? No email marketing capabilities – and you can forget about any kind of sales intelligence features, too.

Upgrading to Bitrix24’s cheapest CRM plan ($19 per user, per month) nets you mobile payment processing, and unlocks a more advanced version of the CRM’s core features. It also unlocks the highest level of customer support – ideal, after all, for large teams!


  • Its free plan comes with unlimited users, deals, contacts, deals, and companies
  • Chats and video calls are also supported with the free version
  • Bitrix24 allows you to generate quotes and invoices from within the CRM, and send them off with ease

X Cons:

  • Crucial email marketing and sales intelligence features are absent from Bitrix24’s free CRM plan

Freshworks CRM

From $25 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for sales automation

Free plan available

What’s better than a CRM system that can help maximize your profits? A CRM that’s cheap. Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) is both – in fact, it’s our top CRM pick for sales teams, period. Here’s why.

Firstly, lead scoring. You can prioritize new opportunities by their potential value to your business, and manage contacts, deals, and accounts hassle-free – all from a customizable visual pipeline. Secondly? Integrations. Whether it’s your existing email provider, your SMS marketing tool, or over 100 of the apps your small business uses every day, Freshworks CRM has you covered. Thirdly? 24/5 email, chat, and phone support, included with all plans. Need we say more?

If a completely free plan is more your thing, Freshworks CRM doesn’t disappoint. For precisely $0 per month, Freshworks CRM’s free version comes with unlimited users, contacts, and support. Just don’t expect it to scale as your business does!


  • Works with ‘Freshcaller’, Freshworks CRM’s own integrated VoIP telephony product
  • Connects to over 100 third-party business apps
  • Lead management and scoring both available with Freshworks CRM’s cheapest CRM version

X Cons:

  • Bulk email marketing not available with Freshworks CRM’s Sales Cloud – you'll have to opt for its Marketing Cloud plan, instead

Want try any of Freshworks CRM's paid plans (including its most expensive plan, ‘Enterprise', which retails at up to $125 per user, per month), completely free? You can. Head over to Freshworks CRM's website to begin your 21-day free trial, today.


From $29 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for creating beautiful charts and graphs

Free plan available

If you’re already balking at the $29 per user, per month price tag, relax – the good news is that Insightly does offer a completely free plan. The less good news is that it’s so limited, you probably don’t want it. Insightly’s free plan is available for just two users only, and we don’t recommend it – particularly not if growing your business is on your to-do list.

Insightly’s paid plans, though, are a different story. With the ‘Plus’ plan ($29 per user, per month), your marketing team will benefit from 100 custom email templates, along with a message scheduling feature and MailChimp auto-import to save you time.

As for your sales team, they’ll get leads delivered straight into their laps, courtesy of Insightly’s web-to-lead feature. Actually, the only team that might feel a little harshly treated are your customer service staff. Insightly’s cheap CRM plan lacks strong features for dispute management and customer loyalty tracking – so if these are among your main CRM goals, look elsewhere!


  • Sports an aesthetically stunning, dynamic interface
  • Integrates with over 250 third-party business applications
  • Offers built-in dashboards for business intelligence

X Cons:

  • If orange isn’t your color, avoid!
  • VoIP telephony integration isn’t included with Insightly’s free or ‘Pro’ plans


From $29 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for financial records tracking

Free plan available

Flowlu is a versatile CRM. Sure, customer relationships still take center stage – that’s what a CRM system is all about, after all. But Flowlu is different in that it also helps you get all that behind the scenes work done, too.

We’re talking about all that pesky financial stuff, of course – invoicing, payment processing, and quotations, plus management of your finances and records. Flowlu lets you do it all, and it won’t cost you a dime. Its free plan – though limited to just two users – also includes project expense and revenue tracking, as well as strong lead and contact management features.

Flowlu’s cheapest CRM plan (while not exactly cheap, at $29 per user, per month) permits eight users, and adds email integration into the bargain. For the money, you’ll also get more advanced financial planning functionality, multiple sales funnels, and an expanded calendar view.


  • There’s no limit on the amount of projects you can manage from within the CRM, or the number of invoices you can send
  • Offers a two-way sync with your Google calendar
  • Payment and expense tracking features are included as standard

X Cons:

  • Free plan includes just 1GB of file storage, and is available for two users only
  • Flowlu’s limit of just 20 contacts and companies is a severe one
  • No email integration


From $50 per user, per month | Best cheap CRM for its generous free plan

Free plan available

What makes a free CRM plan generous, do you think? Is it unlimited users? Features for boosting your sales, marketing, and customer service automation efforts, perhaps? Or is it being able to store up to one million contacts? Whatever your definition of the perfect cheap CRM looks like, HubSpot is close to it. And yes, while it is one of the more expensive CRMs to upgrade, the fact is that you may not even need to – especially because HubSpot works so seamlessly with G Suite, Outlook, and most of the tools your team already uses every day.

As with most free and cheap CRM software, though, there is a catch.

If you use HubSpot’s free CRM product in conjunction with its Marketing Hub, any contacts you add to the free version will automatically end up in the database of your paid marketing tool. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to costs quickly ballooning (HubSpot charges you for extra contacts – go figure!), so it’s worth making a mental note of.


  • Sports a stunning interface, and even more immaculate UX (user experience)
  • Powered by drag-and-drop functionality
  • Its free plan includes strong list segmentation and email marketing capabilities
  • Live chat and conversational bots included

X Cons:

  • When you want to upgrade from HubSpot’s cheapest CRM plans, things get expensive – fast!

That’s it for our list of the top 15 cheap CRM suppliers for 2021. If you’d like to browse more of our expert CRM content, why not explore our guide to the best CRM systems for small businesses? Or better yet, our in-depth CRM pricing comparison page?

Oh, and remember, it’s easy to compare quotes with us. Simply hit one of the buttons below to start our quote-finding questionnaire. It takes about 30 seconds to complete, and helps give us an idea of your business’ unique CRM requirements.

When you’re done, the leading CRM suppliers we match you with will be in touch with tailored, no-obligation quotes for the finest (and cheapest) CRM software around. All you have to do is pick up the phone, and decide which deal (if any!) is the best fit for your business. Good luck!

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How we analyse and rate CRM software providers

At Expert Market, it’s our aim to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, and transparent product and service reviews possible. So, to help you better understand the best CRM software options out there, we’ve conducted in-depth, extensive research into the CRM software market and its top companies.

Here’s how we did it:

Independent researchers

We worked with three independent researchers to rate eight different CRM systems over a total of 40+ hours. This included five separate varieties of CRM software, as well as more than 61 specific features. Using a bespoke, industry-style algorithm, we rated each provider across four key metrics.


  • Help and support: we assessed the level of customer support (such as email, phone, or live chat), as well as its availability (24/7, or weekdays only?), to provide a weighted score for each CRM supplier.
  • Affordability: our affordability algorithm took into account the cost of CRM ownership over 12 months – based on the average buyer – as well as factors such as free trials and money-back guarantees.
  • Features: we assessed each supplier on five specific features per type of CRM. We then weighted these scores, and translated them into a point value system. This allowed us to form accurate ratings for each CRM provider, broken down by the industry it best serves.
  • Customer approval: we assigned each provider a ‘customer score’, which involved seeking opinions from within the community, as well as feeding data aggregated from online sources into a unique algorithm. This allowed us to calculate overall customer approval scores for each CRM supplier, in real time.


We take the integrity of our research seriously. If you’ve got any questions at all about our research process, feel free to get in touch with Rob, our CRM specialist, at rob.binns@expertmarket.co.uk.

Rob Binns
Rob Binns Senior Writer

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